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Psychology Department Offers New Concentration Programs

New concentration programs to be offered in Fall 2011 are Behavioral Pharmacology, Mental Health Sciences and Cognitive Neuroscience.

WHEELING, WV, April 26, 2011 ó Wheeling Jesuit University's Department of Psychology will begin offering new student concentration programs beginning in Fall 2011.

Currently, the Department of Psychology offers a Certificate Program in Statistical Analysis and Data Management, which is offered through a joint venture with SPSS, Inc, a division of IBM. The certificate programís primary goal is to provide students with an integrated academic and practical background in statistical analysis and data management. It enhances student eligibility for employment or further study in a variety of fields. Upon completion of the required courses, students are awarded a certificate from the SPSS Corporation noting their accomplishment.

Building from this successful program, the three new concentration programs to be offered in Fall 2011 will be Behavioral Pharmacology, Mental Health Sciences, and Cognitive Neuroscience.

"These new programs are appealing to students because these offer specialized instruction in areas that translate into graduate school and the work world," said Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, chair of the psychology department and director of undergraduate research at the University. (Dr. Raudenbush is shown at left above with his fellow psychology professors, Dr. Michael Kirkpatrick, Dr. Julie Osland and Dr. Debra Hull.)

Behavioral Pharmacology is the study of how the human body acts and reacts to pharmacological agents. This programís primary goal is to provide students with an integrated academic and practical background in psychopharmacology and the behavioral sciences. It is designed to enhance student eligibility for employment or further study in fields such as pharmacy, medicine, biology, nursing, psychiatry, physical therapy, sports medicine, athletic training, and other health-related industries or occupations.

Mental Health Sciences is the study of the etiology, symptomatology, treatment, and prevention of behavioral and psychological disorders. Students completing the Mental Health Sciences Concentration will enhance their readiness for graduate study in several fields, such as medicine, counseling, nursing, social services, psychiatry, and special education, and/or prepare them for immediate employment in a number of human service agencies.

Cognitive Neuroscience is the study of how the brain, the mind, and behavior interact. The human nervous system is central to all areas of neuroscience. However, analytical approaches and theoretical perspectives range from the molecular and cellular, to the behavioral and cognitive, to the philosophical. Wheeling Jesuit Universityís Cognitive Neuroscience Certificate Program reflects this fieldís interdisciplinary nature by combining strengths from several academic departments, such as psychology, biology, chemistry, and philosophy.

For more information on Wheeling Jesuitís Psychology Department, or for general admissions information, please call 1-800-624-6992.

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