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Facts about Fine and Performing Arts
“O, had I but followed the arts!” – Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

No matter what you choose to study in college in preparation for the professional world, an immersion in one or more of the arts is a natural complement to preparation for a vocation. The arts offer you new modes of communication and self-expression, as well as insight into the human person and, of course, beauty, entertainment, and pleasure.

Why choose Wheeling Jesuit University?

At Wheeling Jesuit, you can combine a major with a program of study in one or more of the arts. The various programs of study that you can explore and combine are:
     Creative Writing – includes courses in fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and
     screenwriting; depending on your focus, you can pursue this field either through English,
     Communications, or even another academic discipline.
     Film Studies – includes courses in history, theory and practice, and creative process,
     including regular seminars on contemporary Hollywood.
     Music – centers on vocal performance and music theory, with opportunity for
     composition; you can often gain practical credit through campus ensembles.
     Theater – divides between classroom- and practicum-based instruction, with opportunity
     for you to act, direct, manage, and write for the stage.
     Visual Art – includes courses in painting, drawing, object-making, digital design, and 
     photography; your work is routinely given public display.

Studying any discipline involves a basic grounding in theory – and lots of hands-on practice and guidance. Our faculty has published fiction and non-fiction, had their plays and music performed around the country, and had work featured in museum and Web galleries. Our small class sizes ensure that you will receive individual instruction. For example, studio art courses are capped at 20, music workshops at 15, and writing workshops at 12.

At Wheeling Jesuit, your education in the arts will be in the context of the 450-year tradition of a Jesuit education that embodies the human spirit and social justice. You’ll grow as an artist at Wheeling Jesuit, and you’ll grow as a person. As novelist Willa Cather has written, “Artistic growth is, more than it is anything else, a refining of the sense of truthfulness.” To study the arts is to learn more about the worlds within and around you. 

What can the Fine and Performing Arts do for you?

Prospective employers look for what distinguishes you from another qualified candidate. A background in the arts sends a message that you have additional dimensions and talents beyond your career field.  More important, a background in the arts at Wheeling Jesuit means that you have nurtured those talents.

Whether you have refined your written communication in creative writing or film studies, your visual communication through our studio arts program, or your public poise and presence in music or theater, you will have value-added skills to market to the professional world. The arts combine well with virtually any vocational program.

At the most basic level, college is about self-discovery; so are the arts. Wheeling Jesuit offers you a safe place to step out on a limb, to risk the rough drafts or false starts, the flubbed lines or flat notes that ultimately lead to great performances, in art and in life.

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