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Students Research Accepted for Presentation at International Conference

Wheeling Jesuit University students will accompany psychology professor and director of undergraduate research, Dr. Bryan Raudenbush to the Association for Chemoreception Sciences (AChemS) conference in Sarasota, Florida, from April 25 to April 29, 2007.

Students attending include: seniors Jared Bloom, Alex Reed, Daniel Felbaum, and Trevor Cessna and juniors Justin Schmitt and Kristen Koval.

Smell and taste play essential roles in our daily lives. The chemical senses serve as important warning systems, alerting us to the presence of potentially harmful situations or substances, including gas leaks, smoke, and spoiled food. Flavors and fragrances are also important in determining what foods we eat and the commercial products we use. The pleasures derived from eating are mainly based on the chemical senses. Thousands of Americans experience loss of smell or taste each year resulting from head trauma, sinus disease, normal aging and neurological disorders, such as brain injury, stroke and Alzheimer's disease. By providing a better understanding of the function of chemosensory systems, scientific and biomedical research is leading to improvements in the diagnoses and treatment of smell and taste disorders.

Among those contributing to advancements are members of AChemS, which includes more than 800 members from 23 countries who are specialists in the chemical senses, smell, taste, and chemical irritation.

In Sarasota, scientists will present their latest research findings on topics ranging from molecular biology to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of smell and taste disorders. The meeting features presentations of new research findings, special symposia, and workshops sponsored by AChemS, corporations, and the National Institutes of Health.

Throughout the five-day meeting there will be over 500 research presentations by AChemS scientists from around the world.

Wheeling Jesuit University students' projects are a result of the University's commitment to preparing students for graduate school and employment by encouraging participation in original research. Every spring the University sponsors a day long Undergraduate Research and Symposium Day that showcases undergraduate research projects in all disciplines.

The group of students traveling to Sarasota researched different projects. Titles are:

1. Effects of Peppermint Scent on Diminishing Smoking Cravings and Withdrawal Symptoms by Daniel Felbaum, Jared Bloom, Trevor Cessna, Rosanna Drake and Raudenbush.

2. Effects of Chocolate Consumption On Cognition, Mood and Workload by Rosanna Drake, Daniel Felbaum, Cris Huntley, Alex Reed, Lauren Matthews and Raudenbush.

3. Ability of Gum Flavors to Distract Participants from Painful Stimuli: Differential Effects of Retronasal vs. Orthonasal Scent Administration by Rob Bayley, Lauren Matthews, Erin Street, Jude Almeida and Raudenbush.

4. Comparison of Visual vs. Olfactory Distractions of Pain Threshold and Tolerance by Rob Bayley, Peter D'Amore, Lindsay Coyne, Katie Repicky, Daniel Felbaum and Raudenbush.

5. Differential Effects of Chocolate and Coffee Scents on Enhancing Cognitive Ability and Clerical Office Work Performance by Daniel Felbaum, Justin Schmitt, Kristen Koval, and Raudenbush.

6. Effects of Video Game Play on Snacking Behavior by Trevor Cessna, Alex Reed, Ryan Hunker and Raudenbush.

“One of the ways the University ensures that students receive real-life experience is through the research process. We give our students the opportunity to take what they've learned in the classroom and expand that knowledge in the area of research,” Raudenbush said. “This conference is another opportunity for our student and the University to showcase and promote their hard work.”

Students will also have a chance to meet graduate school professors and possible employers as they learn more about ways to use their degrees.

More information on AChemS can be found at: www.achems.org. For more information on Wheeling Jesuit University, please visit its website, www.wju.edu or call (800) 624-6992.

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