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Program Goals & Outcomes

Program Goals

Goal 1: To prepare students as competent and knowledgeable athletic trainers qualified to perform in any available setting for such professionals.

Goal 2: To enhance the graduates’ self perception by allowing students to analyze and critique themselves and others in a professional manner in order to help mold a broader perspective on who we are as individuals.

Goal 3: To facilitate learning in a manner that puts the student in control of his or her depths of learning as well as developing the students’ abilities to become self-taught learners, independent thinkers, problem solvers, and more autonomous professionals.


  1. Possess the ability to develop a body of knowledge and seek additional knowledge independently and efficiently in all domains of athletic training as determined by CAATE and the BOC which includes: Risk management and injury prevention; pathology of injuries and illnesses; assessment and evaluation; acute care of injury and illness; pharmacology; therapeutic modalities; therapeutic exercise; general medical conditions and disabilities; nutritional aspects of injury and illness; psychosocial intervention and referral; health care administration; and professional development and responsibilities.
  2. Demonstrate and possess the ability to utilize clinical skills in the process of injury prevention, assessment, and evaluation; use of therapeutic modalities; recognition of general medical conditions; nutritional evaluation and recommendation; design of therapeutic exercise and strength training programs; as well as psychosocial intervention and general health care administration.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to educate the community in a variety of healthcare settings and work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals while successfully delivering quality services to patients/athletes.
  4. To help students reach their fullest potential and prepare them for life after graduation by helping them fully understand and appreciate the Jesuit mission with regards to life, leadership and service to others, while emphasizing an appreciation for the field of athletic training and becoming critical thinkers and self-directed learners and problem solvers.

Mission Statement

Wheeling Jesuit University’s Athletic Training Education Program as a subsidiary of the Department of Athletic Training has a mission which is to reinforce the University’s mission of educating young men and women for life, leadership, and service with and among others. In addition the ATEP mission is to provide an exciting, educational, nurturing, and caring environment in which the student will learn skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, professionalism and respect for others while integrating the necessary professional, educational and clinical skills of an athletic trainer in accordance with the six practice domains of (a) prevention, (b) clinical evaluation and diagnosis, (c) immediate care, (d) treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning, (e) organization and administration, and (f) professional responsibility, with an ultimate goal of becoming an allied health care professional who will feel confident and comfortable providing the safest and best possible care to physically active individuals.

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