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RN to MSN Program Curriculum

At the completion of this online program, the graduate achieves both the BSN degree and the MSN degree. Students in this program complete up to four graduate (MSN) courses that count toward both the BSN and MSN degrees giving them a "jump start" into the MSN program. Students may choose any of the three MSN tracks listed below in the MSN section. Students complete most course work through the Internet and clinical experience in their communities. Campus visits may be required once or twice per semester for some courses.

Liberal Arts Core Requirements
The following courses are required for the BSN portion of the program. Additional courses, specific to the MSN track, are required for the MSN degree.

Courses Credits
English Composition 3
Fine Arts 3
Mathematics 3
Modern Languages 3
Literature 6
History 6
Science 6
Social & Behavioral Science 3
Global Perspectives 3
Philosophy 6
Theology 6
Ethics/Moral/Theology 3

BSN Requirements

Course ID Courses Credits
NUR 280 Chemistry** 3
NUR 282 Anatomy** 3
NUR 283 Physiology** 3
NUR 284 Epidemiology (Micro.)** 2
NUR 323 Intro to Pathophysiology* 2
NUR 227 Clinical Nutrition* 1
NUR 329 Pharmacology* 2
NUR 230 C/D Basic Care* 5
NUR 335 Systems Concepts* 1
NUR 203 Health Assessment* 1
NUR 309 C/D Intro to Nursing Care* 10
NUR 319 C/D Acute Care Nursing I* 7
NUR 320 C/D Acute Care Nursing II* 6
NUR 421 Pathophysiology* 2
NUR 326 Psychopathology* 2
NUR 350 Basic Clinical Practicum* 7
NUR 361 Concepts of Nursing Practice 3
NUR 435 Multisystem Nursing Care 4
NUR 445 Complex Care I 2
NUR 450 Clinical Practicum II 2
NUR 460 Comprehensive Assessment 3
PSY 212 Developmental Psychology 3
MSN 500 Nursing Theories 3
NUR 327 Nursing Research 2
MSN 503 Health Care Policy 3
MSN 525 Managed Care 3
MSN 533 Health Promotion 3
Grand Total Credits 139

*may be challenged or transferred
**may be challenged

After the completion of the courses listed above, the student earns the BSN and then fully enters the MSN program. The remaining MSN courses are required to earn the MSN.

Click on the MSN track name to see the course required for the MSN:

Nursing Administration

Nursing Education Specialist

Family Nurse Practitioner

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