Department of Simulation Technology & Game Design

Program Overview

The goal of the Bachelor of Arts in Simulation Technology and Game Design (STGD) is to provide graduates with a secure foundation in simulation and game design for VR/MR/AR production. But the STGD program is much more than earning a bachelor degree. It provides students with Wheeling University’s interdisciplinary academic approach while learning how to share compelling stories, ideas and immersive experiences through simulation technology and game design.

Moving through the program, they will learn how to plan, create and compile computer-based 3D virtual immersive experiences for different sectors such as entertainment, sports, government, education, engineering, manufacturing and the medical industry. In addition to game design and programming courses, the core STGD curriculum will expose students to computer 3D modeling, lighting and animation techniques using cutting edge software packages. They will also learn how to build virtual reality experiences in industry standard game engines.

Students will explore their strengths as partners in team-based project classes where they will contribute as designers, artists or programmers. This will also give them the opportunity to learn the essential values of effective communication, collaboration and critical thinking when meeting a client’s needs as they prepare for prospective internships. Graduates of the program will have built a unique set of skills that will enable them to meet the needs of an evolving industry in this dynamic and growing profession.


  • Students enrolled in the STGD program become pioneers in an exciting and evolving profession. In addition to learning the fundamentals of game development, students get hands-on experience in game design and building virtual worlds in the STGD state-of-the-art game-lab.
  • STGD is a team driven learning experience. Simulation and game design requires a cross-discipline of skills, from research, planning and art production to computer programming. Recognizing this, the unique structure of the STGD curriculum has built in the ability for students to pursue a minor offered at WU that will focus their knowledge in a specialty area.
  • A key strength to the STGD program is it gives students the opportunity to come in contact with external clients and work on projects that will have a positive impact on the community as they learn how simulation technology and game design is used in different industry sectors.
STGD 121 Survey of Simulation Technology & Game Design I
STGD 122 3D Modeling Fundamentals
STGD 322 Simulation & Game Technology I
STGD 330 Collaborative Production Management I
STGD 374/STGD 474 Internship
Potential Jobs:
AR/VR Designer
AR/VR Artist
AR/VR Technical Artist
AR/VR Programmer
Real Estate