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Political Science
Social Science Core Requirements
Social Science is a curriculum that helps students develop the knowledge and skills needed to analyze societal structures and problems, and not only to plan, but also implement programs aimed at alleviating the latter.

Criminal Justice and Political Science

Students majoring in Criminal Justice and/or Political Science are part of the Department of Social Science and must fulfill the following Social Science core, in addition to individual requirements in their specific major.
POS  110  American Political Process  (3 crs)
INS  111  World Community    (3 crs)
SSC  327  Research Methods   (3 crs)
SSC  415  Statistical Analysis   (3 crs) 
SSC  488  Senior Thesis    (3 crs)
SSC  489  Senior Seminar    (3 crs)
       Total   (18 crs)

Social Science Course Descriptions:  

SSC 105 Social Science from a Global Perspective (3 crs) An introduction to the study of human group behavior both as a sociological and global perspective. This includes a brief survey of the origins, development and modes of inquiry of social science. Key concepts and distinctive approaches of major disciplines will be presented including anthropology, economics, geography, political science, psychology and sociology.

SSC 327 Research Methods (3 crs) A multi-faceted approach to problems of research design, data collection, data analysis. The course is intended to provide majors in social science fields an opportunity to explore and develop a topic for the senior thesis. It is, however, open to students in all fields who seek a fundamental introduction to doing research. Prerequisites: junior standing, MAT 105.

SSC 415 Statistical Analysis (3 crs) A study of the different techniques used in the social sciences to analyze, intrepret, and evaluate data. The course is intended to provide students conducting a senior thesis, in social science, the necessary skills to organize and summarize their data using descriptive and inferential statistics. Prerequisites: senior standing, MAT 105, SSC 327.

SSC 488 Senior Thesis (3 crs) This course is designed to allow students to develop and conduct research in their area of study/interest.  Students will formulate a thesis question and utilize various research methodologies to collect data in support of their hypotheses, as well as conduct a thorough review of the literature regarding their topic.  Upon completion of the project, a formal presentation/defense will be made in front of the other members of the class and the entire faculty of the department. Prerequisites: SSC 327.

SSC 489 Senior Seminar (3 crs) They then participate in an integrative seminar designed to enable them to identify significant issues which arise in the serious study of society, and to relate their personal philosophies and Judeo-Christian perspectives to alternative courses of action.  The seminar also includes with a comprehensive written or oral examination which each student must pass in order to graduate. Prerequisite: SSC 488.

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