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Counseling: Credentialing & Supervision Policy

SECTION: Counseling NEXT REVIEW DATE: August 2017
APPROVED: August 2012 REVIEWER: Compliance Coordinator
APPROVED BY: William C. Rickle, S.J. REVISION DATE: November 2016

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Support the campus community in individual counseling services with students and to the community at large as a source of consult, information, referral, and risk management, the University will provide qualified and credentialed counselors. Furthermore, in collaboration with regional universities, the University will expand the service delivery with current practice and theory while providing options to the students receiving services. Finally, in assurance of best practice, ethical conduct, and legal correctness, the counselor and student interns / practicum students will be supervised by a licensed clinical supervisor.


2.1 Policy Statement

2.1.1 Counseling credentials will be provided upon request by the Director of Counseling or other individuals working within the department.

2.1.2 Counseling interns, master's level and/or licensure candidates, may be hosted in the WJU Counseling Service by the Approved Licensed Professional Supervisor when a formal agreement is entered into with an institution of higher learning and/or individual that encompasses the supervisee's responsibility to maintain liability insurance coverage at a minimum of one million dollars, the supervisee accepts full accountability for all liability of their practice, and that WJU may terminate any such agreement with or without stated cause at any time without notice. Recording, audio and/or visual, of student counseling sessions is not allowed by the WJU Counseling Service.

2.1.3 Clinical supervision of the Counseling Center by a contracted licensed psychologist will occur for risk management purposes primarily and for community based networking secondarily.

2.1.4 Records of clinical supervision will be confidentially secured yet made available to the supervisor designated by the administration to oversee the service.

2.2 Definitions

2.2.1 LPC: Licensed Professional Counselor

2.2.2 ALPS: Approved Licensed Professional Supervisor

2.2.3 Practicum and Intern students refer to graduate students in counseling or social work programs.
Practicums tend to occur mid curriculum and internships occur at the end of the curriculum.

2.3 Procedure

2.3.1 Credentialing of the Counselor

  • Through the West Virginia Board of Examiners in Counseling: WVBEC posts a list of active LPCs and ALPSs at: http://www.wvbec.org/
  • The WJU Human Resources Department will search for appropriately credentialed counselors through their established processes.

2.3.2 Interns and Practicum Students
The LPC/ALPS will negotiate recruits for such roles, complete contracts or memorandums of agreement with the providing universities, and ensure that candidates are processed through WJU Human Resources for background check clearance and to validate liability insurance coverage.

2.3.3 Clinical Supervision

  • The Counseling staff will meet with the contracted Licensed Psychologist monthly, or more as needed, to seek guidance in providing professional services.
  • The contracts with Dr. Dee Nazzaro are on file in the Counseling Center office secure files. If a new psychologist would need to be attained Dr. Nazzaro would be a resource in finding a replacement. Human Resources could also search through its resources and the American Psychological Association at http://www.wvpsychology.org/.
  • Dates of documented meetings are available for review; however the contents of the meetings are to be confidential per HIPAA requirements.
  • The Psychologist will provide documentation of the clinical supervision visit and the LPC will file it securely and copy it to their administrative report in a de-identified manner.


The Director of the Counseling Center may change this policy at any time, with or without notice, to maintain compliance with changes in regulations. All changes must be approved by the Compliance Coordinator.



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