Psychology Student Profiles

Emily T., Class of 2022
Psychology Major


"I've always been interested in psychology because I love learning about the mind works. Psychology is so complex, and there are so many valuable things to learn from it! So far in my college career, my favorite major class was definitely developmental psychology. That class was interesting because you get to learn about how the mind changes and develops through a lifetime. I am currently a sophomore in my third semester here at Wheeling University, and I have loved getting to know more about the psych department! While being here at WU, I have made some friends in my program, became vice president of the psych club, and this semester I will be inducted into the WU chapter of Psi Chi. 




Ricardo B, Class of 2021
Psychology Major

I am a junior baseball player here at Wheeling University. I fell in love with psychology my freshman year of college as I often found myself just always thinking about people and behavior. In the future, I would love to get into sports psychology because I am always using psych to find ways to improve my game. My favorite psychology class I have ever taken is probably social psychology. Most people think it's common sense, but there is really so much more to it!