Laut Honors Program Application for Ignatian Honors Seminar

The Ignatian Honors Seminar is the culmination of the Honors Program. It is the place where our very best students, who have distinguished themselves during their first two years of undergraduate study, are afforded the singular opportunity to model for the campus the fully integrated mission of WU, to be men and women committed to

  • An on-going love affair with intellectual experience and growth;
  • A willingness to step forward and lead one's peers and one's community;
  • A desire to serve with and among others.

Application for the Ignatian Honors Seminar 
In the Spring semester, the Director of the Honors Program will invite all qualified sophomores in the Laut Honors College to apply for the Ignatian Honors Seminar. Qualifications include:

  1. completion of all eligible semesters of the Laut Honors College from the time the student is first invited to join the program (some students are invited to join while high-school seniors, while others receive their invitations during their first year);
  2. a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA;
  3. the approval of the Laut Honors College Mentor;
  4. a record of academic honesty and integrity at WU;
  5. significant engagement in at least one extracurricular group or function on campus;
  6. a sponsoring WU faculty member beyond the Honors Program.

Applicants will be asked to complete a questionnaire of short essays. A maximum of 10 finalists will be selected from the applicant pool by a panel that includes the Honors Program Director, the Laut Honors College Mentor, other current and former honors program faculty, other WU faculty and staff, and honors-program alumni and current students; ultimately a minimum of six and a maximum of 10 students may be selected for induction into the Ignatian Honors Seminar.

Please note: While no qualified student will be barred from competition, students seriously considering early graduation are hereby instructed that only students who complete two years of the IHS will graduate with Ignatian Honors. Exceptions are possible upon timely consultation with the Director of the Honors Program.