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Employment: Volunteers

Date approved:
March 2014
Approved by:
Date to be reviewed:
April 2015
Reviewed by:
Sr. VP & CFO
Date revised:
Revision number:
Compliance Committee:
As Scheduled


As a non-profit, Catholic, Jesuit, institution, Wheeling Jesuit University welcomes the participation of volunteers to assist with the University mission in academics, athletics, and student activities. This policy establishes uniform guidelines for screening and engaging volunteer services while protecting the volunteer’s interests and simultaneously minimizing risk to the University.


2.1 Policy Statement

  1. The University will not use volunteers to perform or displace work presently being performed by University employees or that has been performed by University employees in the past.
  2. University volunteers do not have an employment relationship with the University on any grounds or for any reason and are not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act or West Virginia regulations. They are not eligible for University-sponsored benefits, including workers compensation.
  3. The University may utilize or curtail volunteers at its discretion.
  4. This policy does not cover volunteers in businesses or services indirectly related to the business of the University or volunteers who serve as human subjects in University research programs.

2.2 Definitions

"Volunteer" - A volunteer is any individual who performs or provides services directly related to the business of the University, supports the activities of the University, or gains experience in specific endeavors through volunteer service to the University. Volunteers perform services without expectation, promise, or receipt of compensation, future employment, or other tangible benefits.

2.3 Procedures

  1. University departments are responsible for screening, engaging, or terminating a volunteer and ensuring that the volunteer has the requisite skills, experience, or qualifications to perform the tasks for which he / she is being engaged.
  2. All University volunteers must abide by all University policies in place at the University during the times in which they are engaged in the performance of their services.
  3. University volunteers:
    1. Must be over 14 years of age.
    2. Cannot be employees volunteering in any capacity similar to the one for which they are being paid by the University.
    3. Cannot be undergraduate students.
    4. Must be a citizen, or provide proof of identity and citizenship or permanent residency, or demonstrate eligibility to work in the United States.
  4. All University volunteers must sign a University volunteer agreement, complete a University background screen, and abide by all the terms of this and all other University Policies.
  5. University volunteers must have a detailed outline of services for which they are being engaged.
  6. Payment or compensation for volunteer services is not permitted under any circumstance. The department may recommend, however, a stipend or honorarium for the volunteer to reimburse the volunteer for actual and reasonable expenses incurred and in appreciation of the service being rendered. Stipends and honoraria must not be used as a substitute for compensation and cannot be linked to outcomes.
  7. Human Resources will store all volunteer agreements and backup documentation.
  8. The University or the volunteer may end the volunteer services at any time, for any reason, with or without advance notice.

2.4 Volunteer and Non-Volunteer Services

  1. The following DO NOT require a volunteer agreement:
    1. Visiting committee
    2. Single day, campus, event volunteers
    3. External trainers for single day events
    4. Public speakers / phone-a-thon
    5. Reunion / alumni volunteers
    6. Auditors
  2. The following DO require a volunteer agreement:
    1. Lab / library activities
    2. Professional services (administrative or athletic)
    3. Travel with / in support of students
    4. Activities requiring access to protected information
    5. Activities involving students or minors without an employee present
  3. The following are PROHBITED for a volunteer:
    1. Operating heavy or dangerous equipment
    2. Operating equipment that requires a specific license
    3. Working with hazardous material
    4. Entering into University contracts
    5. Activities deemed inappropriate for employees
    6. Working with stored/ potential energy


The Director of Human Resources may change or modify this policy at any time, with or without notice, pending final approval of the Chief Financial Officer and the President of the University.



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