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Workplace Practices: Employee Information Verification

SECTION: HR - Workplace Practices NEXT REVIEW DATE: April 2017
APPROVED: April 2016 REVIEWER: Director of Human Resources

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University employees often require the Human Resource Department to verify their employment and/or benefit status (mortgages, loans, outside employment, etc.). Whenever such verification is required the procedure outlined in this policy will be strictly followed; Human Resources will also adhere to this policy whenever employment verification is to be obtained on a potential employee.


2.1 Definition

Employment Verification: The practice of verifying the employment eligibility and past work history of current or potential employees. The University will verify a potential employee's background prior to hiring him/her to ensure that the employee's employment history, education, and other details match the information provided by the potential employee. The University will also verify the employment and salary history for current employee's upon receipt of authorization.

2.2 Guidelines

2.2.1 The University will only verify employment upon receipt of a signed and dated release accompanying a written request specifying the items to be verified. The release and request may be scanned, faxed, received as an email attachment, mailed, or hand-delivered.

  • The reason for the request must be cited in the written release and request.
  • The University will only verify date of hire, length of employment, job title, current salary (as of the date of the request) and eligibility for rehire (if not a current employee).

2.2.2 If checking a potential employee's background, the University will have the candidate / potential employee sign and date a written release and request authorizing the University to verify all prior employers, dates of employment, last official title and salary, reason for leaving, and eligibility for rehire.

  • The release and request will be signed and dated, preferably in blue ink.

2.2.3 All signed releases and requests will be maintained in the employee's personnel file for future reference.


The Director of Human Resources has the authority to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice and with the approval of the University President or his designee.



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