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Dr. Peter Ehni
Associate Professor of Physics
Email: pehni@wju.edu
Phone: 1-304-243-2433

Facts about Physics

The Program

Physics is the liberal arts degree of the 21st century, and people with degrees in Physics work easily in fields ranging from accounting to zoology. Wheeling Jesuit University's Physics major is a student's key to a career that is intellectually and technologically rewarding. Physics is the study of matter, motion, energy and the interaction of the three at all size scales ranging from the universe itself down to subatomic sizes. The major is specifically designed to help students seek employment in today's high-tech industries as well as provide excellent preparation for students wishing to continue on to graduate school in physics or related disciplines.


A Wheeling Jesuit University Physics Degree can lead to many places. Many students go on to study for either an MS or Ph.D. degree in a wide variety of fields or attend medical school, law school, or pursue an MBA. Graduates from the Wheeling Jesuit Physics program pursue a wide-range of careers because of the diverse nature of the physics program. A sampling of jobs held by Wheeling Jesuit physics graduates are: space shuttle payload engineer, aerospace engineer, computer programmer, health physicist, medical physicist, environmental engineer, electrical engineer, biomechanical engineer, geophysicist, high school teacher, college professor, lab supervisor, quality control manager, actuary, dentist, physical therapist, lawyer, jet fighter pilot in USAF, and CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

The Physics Department has an active undergraduate research program in astrophysics and astronomy, and students conduct research at the Vatican observatory in Arizona.

Facilities & Faculty

The teaching laboratories include computer assisted data acquisition and analysis systems. The introductory physics lab has several computer-interface stations, designed for two or three students per station. The advanced laboratory (mainly intended for physics and engineering majors) has sophisticated project-oriented activities in all areas of modern physics. The laboratory activities are designed to expose the students to advanced instrumentation, and experimental design.

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