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HR Compensation: Job Evaluation

Date approved:
April 2012
Approved by:
Date to be reviewed:
March 2013
Reviewed by:
University Executive Administration
Date revised:
Revision number:
Compliance Committee:
As Scheduled


To describe the job evaluation process at Wheeling Jesuit University.


2.1 Methodology 

  1. Job Description / Evaluation activities will only occur subsequent to the creation of an approved position as verified by a signed Position Requisition (PR).
  2. Job Descriptions must be completed per the University's Job Description process.
  3. Job Evaluations must be completed per the University's Point Factor Job Evaluation process.
  4. Positions that are being reclassified due to a significant change in responsibilities must complete the same steps identified in (b.) and (c.) above.

2.2 Job Creation 

Before a job description can be developed, the position must be created. All new positions must be initiated on a Position Requisition form by the Executive responsible for the department / operation requesting the job and subsequently approved by the President, Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Human Resources.

2.3 Job Description Process

  1. The job description process may begin after the Human Resource Department notifies the requesting department that it has received an approved Position Requisition (PR).
  2. The requesting department must complete the Job Description process. The requesting / hiring manager must access and use the form shown in 3.0 ATTACHMENTS.
  3. The Job Description form is an assessment of the predicted job duties and responsibilities and contains the following areas: Position Identification; General Summary; Duties and Responsibilities; Education, Training and Skills; Experience; Independent Judgment; Consequence of Errors; Contacts;  Mental, Visual, Physical Strain; Supervision or Direction of Others; Core Competencies; Language Skills; Mathematical Skills; Reasoning Ability; Certificates, Licenses, Registrations; Physical Demands; Work Environment and Other Skills, Abilities or Qualifications. The manager must assess both the position's minimum requirements and the potential candidate's required and preferred qualifications.
  4. The Human Resource Department will formalize the Job Description based upon the requisitioning / hiring manager's Job Description form and return it to the manager for review. Once approved, the Job Description will be used to classify the position per the Compensation Policies on FLSA, Pay Grade, etc.

2.4 Job Evaluation Review

The Job Description should be reviewed with the Evaluation Committee who will complete a formal Job Evaluation to suggest the proper classification of the job prior to posting (a new position) or reclassification (an existing position with a significant change in job responsibilities) and placement in the proper pay grade.

  1. The Job Evaluation Questionnaire is a "point factor" document containing the following items: Education / Training and Skills; Experience; Complexity; Independent Judgment and Consequence of Errors; Personal Impact; Interpersonal Dynamics and Interaction with Other Units and External Groups. The manager must assess both the position's minimum requirements and the potential candidate's qualifications.
  2. The areas in the Point Factor Job Evaluation Questionnaire and the Job Description form correspond to the following areas on the final Job Description: Summary, Qualifications, Essential Functions, Personal/Leadership Competencies and Ergonomic / Environmental Considerations.


The Director of Human Resources has the authority to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy subsequent to review by the University's Executive Administration team and with the approval of the University President. 


Job Evaluation Rating Sheet
Point Factor Job Evaluation Instructions
Position Description Form

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