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Academics: Testing Accommodations

Date approved:
April 2015
Approved by:
Senior VP for Mission & Ministry
Date to be reviewed:
May 2016
Reviewed by:
Compliance Coordinator
Date revised:
Revision number:
Compliance Committee:
As Scheduled

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To offer an appropriate and accessible Testing Center on campus to provide testing accommodations that are requested by students with documented disabilities.


2.1 Policy Statement

Testing accommodations at the campus Testing Center are only available for students with documented disabilities. Students may decide when to use approved testing accommodations - these accommodations are not required.

2.2 Definitions

2.3 Procedure
  1. Students must provide documentation of a disability and meet with the Disability Services Director prior to requesting and utilizing testing accommodations.
  2. Accommodation Plan letters will be provided by the Disability Services Director for the students to deliver to each of their course instructors at the beginning of each semester before testing accommodations are requested.
  3. To arrange testing accommodations at the Testing Center, students will complete a Request for Testing Accommodations Form, which includes the signature of the course instructor, and return that form to the Director of Disability Services at least two school days before the test is scheduled.
  4. Course instructors may hand deliver or email their tests to the Testing Center - CET Room 208 - testingcenter@wju.edu - where the tests will be secured in a locked file cabinet before and after administration. The Disability Services Director will monitor students during test administration and return the completed tests to the faculty mailboxes by the end of the testing day.
  5. Students will comply with the University Academic Integrity Policy while utilizing testing accommodations at the Testing Center.


The Director of Disability Services has the authority to change, modify, or approve exceptions to this policy at any time, with or without notice, in accordance with federal disability regulations or modifications and amendments to those regulations, with the approval of the Chief Academic Officer and the President of the University or his designee (Compliance Coordinator).


Accommodation Plan (Sample)
Request for Testing Accommodations Form


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