Designated Drivers

Stacy Keller, '09


Major: Professional Communication

Current Job Title: Video Production


Why I Give or Why it is important to stay connected to WJU:

I received more than a degree from Wheeling Jesuit, I became a better person for myself and others as a direct result of my Jesuit education. My experiences at Wheeling Jesuit were priceless, and I will never be able to repay the professors, administrators, priests, and staff for the impact they had on me. The only thing I can do is be an ambassador for the school I love so much and give what I can to ensure that current students have similar experiences.


I think about the seemingly small things I experienced at WJU; a peaceful prayer service on the feast of St. Nicholas followed by the lighting of the Christmas tree on campus, a bus trip up the hill to attend an away basketball game with friends, the many campus ministry holiday parties. I look back with fondness on these memories. As a twenty-something year old who is still financially figuring things out, I realistically cannot give a large sum of money. The small amount I give may not be enough to buy new computers or lab equipment, but it will ensure that students experience the seemingly small things that made all the difference for me.


Favorite Class/Teacher:

I can honestly say that I enjoyed every class I had at Wheeling Jesuit.  Even the ones I thought I hated and struggled with then, I now look back and realize these classes shaped me in some way. I really enjoyed taking classes such as Dr. Voorhees’ Women in Literature class, Dr. Whitehead’s film class, and Dr. Weimer’s World on Drugs. I still refer to things I learned in mandatory core classes like Dr. Paulhus’  Christian Morality which opened my mind up to thinking about moral decisions logically as well as religiously. I have a job in my field because of the wonderful professors I had in pro com. I would not be where I am today if it were not for pro com professors Don Watson and Richard Cain. And still one class that sums up my entire time at Wheeling Jesuit was Fr. O’Brien’s Philosophy of Peace and Justice class.


Additional comments:

Give what you can, even $5 can make a difference for a student.


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