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Campus Life: Parental Notification Policy

Date approved:
August 2014
Approved by:
Date to be reviewed:
June 2015
Reviewed by:
Dean of Student Development
Date revised:
Revision number:
Compliance Committee:
As Scheduled

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Wheeling Jesuit University recognizes the importance of students' parents and families. We understand that parents often play a central role in the moral and ethical development of their college students; we hope to work with parents as partners in this essential enterprise. We also recognize that students have specific rights and expectations in terms of their privacy and in accord with federal FERPA regulations.


The Dean of Student Development, or his/her designee, reserves the right in his/her sole and absolute discretion to notify a parent or legal guardian without a student's consent, under the following unique circumstances:
  1. Students under the age of 21 have violated the University Alcohol Policy or exhibited drug usage.
  2. The student requires medical attention as a result of the consumption of alcohol and/or illicit drugs.
  3. The student harms or threatens to harm him/herself, other persons, or property. This includes students aged 21 and over who exhibit problematic behavior pertaining to alcohol and/or other drug usage.
  4. The student is taken into custody by law enforcement officials or charged for allegedly violating a municipal or county ordinance, a law of the State of West Virginia, or a law of the United States.
  5. The student faces conduct probation, suspension, or expulsion from University housing, the University, or both.
  6. The student has shown a pattern of behavior or violations indicative of a potential health or safety concern.

The Dean of Student Development, and/or his/her designee will notify parents or legal guardians by a telephone call or letter, depending on the situation. Whenever possible, students will be informed that their parents or legal guardians will be contacted. Outside of these unique circumstances, students may be asked to sign or can request to sign a release form that will allow the Dean of Student Development and his/her designee to speak freely with a family member regarding a students' experience on campus. Signing the release form allows the University to communicate more effectively with parents and/or guardians about matter related to their students' experience.

When parents/guardians are notified, contact information (including mailing address and telephone numbers) contained within the University's official data system(s) will be considered viable contact information per this policy; students should keep this contact information updated and current. On occasion, parental/guardian contact information may be obtained from other University resources.



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