Student Research and Scholarship Symposium 2005 Schedule


Opening Ceremonies: Acker Science Center Auditorium

Welcome: Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, Associate Professor of Psychology and Symposium Committee Chair

Welcome: Fr. Joseph Hacala, S. J., University President
Introduction of Keynote Speaker: Dr. Helen Faso, Associate Academic Dean

Keynote Speaker: Rev. Frank R. Haig, S.J., Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics, Loyola College

Invited Address:  "Symmetry, Beauty, and the Fingerprints of God".

Opening Blessing:  Fr. Donald Serva, S.J., Academic Associate in the Department of Biology.


Concurrent Session 1A: Criminal Justice and International Studies ASC-212
Session Moderators:
  • Ms. Jill Krieskey, Executive Director of the Appalachian Institute
  • Dr. Thomas Michaud, Professor of Philosophy
  • Dr. Julie Osland, Assistant Professor of Psychology

9:45-10:05 Heather McMahon [Driscoll]   
An Examination of West Virginia's Mental Health Court Program

10:05-10:25 Laura Westfall [Driscoll]
Eyewitness Testimony: A Measure of Accuracy and How it Relates to Time
10:25-10:45 Katherine Pelikan [Scholl]
Modernization Theory and Changing Ireland: A Case Study of Irish Travelers


Concurrent Session 1B:  Chemistry ASC-213
Session Moderators:
  • Dr. Joe Busche, Assistant Professor of Physics
  • Dr. Peter Ehni, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Dr. John Lynch, Assistant Professor of Physics
9:45-10:05 Garry Dent [Baird] 
Deactivation of Platinum Catalysts for the Conversion of 
Methane to H2
10:05-10:25 Scott Brothers [Duffy]
A Proposed Synthetic Route of Copper (II) and Indium (III)
Dithiocarbamates to CuInSx as Studied by Spectroscopic and Thermal Techniques
10:25-10:45 Carl Brunetta [Baird]
Constructing a Continuous Flow Reactor for Catalyst Deactivation Studies


Concurrent Session 1C:  Psychology & Teacher Preparation ASC-215
Session Moderators: 
  • Dr. Barbra Fenner, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Joseph Laker, Professor of History
  • Mr. Brian Meyer, Adjunct Instructor of Psychology
9:45-10:05 Kristin McCombs [Hull]
Metacognitive Self-Regulation and Argumentation Skills as a Function of Technology-Based Instructional Methods
10:05-10:25 Denice Hall [Hull]   
Inmate-Animal Programs: A Case Study
10:25-10:45 RJ Canter [Hull]
Abstinence Opinions
10:45-11:10 Heather Mathies [Jones]   
On-site Mission at the Challenger Learning Center: Accessibility for Physically Handicapped


Morning Snack Break: Bridge between Donahue Hall and Acker Science Center


Concurrent Session 2A:  History, Theology & Religious Studies ASC-212
Session Moderators:
  • Dr. Joseph Brumble, Associate Professor of English
  • Ms. Marlene Sebeck, Academic Associate in English
  • Dr. Kathryn Voorhees, Associate Professor of English
11:15-11:35 Angela Zambito [Laker]
Greece is the Word: The Debut of American Containment
11:35-11:55 Katherine Pelikan [Laker]
"Lights, Communism, Action!" Cold War Fears Realized on the Big Screen
11:55-12:15 Kristin McCombs [Laker]
Cold War Science: Radiation Experimentation and the Fernald School for the Feebleminded
12:15-12:35 Ashley Decker [Paulhus]
Examining the Symbolism of the Almond Tree in Jeremiah 1:11-12


Concurrent Session 2B:  Biology ASC-213
Session Moderators:
  • Dr. Onkar Pandit, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Dr. Robert Shurina, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Mary Railing, Associate Professor of Chemistry
11:15-11:35 Amber Crowe [Stout]   
An Examination of the Stereotypical Behaviors in a Captive Ocelot
11:35-11:55 Jonathan Franks [Rastall]
Comparative Analysis of Behavior Trends of Camponotus noveboracensis
11:55-12:15 Barbara Fink [Quinn]
The Effect of VEGF and IL-8 on the Growth of Smooth Muscle Cells
12:15-12:35 Ashley Rossetti [Rastall]
Inter and Intra Species Striking Behaviors and Prey Capture In Ball Pythons


