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Dr. Jason Fuller
Assistant Professor
Email: jfuller@wju.edu
Phone: 1-304-243-2261

Dr. Thomas Conti

  • 1970 - B.S. Chemistry, St. Vincent College, Latrobe, PA Thesis Title: Stability of Potassium Hexacyanoosmate II Advisor: Dr. Herbert Fulmer
  • 1972 - Diploma, United States Army Military Police School, Ft. Gordon, GA Course of Study - Forensic Chemistry Commanding Officer: Major Edward A. Balog
  • 1976 - M.A. Chemistry, State University of New York, Binghamton, NY Thesis Title: The Vaporization Behavior of Nickel Phosphides Advisor: Dr. Clifford E. Myers (deceased)
  • 1981 - Diploma, Cleveland Institute of Electronics, Cleveland, OH Course of Study - Electronics Technology and Advanced Troubleshooting I & II
  • 1982 - Ph.D., Division of Chemistry and Biochemistry, St. Thomas Institute, Cincinnati, OH Thesis Title: Chemical Studies of PCO and Fractions of PCO with Reference to Autoxidation, Growth Stimulation and Respiration Stimulation of PCO Advisor: Dr Kinji Tanaka
HONORS:   Outstanding Chemistry Major Award, St. Vincent College, 1970

AFFILATIONS: Accepted as an expert witness in civil and military courts


  • American Chemical Society
  • The Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh tthe Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (Chairman 1993-1994)
  • The Pittsburgh Conference Committee (President 1999)
  • ASTM Committee D20.22
  • Polyurethane Raw Materials Analysis Committee (PURMAC) of American Chemistry Council (Committee Chair 1998 to present)
  • Our Laboratory has been accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Acceditation (A2LA) since 1993. We also held a ISO 9002 certificate from 1993 to 1996.


  • Titrimetric Approaches 
        Acidity/Basicity of Near-Neutral Polyols
  • Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry
        Neural Networks
        Interval Testing
        Regression when errors in x and y
  • Analytical Chemistry of Diet Supplements 
  • Managing the Analytical Laboratory
        Laboratory Informatics
        Quality Assurance
  • Undergraduate chemistry including general, analytical/instrumental and forensic
  • Chemistry for non-science majors and other outreach efforts
  • Making courses relevant to traditional and adult students
  • Providing background for Elementary Education majors
  • Technical Management
  • Laboratory Assistant. St. Vincent College, Department of Chemistry, August 1969 - May 1970.
  • Teaching Assistant - State University of New York at Binghamton, Chemistry Department, August 1970 - May 1971 and August 1973 - June 1975.
  • Adjunct Faculty - Wheeling Jesuit University, Chemistry Department, General Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry, 1985 -1991 & 2000 - Present.
  • Instructor - Bayer, Training Department, Technical Supervisor Course - Chemistry, 1993 - Present.
  • Instructor - Bayer, Training Department, New Hire Orientation - Chemistry/Physics/SPC, 1995 - Present.
  • Case Study Presenter - ACS Short Courses - Laboratory Information Management Systems: From Problem Definition to System Evaluation, March 1995 and March 1996.


March 1982 - Present     BAYER CORP., New Martinsville, West Virginia
Current Title:  Manager, Polymers Laboratory Services
Since January 1988, I directed the work of over 45 professional and technical personnel in a quality assurance organization. In 1998, assumed responsibility for the Process Improvement Lab which included 12 chemists and technicians working in support of manufacturing projects. Currently, I continue to manage quality assurance and chemical process improvement efforts. This position was obtained after starting as an Analytical Chemist and progressing in the company through positions of Laboratory Supervisor and Analytical Methods Coordinator. I also have served as the WV Region's Chemical Hygiene Plan Officer.
Jan. 1978-March 1982 MERRELL-DOW PHARMACEUTICAL INC., Cincinnati, Ohio
Final Title: Research Associate

Applied, developed or modified analytical test methods as needed to maintain timely analytical support of drug development. Supervised two research assistants in their performance of similar duties. Departmental Safety Representative. First assignment was as a Research Assistant.

  Nov. 1976-Dec. 1977   MERRELL-NATIONAL LABORATORIES, Swiftwater, Pennsylvania
Title: Analytical Chemist 
Control Chemist in a vaccine producing facility. Work included compendia testing using wet and instrumental methods and analytical method development.
  Aug. 1975-Nov. 1976 
Title: Toxicologist 
Analyzed clinical and legal specimens for drugs. Work included emergency and therapeutic drug monitoring and employed the use of TLC, GC, and UV- Visible methods.
June 1971-May 1973    U.S. ARMY CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION LAB, Ft. Gordon, Georgia
Title: Forensic Chemist (Specialist 4)
Analyzed criminal evidence from army bases throughout the continental U. S. Specialty was drug analyses using both instrumental and wet chemical methods. Analyses included both qualitative and quantitative requests. 

