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Theodore Pauls
Department Chair
Email: tpauls@wju.edu
Phone: 304-243-2313

Articles by Others

"Technology Entrepreneurship & a Path to Urban Economic Empowerment"
Frantz L. Alcindor

"Aristotle and Aquinas: Intrinsic Morality Versus God's Morality"
Melissa Atkinson

"The Right to Work: Should the Market Be Required to Provide Jobs?"
Melissa Atkinson

"Hobbes and Locke: A Confused Capitalist and his 'Counterpoint'"
Darick Biondi

"Office Space--Software, Staplers, and Satire"
Darick Biondi

"Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden: Two of a Kind"
Catherine Gallagher

"Office Space: Living in a Cubicle"
Catherine Gallagher

"Aquinas and Locke: Political Thought"
Sara Gasser

"Aristotle and Carl Menger: Immanent Realist and Austrian Aristotelian on Value Theory"
William Hal Gorby

"Desperation Cited in the Death of a Salesman"
Tim Haught

"When It Comes to Other People's Money,
It's All About the Game and How You Play It"

Tim Haught

"Carl Menger and Milton Friedman: Two Men Two Methods Two Schools
Two Paths to Free Markets"

Brandon W. Holmes

"Business World and Global Issues: Need for Values in a Consumerist Society"
Paul C. Jesuraja, S.J.

"An Analysis Of J. S. Mill's Argument For Democracy"
Patrick Jones

"Looking Backward: A Look into Socialism"
Heidi Kemp

"Tucker: Don't Let the Future Pass You By"
Heidi Kemp

"An Empire Without a King: Vying for the Throne"
Jomana Krupinski

"Liquidator or Liberator? A Case of Mistaken Identity"
Jomana Krupinski

"Catching Dreams: Preston Tucker's Fight for Free Enterprise"
Jomana Krupinski

"Attempted Solutions to Social Unrest: Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy"
Danielle Mehlman

"Polluted by Money, Overlooked Friendship, Loyalty, and Tradition: Jerry Sterner, Other People's Money"
Danielle Mehlman

"The 'Wheeling and Dealing' of 'Con Men': David Mamet's "Glengarry Ross'"
Danielle Mehlman

"Companies Must Develop Culture of Truth"
Thomas A. Michaud

"Creating Wealth - What it Really Means"
Thomas A. Michaud, Ph.D.

"Residents of Poland Both Value, Practice free enterprise"
Thomas A. Michaud, Ph.D.

"The Problematic Politics of Postmodern Pluralism"
Thomas A. Michaud, Ph.D.

"Aristotle and Ayn Rand: Ancient Eudaimonia as Success Vs. Modern Eudainmonia as Survival"
Yvette Michaud

"Just Capitalism:" A Study of Centisimus Annus
Yvette Michaud

"Thomas Aquinas and Michael Novak: Two of a Kind"
Lindsay Peters

"An American Romance: A Tale of Immigration and Entrepreneurship"
Elizabeth Reiley

"Executive Suite and Corporate Succession"
Elizabeth Reiley

"Other People's Money: 'Stakeholders versus Stockholders'"
Elizabeth Reiley

"Edward W. Younkins & Michael Novak: "Flourishing Individualism & Economic Personalism"
Retta J. Rico

"The Jesuits and the Spirit of Capitalism"
Fred Seddon

"Pope's Progressio"
Fred Seddon

"A Critique of Libertarian Justice"
Marissa Smith

"Enabling Ethical Behavior Through Free Markets"
G. Stolyarov II

"Frederic Bastiat on Self-Interest"
G. Stolyarov II

"Ludwig von Mises on Profit, Loss, the Entrepreneur, and Consumer Sovereignty"
G. Stolyarov II

"Productivity versus Compulsion: Ayn Rand's Case for Laissez-Faire Capitalism"
G. Stolyarov II

"Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard: Can't We All Just Get Along?"
Shawn Stottlemyer

"The Road to Virtue and Justice is Paved With Freedom: Murray Newton Rothbard"
Shawn Stottlemyer

""Adam Smith Vs. Karl Marx""
Lauren Twigg

"Losing the Family in the 20th Century:
Welfare's Disastrous Effect on the American Family"

Lauren Twigg

Individuals wishing to submit articles on the relationship between capitalism and morality to be considered for publication as an ISCM article should send them as an email attachment to webadmin@wju.edu

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