Department of Biology Dr. Kenneth E. Rastall

Ph.D. in Entomology from West Virginia University (1999)
MAT in Biology from Central Michigan University (1987)
BS in Biology, minor in Mathematics from Lake Superior State University (1984)

My interests in biology are widely varied. Primarily, I'm an organismal biologist with projects ranging from ecological to behavioral studies. Particular interests include aquatic and terrestrial entomology, as well as herpetology. Some of my projects have included ecological assessments of physical, chemical, and biological parameters in forest and aquatic ecosystems. Others have included assessing environmentally impacted sites. Student projects have included radio tracking snakes, aquatic systems assessment, determining the nesting behavior preferences of solitary wasps, insect trapping, monitoring acoustics and emergence patterns of the 17 year periodical cicada, and assessing Eastern Box turtle morphological variation.