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Counseling: Emergency Intervention Policy

SECTION: Counseling NEXT REVIEW DATE: August 2017
APPROVED: August 2012 REVIEWER: Compliance Coordinator
APPROVED BY: William C. Rickle, S.J. REVISION DATE: November 2016

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Ensure the safety of all students and employees.


2.1 Policy Statement

In the event that an individual demonstrates dangerous behavior by way of direct threat, verbal or physical, and/or demonstrates disturbing behaviors that involve violent ideation to self or others inclusive of assertions of having committed violence or threat to self or others, the following procedures must be followed.

2.2 Definitions

Dangerous Behavior - Behavior that may result in injury to self or others.

2.3 Procedures

2.3.1 IMMEDIATELY report such danger to 911 emergency services and/or Campus Security (304.243.2486). If contacted first, Campus Security will oversee the coordination of safe transport of the individual to the emergency services facility at Ohio Valley Medical Center; they will then contact 911 if necessary.

2.3.2 Psychiatric evaluation by the physicians and psychiatrists of the Ohio Valley Medical Center emergency room (304.234.0123) must be conducted to determine whether inpatient psychiatric treatment is required be it voluntary or involuntary.

  • If involuntary psychiatric petition is required, the individual(s) who witnessed the behaviors of danger inclusive of direct threat are to complete the forms for the probable cause determination and follow through with the process directed by the state of West Virginia mental hygiene commission.
  • The ER staff will assist and inform individuals filing the petition as to the form, the process and follow-up of probable cause hearing.

2.3.3 By nature the immediate danger must be addressed without delay and managed directly to ensure containment of the individual and the safety of the campus community. This is accomplished by having the individual taken to the Ohio Valley Medical Center emergency room in Ohio County.

2.3.4 Notification of the Director of the WJU Counseling Center is secondary to immediate containment and assessment by psychiatric professionals at the emergency room which is our primary concern.


The Director of the Counseling Center may change this policy at any time, with or without notice, to maintain compliance with changes in regulations. All changes must be approved by the Compliance Coordinator.



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