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Workplace Practices: Personnel Files

SECTION: HR - Workplace Practices NEXT REVIEW DATE: June 2017
APPROVED: June 2011 REVIEWER: Director of Human Resources
APPROVED BY: William C. Rickle, S.J. REVISION DATE:June 2016

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Wheeling Jesuit University will endeavor to provide expectations of confidentiality of employee personnel records in compliance with the University's policy on Information Security and West Virginia Code 29B-1-4.


2.1 Policy

2.1.1 No individual, private, or public agency will be permitted access to any individual's personnel file absent the express written consent of that individual with the exception of: University administration responsible for direct supervision of the employee or state or federal agencies when the agency has jurisdiction, the information can be otherwise obtained with a subpoena, and University administration is satisfied with the rationale for the request. The University considers such information "private / confidential," with access on a needs to know basis only.

2.1.2 Employees are entitled to inspect and obtain a copy of their personnel files except for documents which they have previously waived a right to access or any other record exempt by WV Code unless there is clear evidence to overcome such waiver.

2.1.3 No information can be added to a personnel file absent the signature / initials of the individual authoring the information and the signature of the employee into whose personnel file the information will be placed. The signature of the employee indicates receipt of the information but not necessarily agreement with the contents. If the information is disciplinary in nature, and the employee refuses to sign, then this must be noted along with the signature of a second individual who witnesses the employee's refusal to sign.

2.1.4 All signed / initialed / approved information to be placed into an employee's personnel file must be submitted to Human Resources no later than 48 hours after the employee's signature is obtained.

2.1.5 The official personnel files are maintained in Human Resources where they are secured daily. Access can only be obtained through Human Resources and only in compliance with 2.1.1 above. Supervisors are prohibited from maintained satellite files on employees with the exception of anecdotal notes on performance which may be used to develop the performance appraisal.

2.2 Definition
Personnel files / personnel records – Includes official files containing both documentation regarding the employee's appointment, compensation, promotion, demotion, transfer, disciplinary and like involvements at the university as well as a separate file containing the employee's medical history. Access to employee medical files is governed by HIPPA Compliance regulations.

2.3 Procedure

2.3.1 Personnel files may only be examined within the Human Resource Department and may not be removed.

2.3.2 Personnel files may only be examined during regularly scheduled working hours. Employees who wish to examine their personnel files must call in advance and make an appointment.

2.3.3 Individuals who examine any personnel file must note on the "Record of File Examination," the log maintained within each file, their name, position title, date, and reason for examining the file. Whenever a personnel file is copied, the individual making the copy must also note the reason the file was copied, to whom the copy was given, and the date the copy was made.

2.3.4 The Human Resource Department is responsible for securing personnel files in accordance with this policy. The Director of Human Resources will answer any questions with regards to this policy.

2.4 Status Change
It is important that an employee's personal information remain up-to-date and current. It is the responsibility of each employee to notify Human Resources when there is a change in name, address, phone number, marital status or dependents. Human Resource will subsequently initiate the necessary changes in Benefits and Payroll. Employees may also go online, access their account on the HRIS (ADP), and change their information by themselves electronically.


The Director of Human Resources has the authority to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice and with the approval of the University President or his designee.


Corrective Discipline Policy
West Virginia Code
Record of File Examination Form

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