Department of Criminal Justice

Program Overview

Majoring in criminal justice will introduce you to many intellectual and practical challenges. You will examine the reasons some individuals commit crime, learn how the system responds to crime, and consider strategies for preventing crime. You will be able to pursue particular interests in criminal justice by choosing from a wide variety of elective courses or by combining criminal justice with a major or minor in other disciplines.  Beyond the classroom, internships may be available in law enforcement, government and social service agencies.

Our program is designed to show how the various components of the Criminal Justice system work together and depend on one another. You will be challenged to not only learn the laws, policies, and procedures, but also analyze and evaluate their effectiveness. Students interested in law school will find this program to be an excellent degree in preparation for continuing to law school.



  • WU prepares you for entrance to a broad range of careers that demand effective writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills.
  • WU offers a solid, rigorous course of instruction in criminal justice that will allow you to successfully compete after graduation, whether you decide to pursue graduate school, law school, or begin your career.
Terrorism and Homeland Security 
Criminal Investigations 
Law Enforcement 
Criminal Law and Procedure
Juvenile Justice System
Law Enforcement
Community and Social Services
The Legal System
Rehabilitation and Youth Programs
Private Investigations
Retail Loss Prevention
Forensic Accounting
Outstanding Senior in Criminal Justice