Department of Biology Facilities

Molecular Biology and Genetics Lab

Molecular Biology and Genetics labs are equipped for basic DNA and protein chemistry. The labs are equipped to conduct cell and molecular biology training and research, and feature a Syngene Multiplex work station with a dedicated computer, data storage and data prpocessors, an AKAT PrimeFPLC system for the preparative and analytical purification of biological molecules, a Techne Genius thermocycler for PCR amplification, two UV transilluminators, a BXT EMC199 electroporator, electrophoretic equipment for DNA, RNA and protein chemistry, a Sanyo -150 C freezer for cryopreservation, two refrigerated clinical centrifuges, a refrigerated high speed centrifuge and an ultracentrifuge.

Cell Culture Lab

Our cell culture lab includes two inverted light microscopes with CID cameras and dedicated computers for the processing and photodocumentation of data, two laminar flow goods, three cell culture incubators and a Nikon 50i phase contrast fluorescent microscope with a SPOT digital camera and a photoducumentation system.