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Benefits: Tuition Remission
Date approved:
July 2011
Approved by:
Date to be reviewed:
August 2013
Reviewed by:
Director of Human Resources
Date revised:
October 2013
Revision number:
Compliance Committee:
As Scheduled


In keeping with the Wheeling Jesuit University philosophy of “total rewards”, the University offers no-cost or reduced cost tuition to eligible employees as an additional benefit of employment 


2.1 Definitions
  1. Tuition remission – Eligible employees and their spouses / dependents can enroll in up to eighteen (18) credit hours per semester at no cost to the employee or student. Tuition remission applies to both undergraduate and graduate level course for eligible employees. Tuition remission applies to undergraduate level courses for spouses and dependents of eligible employees. 
  2. Overload charges – Credits in excess of 18 hours which must be paid at the full rate by the employee or dependent student.
  3. Dependents – Dependency of children and step-children is determined by federal financial air guidelines which are available in the Student Financial Planning Office.

2.2 Policy

Tuition remission is provided to eligible employees at the levels noted herein upon the fulfillment of specific requirements.

2.3 Eligibility  

  1. Regular full-time and benefits-eligible part-time employees are eligible for tuition remission beginning the semester immediately following the semester in which they begin employment.
  2. Spouses and dependents of administration employees noted in (a.) enrolled in undergraduate degree-seeking programs are eligible for tuition remission beginning the semester immediately following the semester in which the spouse or parent begins employment.
  3. Spouses and dependents of staff employees noted in (a.) enrolled in undergraduate degree-seeking programs are eligible for tuition remission beginning the semester immediately following the one (1) year anniversary date on which the spouse or parent begins employment.

2.4 Coverage

  1. Tuition remission is available for full time employees per the conditions noted within this policy:
    • At 100% of the cost at undergraduate level.
    • At 50% of the cost at the graduate level.
    • At 25% of the cost for the Accelerated Certification of Teaching (ACT).
  2. Full tuition remission is also available at 100% of the cost at the undergraduate level for spouses and dependents of full-time, eligible, employees.
  3. Eligible employees can enroll in the ACT program and receive 25% tuition remission provided they hold a bachelor’s degree.
  4. Pro-rated tuition remission defined in (a.) is available for part-time employees depending upon the schedule and hours being worked. Questions regarding level of coverage should be directed to Human Resources.
  5. Tuition is the only covered benefit; fees, room, board, overload charges, continuing education fees / costs and textbook expenses must be paid by the employee or the student.
  6. Tuition remission for the Evening Division, Summer School or Graduate Programs is applicable only when a sufficient number of paying students are enrolled.
  7. Tuition Remission for the Physical Therapy program will be limited to the day graduate program fee.
  8. Through a reciprocal agreement, Belmont Technical College offers full tuition waiver for all full and part time benefits-eligible employees and their spouses and dependents.
  9. Tuition remission extends to other colleges and universities through three tuition exchange programs: Council of Independent Colleges (CIC), Tuition Exchange (TE) and select Jesuit colleges and universities (FACHEX). Tuition remission through exchange programs is limited to dependents of full-time employees and is subject to specific rules which are applied after Wheeling Jesuit University eligibility is determined. Questions regarding where to locate information on the colleges and universities included should be directed to Human Resources.

2.5 Requirements

  1. Classes taken by employees should be outside normal working hours. As an exception and in some circumstances, employees may be permitted to take a course during their work day. Requests to do so must be submitted in writing and directed to the executive administrator responsible for the department; both the executive administrator and the Director of Human Resources must approve the request. For example, an employee who is within thirty (30) hours of graduation and requires a course that is only offered during the day may be granted an exception.
  2. Any employee wishing to drop a class (es) must do so during the University’s specified add / drop period. Tuition remission will not be provided for any class (es) dropped after that time. Employees must check with the Registrar’s Office to determine the final date a class may be dropped without incurring additional expense.
  3. Tuition remission will not apply to any class in which the employee, spouse or dependent receives a failing grade.

2.6 Limitations and Special Considerations

  1. Tuition remission for spouses and dependents of employees is limited to one (1) undergraduate degree from Wheeling Jesuit University. Dependents must graduate within eight (8) semesters. Dependents may appeal to the financial aid committee for consideration of additional time.
  2. Employees must remain employed at Wheeling Jesuit University during the period of enrollment for the employee, spouse or dependent to continue to receive tuition remission.
  3. Nieces and nephews of any Jesuit employed as an administrator at Wheeling Jesuit University are eligible for the tuition remission program. Such arrangements will be made through the president.
  4. Tuition remission is available for dependents of employees who are retired (“retired” is defined as 1.) completing a minimum of ten (10) years of service with the University, 2) being eligible for retirement benefits as defined by a 403(b) plan or social security for those who are not enrolled in a 403(b) plan, and 3) actually tendering your retirement from the University), are incapacitated or deceased. Dependents may receive full tuition remission until a bachelor’s degree is earned.
  5. Some of the tuition remission benefits offered by the University may represent taxable income to the employee; Employees are urged to consult their tax professional concerning the tax implications of this benefit.


The Director of Human Resources has the authority to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice and with the approval of the University President.


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