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HR Compensation: Position Titles

Date approved:
April 2012
Approved by:
Date to be reviewed:
March 2013
Reviewed by:
University Executive Administration
Date revised:
Revision number:
Compliance Committee:
As Scheduled


To guide administration in determining appropriate position titles within the University.


2.1 The following guidelines must be followed when a title is selected for a new or revised position:

  1. Titles are specific regarding accountability and responsibility;
  2. Titles are specific to FLSA status with specific titles relegated to specific pay grades and duties;
  3. Titles may cover more than one job grade based upon people / processes supervised and budget;
  4. Titles are hierarchical.
  5. Titles may be equivalent with some "specialists (professionals)" equivalent to "managers (administrators)".
  6. Titles are general and require a functional or departmental designation to complete the title.

2.2 Titles

  1. A standard glossary of position titles has been established based upon: FLSA status, reporting relationships, general description, budget and compensable factors as determined through the job evaluation process.
  2. Requests to add a basic title to this glossary must be made through Human Resources. Adding a functional or departmental designation identifies the positions location within the organization and does not require specific approval as a new title.

2.3 Determination

  1. A specific title for a new position is selected based upon:
    1. FLSA status: is the position exempt (administration) or non-exempt (staff);
    2. Pay Grade: does the title comply with the Pay Grade established for the position? A position or variation of the position (ex: associate or assistant as opposed to the basic title);
    3. Span of Control: number of direct and indirect reports;
    4. Reporting Relationships: people / titles / processes supervised - to whom does this position report (supervisor) and who reports in to this position (subordinates);
    5. Budget: the level of budget in dollars for which this position is responsible;
    6. Compensable Factors: per the University's guidelines, each position is valued based upon education / training / skills required to complete the duties associated with this position, complexity of the work to be completed, experience of the individual who takes the position, dynamics of the position, the personal impact this position has upon the University due to work completed or left incomplete and the level of interaction and who the interaction is with.
    7. Functional Area Designation: area / specialty / unit for which this title is applicable.
  2. Titles must ultimately be approved by Human Resources and after verification with the above.

2.4 General Titles

  1. Titles that refer exclusively to EXEMPT positions include: Vice President, Dean, Director, Manager, Supervisor, Coordinator and Specialist. There are also specific professional titles that generally fulfill the requirements of the FLSA EX: Accountant and Controller.
  2. Titles that don't designate positions that fulfill FLSA EXEMPT requirements are NON-EXEMPT.
  3. Exempt titles that include the terms "Associate" and "Assistant" or "Senior" and "Junior" are subordinate to the primary title with "Associates" and "Seniors" being of higher hierarchical value than "Assistants" and "Juniors".
  4. Non-Exempt titles that are of hierarchical value include the designations "III", "II" and "I" with "I" being the highest.

2.5 Approval

Titles described above must be approved through Human Resources.


The Director of Human Resources has the authority to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy subsequent to review by the University's Executive Administration team and with the approval of the University President.


Glossary - Job Titles

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