Concurrent Session 2C:  English & Literature ASC-215
Session Moderators:
  • Dr. Christina Czajkoski, Associate Professor of Modern Languages
  • Dr. David Hammond, Associate Professor of Theology
  • Dr. Debra Hull, Professor of Psychology
11:15-11:35 Courtney Chase [Voorhees]
Feminism in the Works of Mary Wollstonecraft and Virginia Woolf
11:35-11:55 D.F. Kratzer [Voorhees]
The Emergence Of The Artist 
11:55-12:15  Emilee Romano [Voorhees]  
The Great American Voice: A Study in The Definition of Americans


Lunch: Benedum Dining Room


Poster Session: Bridge
Session Moderators:
  • Dr. Marybeth Emmerth, Assistant Professor of Clinical  Science
  • Dr. Allen Marangoni, Associate Professor of Clinical  Science
  • Dr. Maureen McKenna, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
  • Dr. Richard Pomazal, Associate Professor of Marketing and Management
  • Dr. Beverly Welton, Assistant Professor of Philosophy 
  • Dr. Letha Zook, Associate Professor  of Physical Therapy
(Number is poster location):
  1. Rebecca Grayhem, Will Esgro, and Tom Sears [Raudenbush]
    Effects of Odor Administration on Driving Performance, Safety and Alertness
  2. Rebecca Grayhem, R.J. Canter, Sarah Lilley, and Ian Wilson [Raudenbush] Pain Threshold Differences Among Contact and Non-Contact Play Athletes
  3. Miranda Hanson [Shurina]
    AFAP-110 as a Potential Binding Partner for the p85a Subunit of PI3K
  4. Corey Baxter [Shurina]
    b-catenin Localization in Phorbol Acetate-Treated MDCK Cells
  5. Lauren Hansen [Lief]
    Effects of Nicotine on D. melanogaster as a Means of Artificial Selection
  6. Julia Lipniskas [Quinn]
    The Effects of a Protein Supplement on Skeletal Muscle Mass
  7. Christina Dengler [Stout]   
    Soil Content Analysis on the Wheeling Rails to Trails Recreational   Corridor
  8. Emilee Romano [Faso]    
    Hope Promotes Motivation in Appalachia
  9. Krystal Schultz and Elisa Hickman [Hull]   
    Wheeling Jesuit University's Psychology Program: BA or BS?
  10. Candace Giuffre [Duffy]
    Dithiocarbamates Derived from di-sec-butylamine and sec-butylamine
  11. Rebecca Reindel [Rastall]   
    A Forensic Entomological Collection of Postmortem Species' Variation in Wheeling, WV and the Effects of Nicotine on Flesh Fly Development


Snack Break: Bridge between Donahue Hall and Acker Science Center


Concurrent Session 3A: Environmental Studies ASC-212
Session Moderators:
  • Dr. Michael Baird, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Dr. Norman Duffy, Professor of Chemistry
  • Mr. Jeffery Smith, Research Associate, Center for  Educational Technologies  
2:50-3:10 Michael Missick [Stout]
Nitrogen Deposition: Effects on the Stoichiometry, Biomass, Density and Taxa Diversity of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates
3:10-3:30 Lannette Booth [Stout]   
A Study of the Effects of Heavy Metals from Coal Fly Ash Contained in Little Blue Run Lake
3:30-3:50 Abra Bates [Shurina] 
The Effects of Varying Pitching Rate on Organic Acid Production
3:50-4:10 Kevin Melody [Serva]
Effects of Pesticides on Early Zebrafish Development


Concurrent Session 3B: Mathematics & Physics ASC-213

Session Moderators: 

  • Dr. Margaret Geroch, Associate Professor of Computer Science
  • Dr. Patrick Plunkett, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
2:50-3:10 Kirstin L. Williams [Roth]
Brot, Bob, and Julia: Exploring Fractals

3:10-3:30 Chris Tartamella [Busche] 
Determining the X-Ray Variability of Quasi-Stellar Objects


Concurrent Session 3C: Theater & Performing Arts ASC-215
Session Moderators:
  • Dr. Jonathan Lief, Professor of Biology
  • Dr. James O'Brien, S.J., Associate Professor of Philosophy
2:50-3:10 D.F. Kratzer [Shea]
Two Shovels


Awards Ceremony: Acker Science Center Auditorium
  • Presentation of Awards: Dr. Beverly Carter, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Closing Remarks: Dr. Julianne Maher, Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
  • Benediction: Rev. Joseph J. Hayden, S.J., Pastor, St. James & St. Johns Professor of Psychology


Dinner: Benedum Dining Room


Presentations by Haig Finalists: Acker Science Center Auditorium
Session Moderator:  Dr. Helen Faso, Associate Academic Dean