Department of Political Science Typical Schedule

What courses will I take?

As with nearly every other student in the university, your coursework will fall into three broad areas:

  • required classes and electives for your Political Science major.
  • core classes that all students take, and
  • free electives

Your major classes focus on mastering the content and technical expertise of your chosen field; the core classes help you achieve humanistic and critical thinking skills; and your free electives round out your personal educational plan.

All Political Science majors will complete, as part of their university core requirements, an introductory course on our nation's government called the American Political Process, and an analogous introductory course on international geography and cultures entitled The World Community. Additionally, Political Science majors will take the required courses dealing with Research Methods, Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Senior Seminar, and Senior Thesis. Around that framework of required courses, five upper division courses in Political Science must also be taken. These can be selected from four different areas: American Politics, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Political Philosophy.

FYS 101 (1) RST Core (3)
MOL Core (3) POS 212 (3)
POS 110 (3) POS Elective (3)
ENG Core (3) Electives (6)
MAT Core (1) Science Core (3)
HIS Core (3) RST Core (3)
INS 111 (3) Electives (6)
ENG Core (3) POS Elective (3)
Elective (3)  
Total Credits (31) Total Credits (30)

PHI Core (1) PHI/RST Core (3)
POS Electives (6) Electives (6)
PHI Core (3) SSC 415, 488 (6)
MAT/ISC/SCI (3) POS Theory Elective (3)
Electives (12) SSC 489 (3)
ENG Core (3) Electives (9)
SSC 327 (3) POS Electives (6)
Total Credits (30) Total Credits (30)