Wheeling Jesuit University

Global Issues POS 212 Global Politics
RST 208A Theology of War and Peace
HIS 250 Revolution and Ideology
POS 334 International Organizations

America HIS 320 Immigration, Ethnicity and the American Experience
HIS 305 Social Movements of the 1960s
PHI 356 Ethics and Public Policy
POS 333 Global Political Economy
POS 341 Global Issues; American Foreign Policy

MGT 316 Business and Society
RST 309 Christianity and Capitalism
PHI 321 History of Economic Thought

POS 228 Latin America in the 20th Century
WST 355 Gender and Politics
HIS 308 Comparative Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide
LIT 476 Colonial and Postcolonial Literature

Crime POS 330 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
CRJ 421 Theories of Management and Administration in Criminal Justice Organizations
HIS 337 The World on Drugs: 1700-present
COM 276 Social Analysis and Advocacy Communication

Law PHI 254 Philosophy of Law
CRJ 327 Comparative Systems of Justice and Social Control
POS 329 Constitutional Law
PSY TBD Psychology and Law


RST 404 Religion and Science
PHI 302 Society, Ethics and Technology
COM 276 Social Analysis and Advocacy Communication
RST 209 Issues in Sexual Morality

Media CRJ 225 Crime and the Media
  FAS 132 The Reel World
  PSY 262 Psychology in Films
  COM 275 Political Communication

The Workplace PSY 314 Social Psychology
  BUS 410 Business Ethics
  MGT 226 Organizational Behavior
  COM 303 Communication Ethics

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