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Top Research Projects Receive Recognition At Symposium

Eleven students were awarded prizes for their projects presented during the fourth annual Student Research Symposium.

At an awards ceremony last Tuesday afternoon the winners were announced. More than 100 Wheeling Jesuit students presented projects in the areas of clinical, natural and physical sciences; humanities; social and behavior sciences; computer science; and technology development. Student presentations ran from 9:45 a.m. until 4 p.m.

The winners include: Rebecca McCumbers, “Machiavelli’s ‘An Exhortation to Penitence:’ Christianity Without Christ;” Brittley Robbins, Oil and National Security: Success or Failure of U.S. Energy Policy;” Jeffrey Smith, “Augmenting Post-Exercise Recovery with Odorant Administration;” Jared Zelek, Z-crypt: Cryptography meets ‘OLIH’”; Siobhan Patterson, “A waltz with William James and His Ideas on Religious Faith;” Amanda Hansen, “Chemical Effects of Longwall Mining on Streams in Marshall County, West Virginia;” Jerrod Koon and Sarah Lilly, “Differential Effects of Video Game Play on Pain Tolerance and Threshold;” and Jerrod Koon, Jeffrey Smith and Phillip Zoladz, “Odorant Administration on Sleep Quality, Mood and Cognitive Performance.”

At the opening ceremonies, Steven Criniti, Wheeling Jesuit class of 2000, recapped his professional life since graduation. The doctoral candidate at the University of Cincinnati offered stories on his journey through graduate school at the University of Dayton as both a student and a teacher.

He offered three pieces of advice to the students during his keynote address: Get a quality education and find the value in it; don’t wait around for someone to tell you what to do; and find and form a supportive community that will nourish you professionally and spiritually.

Since receiving his undergraduate degree, Criniti said the one thing he has relied on the most was the lessons he learned at Wheeling Jesuit and he encouraged the students to do the same.

Criniti's complete speech and a list of all the research project abstracts can be found at www.wju.edu/about/adm_news.asp

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