Department of Environment & Sustainability

Program Overview

As concerns increase about global climate change, limited fossil fuel resources, government and industry, we will need leaders prepared to offer more sustainable alternatives to our current energy systems. The Environment and Sustainability Program at Wheeling Jesuit University offers an overview of environmental science, while advanced courses in chemistry, biofuels, or energy systems give graduates the knowledge and expertise to build a more sustainable future.


  • The Environment and Sustainability Program develops the next generation researchers, technicians, and technologies for implementation of green power industries applicable to the Ohio River Valley and central Appalachian region.
  • Majors complete advanced study in one of three tracts - sustainable biofuels, sustainable chemistry or sustainable energy systems. This experience includes the social, political and infrastructural ramifications of implementing conservation strategies and transitioning from current practices toward sustainable energy sources.
  • Environment and Sustainability students receive a well-rounded education combining undergraduate research experience with the Jesuit tradition of clear writing, cogent speaking, and ethical leadership
ENS 110 - Environmental Conservation & Energy Sustainability
ENS 411 - Energy Conservation & Sustainable Design
ENS 4xx - Aquaponics & Laboratory
The diversity of Environment and Sustainability career opportunities reflects the growing demand for employees with a background in sustainability. Students can continue their education in medical school or graduate school. Students entering the job market after graduation will find opportunities in research and development, or as sustainability directors for businesses. The WJU Career Advising team will assist you in finding sustainability-related careers in the Ohio Valley and beyond.