Designated Drivers

Louis Volpe, '70


Major: English

Current Job Title: None


Why I Give or Why it is important to stay connected to WJU:

The College, as it was then called, was both a place and a people who helped form me (to the extent that I have any positive form whatsoever!) intellectually, spiritually, and socially. My classmates brought me the gifts of affection, encouragement, and inspiration to be and do something positive with my life, while many of my professors deepened my intellectual curiosity and nurtured my budding spiritual growth. As a high school teacher at St. John’s Central and Wheeling Central Catholic High Schools for thirty-eight years, I have seen many of my students (over three-hundred, I estimate ), go on to WJU and graduate with a deeper love for study, for reflection, for service – most of all – with a greater confidence and maturity about who they are and their part in the world’s drama. I believe many of them emerge from their four years at WJU as I did (light years ago!): more critical (in the best sense of the word, meaning “able to look at self, world, and God more closely and intimately”), compassionate, centered, and convinced in their role (small or large) in bringing goodness to the world and its people.


Favorite Memory at WJU:

1. Doing service on the weekends with the Students for Intercultural Understanding (SIU) 2. The week before graduation (Senior Week) walking around campus in the Spring sunshine and talking with my fellow students and teachers in the leisure that promotes appreciation and thanksgiving.


Favorite Class/Teacher:

Too many!. Dr. Paul Orr, Dr. Thomas Wack, Dr. Patricia Montley, Fr. Steven Laut, Fr. James A. O’Brien, Fr. John Leibert, Fr. J. Donald Freeze, Fr. Robert Beining, etc.


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