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Dr. Peter Ehni
Associate Professor of Physics
Email: pehni@wju.edu
Phone: 1-304-243-2433

Physics Graduates

There are a wide variety of employment opportunities for physics majors who wish to pursue careers after obtaining the B.S. degree. Some find positions in industry or government. Many technical industries seek physics graduates for work in quality control, failure analysis, management, and sales.

An education in physics is so fundamental that it provides excellent preparation for graduate education in nearly every technical field, including engineering. Additionally, WJU graduates in physics have entered medical, dental, and PT schools, or have studied law.

Past graduates in Physics from WJU have taken advantage of employment opportunities and have accepted the following positions (partial list):

  • Computer Scientist for Scientech, Inc.
  • Aerospace Engineer for SRS Technologies
  • Senior Engineer for Logicon Inc.
  • Graphic Designer for Ernst & Young
  • Systems Engineering Developer for Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
  • Senior Actuarial Associate for GEICO
  • Environmental Engineer for Fisher Scientific Company
  • Quality Control Manager for National Semiconductor
  • Physicist/Engineer for GE Corp., Staff Scientist for Motorola Inc.
  • Software Consultant for Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Senior Staff Program Manager for Photon Research Associates Inc.
  • General Health Physicist for Commonwealth Edison
  • Microelectronics Development Manager for IBM
  • Application Engineer for Pyxis Corporation
  • Health Physicist
  • Research Facilities Manager for the US Naval Research Laboratory
  • Environmental Construction Manager for Morris Knudsen Ferguson Corp.
  • Radiation Physicist for the Defense Nuclear Agency Program
  • Plans Coordinator for Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Senior Environmental Engineer for Uniroyal Chemical Co.
  • Geophysicist for Texaco
  • X-Ray Laboratory Supervisor at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Payload Engineer at Kennedy Space Center

As technology continues to develop, there will be a need for skilled people to make new discoveries in the basic sciences. Because of this, talented physics majors are encouraged to pursue the Ph.D. degree. Outstanding Ph.D. graduates in physics find research and teaching positions in colleges and universities, or employment in government laboratories and research-oriented industries.

If you have a technical career objective, examine it closely. You will find that a major in physics, with one of the options at WJU, will give you the preparation you need to achieve your goals.

Job-finding Resources

In looking for job opportunities, a good starting point is the American Institute of Physics and in particular their links related to Education and Student Services. Follow their Physics Careers links or look at the data they have accumulated concerning the employment situation for physicists. For further information on various physics fields and where they lead career wise, check AIP's Career Information Archive.

John Dennis at University of Washington has assembled a very informative WWW page on Careers for Physicists. Even if it is based on a seminar series this page is relevant for all young students contemplating a career in physics.

For further job information, check out http://www.job-hunt.org/.

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