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Mint Study Back in the News

WHEELING, WV, Feb. 14, 2011 Wheeling Jesuit research is back in the news today with its much-touted mint connection to weight loss research. Just read the Good Housekeeping magazine and learn about the Sports Inhaler mint usage that Wheeling Jesuit research, led by Dr. Bryan Raudenbush (shown at right), has brought to the forefront.

Raudenbush is a psychology professor at the University and the director of research. His courses at WJU include introductory psychology, statistics (basic and advanced), motivation and emotion, physiological psychology, sensation and perception, psychopharmacology, and states of consciousness.

The mint study is also mentioned in a YouTube video just out. View it here.

Professor Raudenbush has a patent for enhancing athletic performance through the administration of odorous peppermint compounds (09/825.052). Based on his patent, HealthCare, International has produced a Peak Performance Sports Inhaler, which is sold online and at GNC stores.

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