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Compliance Coordinator Role & Responsibility

  1. The Compliance Coordinator will chair the team and will interact directly with the President and the assigned Board Director representing the Audit Committee on all matters pertaining to the Compliance Program including:
    • Inventory development
    • Risk assessment
    • Audit and Investigation findings and reports
    • Enforcement of corrective action.
  2. The Compliance Coordinator will develop and maintain a log of all reported incidents of non-compliance, written complaints, investigations, audits, charges, and litigation, both employee and student-related.
  3. The Compliance Coordinator will develop semi-annual reports for the Board Audit Committee to review including all serious infractions by employees documented in findings, audit findings, charges and litigation.
  4. The Compliance Coordinator will review infractions documented in findings and general audit findings with legal counsel before implementing corrective action.
  5. The Compliance Coordinator will bring before the Team all new or revised policies and procedures for the Team to evaluate form, content, and fit. The Compliance Coordinator may over-ride and correct any submitted policy that conflicts with the uniformity of the program, is contradictory to existing policies or procedures within the University, conflicts with the Mission or Code of Conduct, or otherwise violates a regulation, policy or requirement. 
  6. The Compliance Coordinator will function without fear of retaliation or retribution for any activities associated with the operations of the Program provided such activities are in compliance with this charter and the operating policies, information is maintained as "restricted", and all reports and findings are unbiased and substantiated with corroborative documentation.  

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