  • 1981 - ACS Short Course, Lab Automation: Micro-or Midi-Computers  
  • 1981 - J.T. Baker Seminar on Safe Handling of Chemicals Hazardous Materials 
  • 1982 - Hewlett-Packard 3356 System Manager's Course, RTE IV  
  • 1983 - Chemical Week/McGraw-Hill Seminar, Improved Management of the Chemical Analysis Laboratory  
  • 1984 - Mobay's Management Training Program - Supervisor's Workshop 
  • 1984 - University of Pittsburgh Seminar on Statistical Quality Control
  • 1984 - University of Pittsburgh Seminar on Assertive Management 
  • 1984 - Organizational Dynamics Inc. Seminar on Managing for Productivity 
  • 1984 - SACP Seminar on Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
  • 1984 - SACP Seminar on QA of Chemical Measurements
  • 1984 - Short Course on QC for the Analytical Laboratory
  • 1985 - Mobay's Management Training Program - Leadership Games
  • 1986 - The Total Quality Improvement Process
  • 1986 - Course Characterization and Validation of Chemical Assays
  • 1986 - DuPont's Strategy of Experimentation Course 
  • 1987 - Taguchi Experimental Design Course
  • 1987 - SACP Seminar on The Analytical Process 
  • 1988 - The Quality Improvement Process Workshop
  • 1989 - Miles' Middle Management Training Program
  • 1989 - Effective Presentation Skills
  • 1989 - Written Communication Program
  • 1990 - Interviewing Techniques 
  • 1990 - Managing Diversity 
  • 1991 - Tom Peters' Excellence '91 
  • 1992 - Modern Methods of Particle Size Distribution Determinations
  • 1992 - Manager as Coach 
  • 1993 - Miles' Managing Personal Growth 
  • 1993 - Miles' Safety Performance Improvement Process 
  • 1994 - Self-Discipline and Emotional Control
  • 1994 - How to Deal with Difficult People
  • 1995 - Intermediate Lotus Notes Usage 
  • 1996 - Strategic Planning 
  • 1996 - Conflict Management
  • 1997 - Bayer's Dealing with Workplace Conflict.
  • 1997 - Certified as QS-9000 Internal Auditor by TQM Consulting
  • 1998 - ABS's Seminar on QS-9000 Third Edition Update
  • 1998 - SACP Seminar on Statistically Valid Detection and Quantitation Limits
  • 1999 - ABC's of Leadership
  • 1999 - Finance for Non-Financial Managers at Notre Dame
  • 2001 - TapRoot Root Cause Analysis Method
  • Myers C. E., Conti, T. J. and Marley, N. F., Vaporization Behavior of AgP2 (s) and Au2P3 (s), Journal of the Less Common Metals, 48, 213-224 (1976).
  • Myers, C. E. and Conti, T. J., Vaporization Behavior, Phase Equilibria, and Thermodynamic Stabilities of Nickel Phosphides, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 132(2), 454-457 (1985).
  • Thomas J. Conti, LIMS and quality audits of a quality control laboratory, Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems: Laboratory Information Management, 17, 301-304, (1992).
  • S. W. Kanick, T. J. Conti, T. R. Spickler, and G. W. Stine, Managing Quality in an Industrial QC Laboratory, PI Quality, May/June (1993), 28-30.
  • T. J. Conti, LIMS: The Myth and the Magic for Managers, Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems: Laboratory Information Management, 26, 175-178, (1994).


  • "Vaporization Behavior of Phosphides of Ni, Ag and Au", C. E. Meyers and T. J. Conti, Sixth Midwest High Temperature Chemistry Conference, June 16-18, 1975, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH.
  • "Autoxidizable Compound in Yeast Extract (PCO)", Thomas J. Conti and Kinji Tanaka, Ohio Academy of Science, Spring, 1981, Wooster, OH.
  • "Analytical Methods for Estimation of Isocyanate Exposure", T. J. Conti, Diisocyanate Occupational Health Conference for Member Companies (Sponsored by the International Isocyanate Institute, Inc.), October 8, 1987, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • "Primary Hydroxyl Content of Polyether Polyols by FTIR Spectroscopy", T. J. Conti and J. M. Purpura, 1988 Pittsburgh Conference, February 22-28, 1988, New Orleans, LA.
  • "Accuracy and Precision on Demand, Quality Assurance in a 24-Hour per Day Laboratory", T. J. Conti, 1989 Pittsburgh Conference, March 6-10, 1989, Atlanta, GA.
  • "LIMS and Quality Audits of a QC Laboratory", T. J. Conti, 6th International LIMS Conference, June 8-11, 1992, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • "Managing Quality in an Industrial QC Laboratory", S. W. Kanick, T. J. Conti, T. R. Spickler, and G. W. Stine, 1993 Pittsburgh Conference, March 8-12, 1993, Atlanta, GA.
  • "Quality in an Industrial QA/QC Laboratory", T. J. Conti, 25th Central Regional Meeting of the ACS, October 4-6, 1993, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • "LIMS: The Myth and the Magic for Managers", T. J. Conti, 8th International LIMS Conference, June 6-9, 1994, Pittsburgh, PA.
    Panel Member for PMA's "Elements of a Successful TQM Program", Polyurethane Manufacturers Association Spring Meeting, March 18-22, 1995, Tucson, AZ.
  • "Instrument Update Experiences: Heaven or Hell", T. J. Conti, M. N. Carmosino, S. W. Kanick, J. M. Purpura, and D. E. Zacherl, 1999

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