Designated Drivers

Debbie Wilkinson, '94


Major: B.S., Nuclear Medicine Technology

Current Job Title: Assistant Clinical Professor, Program Director, Nuclear Medicine Technology Program, WJU


Why I Give or Why it is important to stay connected to WJU;

I was an undergrad student, Masters student and current faculty member.  Being connected is not only my job, but it’s the reason I came back to study and work at WJU…for the education and value in the mission.  I have worked in healthcare in a variety of locales and have seen firsthand the result of a Jesuit education versus those who did not have one- and it matters.  More than the textbook information, WJU educates students to think WITH a heart…to have more than knowledge and compassion- to have them together…using their educational expertise with the spiritual and philosophical heart that is honed and celebrated at WJU.  I want to be a part of that…and continue to be a part of that in giving for others to have it as well.




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