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Typical Course Schedule

What courses will I take?

Your course work will fall into three broad areas:

  1. required classes and electives for your Criminal Justice major
  2. core classes that all students take, and
  3. free electives

Your main classes focus on mastering the content and technical expertise of the criminal justice field, and comprehending science, methodology, and management principles. All Criminal Justice majors complete basic classes emphasizing an understanding of crime and criminality, the criminal justice system, and the ethical and philosophical issues related to criminal justice. The importance of communication, leadership, and decision-making skills are stressed throughout the curriculum. you will then choose electives that will focus on the area of criminal justice that is most attractive to you. For example, you may want to concentrate in the area of law enforcement, or juvenile justice, or law, or corrections, or corporate security. Each concentration will allow you to choose specific electives that stress that particular area. A typical course schedule may look like the following:

FYS 101 (1) RST Core (3)
MOL Core (3) POS 110 (3)
CRJ 111 (3) CRJ Elective (3)
ENG Core (3) PHI Core (3)
MAT/CSC Core (3) ENG Core (3)
HIS Core (3) CRJ Elective (3)
MOL Core (3) Core (12)
HIS Core (3)
CRJ 112 (3)
ENG Core (3)
INS 111 (3)
Total Credits (31) Total Credits (30)
RST Core (3) SSC 415, 488, 489 (9)
SCI Core (3) CRJ 473 (3)
CRJ 325 (3) CRJ 410 (3)
PHI 205 (3) CRJ Elective (3)
CRJ Elective (3) Core (12)
RST/PHI Core (3)
CSC/MAT/SCI Core (3)
SSC 327 (3)
CRJ Electives (6)
Total Credits (30) Total Credits (30)

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