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Finance: Travel & Expense Reimbursement Policy

Date approved:
September 2011
Approved by:
Eugene P. Grilli
Date to be reviewed:
May 2016
Reviewed by:
VP for Administration, CFO
Date revised:
May 2015
Revision number:
Compliance Committee:
As Scheduled

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Wheeling Jesuit University employees will be reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses directly related to University business.


2.1 Policy Statement

Employees must use sound judgment regarding expenses when travelling on official University business. Departmental budgets must be considered and travel must be approved by the appropriate budget officer or departmental administrator. Some departments funded by other sources may be reimbursed following that department's travel regulations.

2.2 Expense guidelines

  • Period of Travel
    • Official travel begins when the employee leaves his/her workstation or other approved departure point and ends when he/she returns to the workplace or other approved point of conclusion. The time of departure and return time must be noted on the Travel Request, Estimate Form and on the Expense Report.
  • Food cost while traveling
    • While the University recognizes that food costs vary from city to city and individuals have different food requirements, the University sets an absolute limit of fifty dollars ($50) for food and food gratuities per day while traveling. Forty dollars ($40), including gratuities, is the maximum the University allows for reimbursement of any single meal. Employees/Contractors reimbursed by a federal grant or funded project must follow federal per diem reimbursement rates for food and food gratuities. The GSA per diem rates can be found at www.gsa.gov/portal/category/100120. Receipts for meals are not required when traveling under the federal per diem guidelines. Per these federal per diem guidelines 75% of the per diem rate will be reimbursed on the first and last day of the trip.
    • Absolutely no reimbursement for alcohol will occur.
    • Meals taken with clients and paid for by the University have the same restrictions. Government employees are required by law to pay for their own meals. This must be strictly observed. Names and affiliations of employees' guests must be recorded.
  • Transportation costs and lodging accommodations
    • Transportation costs may often be kept lower by anticipating journeys as much as possible and receiving discount fares. The use of public transportation (e.g., the metro in Washington and the subway in New York) is encouraged to cut down on taxi fares. Personal car mileage on business trips will be reimbursed at the current IRS rate per mile.
    • Airfare: Airfare is typically arranged through Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel and will be billed directly to Wheeling Jesuit University. In instances where airfare can be purchased at a lower expense through another vendor or directly from the airline prior approval and justification of the cost savings is required.
    • Hotels: For individual travel, seek hotels that will give corporate rates or government contract rates. Economy motels are most appropriate and show a bit of modesty consistent with the mission of Wheeling Jesuit University. For conventions and meetings, most hotels give a special rate. Compare this rate to other discounted rates available and choose the least expensive.
    • Rental Car: Travelers are expected to select the lowest cost rental service. For authorized travel WJU has a corporate account with Enterprise-Rent-A-Car with guaranteed rates for Wheeling and the Washington, DC region. Typically travel over 200 miles requires a rental vehicle due to the cost savings. However exceptions may be granted and approved by the Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer.

2.3 Miscellaneous Items:

  • At airports and similar facilities it is acceptable to utilize extended parking.
  • Reasonable tips or gratuities can be added to the bill for services received. These ought to reflect common practice.
  • Tips for maid service will not be reimbursed so please do not include those on your expense report.

2.4 Reimbursement of expenses:

  • Travel Reports:
    • Travel reports must be completed within five (5) days of returning from a trip. The appropriate receipts must be attached. Reimbursement will be processed when all reports and travel summaries are submitted, and checks will be issued on the next scheduled check run.
    • Items less than $10 do not require receipts, although if the receipt is readily available, use it in requesting reimbursement. Note, however, that travel reports with an excessive number of nonreceipted expenditures under $10 will be reviewed.
  • Credit Cards:
    • Credit cards are issued to some employees who travel regularly. The use of these cards requires extreme care and fiscal responsibility. Credit card bills must be submitted for payment in a timely manner to avoid interest charges. Credit cards shall be used exclusively for business travel and related expenses and shall not be used for personal purposes. Lost credit card receipts are the personal responsibility of the credit card holder. Credit card statements submitted late due to the card holder's negligence, which incur past due charges or interest, such charges and interest become the responsibility of the card holder. (See Credit Card Policy)
  • Advances:
    • Travel advances are available to employees planning to travel. It is important to request the travel advance early enough to assure that payment can be processed. Individuals traveling under sponsored projects will not be provided travel advances. The use of credit cards is preferred to advances.

2.5 Policy Application:

This policy applies to University employees. Other individuals, such as contractors, may be granted privileges defined by this policy similar to employees; however, such privileges must be approved in advance.

2.6 Policy Violations:

Employees who are found to violate this policy may face disciplinary action per the guidelines of the Corrective Action policy; in addition, any actions that are deemed as theft or fraud may be handed over to law enforcement for investigation.


The Director of Human Resources, in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer, has the authority to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice, in compliance with IRS guidelines, and with the approval of the Board of Directors through the University President or his designee.


Credit Card Policy

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