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2+2 Program

Students completing this 2+2 option will receive an Associate of Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.) from West Virginia Northern Community College. Upon completing the additional core curriculum, and the mandatory respiratory therapy credit hours required (at WJU), the student would receive a Bachelor of Science Degree in Respiratory Therapy from Wheeling Jesuit University.

2+2 B.S. Program Admission Requirements:

In addition to the pre-approved WVNCC courses, applicants for admission to Wheeling Jesuit Universityís RT program must first be officially accepted to the University and in good standing. All 2+2 students MUST meet general admission requirements as set by the University. Admission is NOT guaranteed.

Application for the Wheeling Jesuit University Respiratory Therapy Program will occur at the end of the studentís first full semester at WJU.

Acceptance into the WJU RT Program requires students to have graduated with an overall GPA of 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale) from WVNCC.

Students must transfer in ALL WVNCC Respiratory Therapy, Science, and Math credits with a grade of C or higher (all on a 4.0 scale).

Applicants to the WJU RT program must also submit/provide the following documentation PRIOR to scheduling their first RT classes (RET 330, RET 345):

  1. Submit an official application of admission to the 2+2 WJU/WVNCC Respiratory Therapy Major
    • Applications can be obtained from the RT Programís Program Director, or Director of Clinical Education.
  2. Provide ANY/ALL required documentation required with the completed 2+2 RT Program application.
  3. Submit documentation verifying the studentís CRT credentialing.
    • Studentís who have not yet successfully passed the CRT examination will be evaluated for acceptance on an individual basis.
  4. Students not meeting ALL of the above criteria, or criteria on the application form should still apply to the program, and will be evaluated by the WJU RT faculty on an individual basis.

Official Transfer of Credits from WVNCC to WJU:

Acceptance of transfer credits will be per the approved 2+2 respiratory therapy 4-year course schedule and the official 2+2 articulation agreement between WVNCC and WJU. These specific courses, sequences and combinations have been agreed upon and approved by the administration and faculty at both WVNCC and WJU. Course petitions, or substitutions are generally not allowed under this 2+2 degree program. Students should be aware that courses must be taken in sequence. Students who alter from the proposed course schedule may be out of sequence, or may lack proper pre-requisites for admission into WJUís RT program. If you would like more information regarding the course sequence, or transfer of credits under this program; please contact the WJU registrar, or the WJU Respiratory Therapy Faculty.

Important Notes:

Students attempting the 2+2 WVNCC/WJU A.A.S. to B.S. RT Program are not guaranteed to graduate with a B.S. Degree in four years. Graduation is dependent on classes offered each semester at the individual College/University, and individual student course selection/performance. WVNCC students are also not guaranteed admission into Wheeling Jesuit University, and must meet general student admission requirements for both the University, and the WJU Respiratory Therapy Program.

Students are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to meet with a member of the Respiratory Therapy Faculty at WJU early in the program of study at WVNCC to obtain information and counseling regarding the RT Program, and student progression.

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