ISCM Dr. Homan Hajiran

Dr. Homan Hajiran
Professor of Economics Email:
Office Phone 304-243-2288
Office Location: ASC 206C

B.S., National University of Iran
M.S., M.B.A., University of Southern Mississippi
Ph.D., University of Georgia

Professor Homan Hajiran received his Masters' degrees (MS, MBA) from University of Southern Mississippi (1976, 1978), and his Ph. D. from University of  Georgia (1982). He has been consulting as an expert witness specializing in forensic economics since 1984. His areas of research include, forensic economics, teaching of economics, teaching of capitalism, Quality of Life and Happiness. He has published in all these areas (National Association of Forensic Economics, Social Indicators Research, a Springer Publication, and SSRN). He has recently joined the Journal of Happiness Studies as a reviewer. He has been teaching various courses in economics, managerial economics, finance, and quantitative methods since 1978.

Image of Homan Hajiran