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Employment: Interview Procedures

SECTION: HR - Employment NEXT REVIEW DATE: August 2017
APPROVED: August 2011 REVIEWER: Director of Human Resources
APPROVED BY: William C. Rickle, S.J. REVISION DATE: August 2016

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Wheeling Jesuit University will maintain a process that is clear and consistent and complies with all federal and state laws covering the hiring process.


2.1 Applicants / Candidates

2.1.1 The Human Resource Department will maintain, by position posting, a complete file containing:

  • A copy of all postings and locations where posted or advertised;
  • Each applicant's information [applications, resumes, CV's] received within the time frame specified;
  • An Applicant Flow Log on each position;
  • A Hiring Checklist noting dates when various transactions were completed;
  • Interview questionnaires;
  • Interview evaluations;

2.1.2 Applicants

  • The University will only accept resumes or applications in response to posted position vacancies and within the time limits indicated. Applications received after the position is closed may be considered provided all applications received after the position closes are considered equally and there are no viable applicants received during the posting period.
  • Impromptu applications, resumes, and cover letters received extemporaneously and not in response to a specific posting will not be retained and will be discarded.
  • All resumes and applications received via regular mail or email in response to a posted position vacancy will be retained in the "active" position file for one (1) year from the date that the position is filled. After one (1) year in the "active" file the resumes and applications will be moved to the "inactive" file where they will be retained for one (1) additional year and then discarded.
  • An individual whose application and resume have been reviewed and who meets the basic, minimum, posted qualifications will be considered an ‘applicant', noted on the applicant flow log, and placed into the applicant pool. Individuals who do not meet the basic, minimum, posted qualifications will be retained with a note "DOES NOT MEET BASIC, MINIMUM, POSTED QUALIFICATIONS" and placed in the position file with the other applicants but will not be recorded on the applicant flow log.
  • For AAP purposes, all applicants will be asked to self-identify via a mailed card or electronic communication. Self-identification is voluntary and will not be used to make decisions on interviews or hiring.

2.1.3 Candidates

  • Applicants will be evaluated and prioritized - those who exceed the minimum qualifications [or meet any noted preferred qualifications] will be given preference over those who simply meet the minimum qualifications.
  • Applicants subsequently selected for interviews will be considered possible ‘candidates' for the position vacancy.

2.2 Pre-Interview Requirements

2.2.1 All candidates must complete an application as part of the interview process, preferably prior to the actual interview.

2.2.2 Interviewers must formulate a list of questions which they intend to use with all candidates interviewed. The list must be forwarded to Human Resources for a compliance review and an approved list will be returned to the interviewer.

2.2.3 All candidates must be, at minimum, interviewed according to the questionnaire. Additional questions may arise from the candidate's responses but those should be for clarification and understanding of a candidate's response.

2.2.4 A packet will be provided for each candidate to be interviewed containing a resume, application, questionnaire and post-interview evaluation form.

2.3 Post-Interview Requirements

2.3.1 The interviewer(s) must score all candidates interviewed. Once a candidate is selected both a Request for Offer Letter and Recruiting a Diverse Workforce forms must be completed.

2.3.2 All forms, completed questionnaires and candidates materials are to be returned to Human Resources within two days of the last scheduled interview. Candidates' files will be retained in a secure location within the Human Resource Department.

2.3.3 If no candidates are selected for hire from the pool of candidates made available, the interviewer may return to the original pool of applicants or repost the vacancy. No one with less than the posted qualifications will be interviewed.

2.4 Pre-Hire Procedures

2.4.1 The successful candidate must complete the necessary forms authorizing Human Resources to complete the required pre-employment documentation [reference and criminal checks]. No candidate will be hired absent this documentation and the results must meet the approval of the University. Any questions about the results of this documentation should be directed to the hiring administrator and discussed. If there is an alleged error in any of the documentation or reports, the burden of proof will be upon the candidate to explain; the candidate must resolve any errors or omissions on the documentation before the process can continue.

2.4.2 Human Resources will contact the successful candidate via telephone with a verbal offer. After the verbal offer has been accepted, a written offer letter will be mailed. The hiring manager may contact the successful candidate with a verbal offer in lieu of Human Resources but only following completion of the necessary pre-employment documentation, establishment of the pay range, and agreement of the Human Resource Department.


The Director of Human Resources has the authority to change or modify this policy at any time with or without notice and with the approval of the University President or designee.


Request For Offer Letter
Recruiting a Diverse Workforce Form
Pre-Employment Documentation Policy

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