Designated Drivers

Melissa DiPietro Myers, '02


Major: Accounting

Current Job Title: Senior Finance Manager


Why I Give or Why it is important to stay connected to WJU:

I had such an amazing and rewarding college experience, and I really credit WJU for my professional success since graduation.  I feel forever indebted to the people that believed in me, encouraged me, and invested in me.   In addition, I personally benefited from multiple generous scholarships when I applied to WJU.  Without this aid, I would have not have been able to attend this University.  It is for these reasons that I make a donation every year in an attempt to pay it back.  Giving back is so important to me!


Favorite Memory at WJU:

I can’t pick just one!!! When I think about WJU, I am flooded with images of countless wonderful people that include friends, faculty, and staff.  I especially cherish any memory that includes my circle of friends being together either in the dorm, B-room, or time spent in Music Ministry and Student Government.   I truly miss so many of my favorite people all being located in the same space versus spread all over the country!


Favorite Class/Teacher:

Dr. Leslie Liedel has been a mentor and friend to me since I met her.  She is such great example of a strong, smart, fun woman leader; she is someone I have always admired.


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