Student Research and Scholarship Symposium 2006 Schedule

9:00-9:45 Opening Ceremonies:  Acker Science Center Auditorium

Welcome:  Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, Associate Professor of Psychology and Symposium Committee Chair
Welcome:  Dr. James Birge, Executive Vice President

Introduction of Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Debra Hull, Professor of Psychology

Keynote Speaker:  Mr. Nicholas Flower, M.A., PsyD. Candidate in Clinical Psychology, Xavier University, Department of Psychology

Invited Address:  "Climate Change: Are We Losing Faith in Science?"
Opening Blessing:  Fr. Anthony Cincinnati, Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Philosophy.

10:00-10:40 Concurrent Session 1A:  French and International Studies ASC-212

Session Moderators: 
Fr. James O'Brien, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Julie Osland, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Ms. Kim Riddell, Assistant Professor, TPP


10:00-10:20 Ellen Hess [DeFilippis]  
The Role of the French Military in Post-Cold War Politics
10:20-10:40 Ellen Hess [Scholl]
Indonesian Attitudes Toward the United States: How the Largest Muslim Population View U.S. Foreign Policy


10:00-10:40 Concurrent Session 1B:  Chemistry ASC-213
Session Moderators:  
Mr. Richard Cain, Assistant Professor of Professional Communications
Ms. Marybeth Emmerth, Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences
Ms. Margaret Geroch, Associate Professor of Computer Science


10:00-10:20 Sean Pawloski [Railing] 
Synthesis and Analysis of Pheromonal Derivatives of Boll Weevils
10:20-10:40 Melanie Jose [Duffy]
Multinuclear (59Co) NMR Studies of Some Co(III) Dithiocarbamates


10:00-10:40 Concurrent Session 1C: Teacher Preparation ASC-215
Session Moderators: 
Dr. Joseph Brumble, Associate Professor of English
Ms Marlene Sebeck, Academic Associate of English
Mr. John Whitehead, Associate ARC Coordinator and Lecturer in Fine Arts


Shaun Gainer [Stephens]  image
Progression of Letter Identification in a Lower-Socioeconomic Kindergarten
10:20-10:40 Lauren Russo, Cassie Loughry, Elizabeth Santer, and Natalie Kozel [Stephens]  
New Zealand:  Setting the Trend for High Literacy Rates


10:45-11:00 Morning Snack Break:  Bridge between Donahue Hall and Acker Science Center
11:00-12:00 Concurrent Session 2A:  Physics  ASC-212
Session Moderators:  
Dr. Theodore Erickson, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Jonathan Lief, Professor of Biology
Dr. Mary Railing, Assistant Professor of Chemistry


11:00-11:20 Anthony Mazza, William Metcalf and Anthony Cinson [Lynch]
The Conical Pendulum: Tethered Airplane
11:20-11:40 Joel Coley [Busche]
A Quasar's Light Curve
11:40-12:00 William Metcalf [Busche]
Development of a Web Interface to a Damped Lyman Alpha Systems Database


11:00-12:00 Concurrent Session 2B:  Biology ASC-213

Session Moderators: 
Dr. Norman Duffy. Professor of Chemistry
Ms. Emily Keener, Lecturer in Psychology
Dr. Kathryn Voorhees, Associate Professor of English



11:00-11:20 Ryan Wakim [Shurina]  
Possible effects on MDCK and LLC-PK1 cells' cytoskeleton when subjected to abnormally high levels of AFAP-110
11:20-11:40 Pete Harlan [Driscoll & Lief]
A Study of Fingerprints: The Need for a Set Standard

Elizabeth Allen [Rastall]  image
A Comparative Analysis of Wild River Otter Behavior Versus Captive River Otter Behavior at Oglebay's Good Zoo Located in Wheeling, WV and a Comparison of Time Taken to Train a Specific Behavior to Captive River Otters


11:00-12:00 Concurrent Session 2C:  Performing Arts ASC-215

Session Moderators: 
Ms. Chelsey Stephens, Instructor, TPP
Dr. Beverly Welton, Assistant Professor of Philosophy



11:00-11:20 Samantha Doudna [Shea]


12:00-12:45 Lunch:  Benedum Dining Room
12:45-2:00 Poster Session:  Bridge between Donahue Hall and Acker Science Center

Session Moderators: 
Ms. Janet Bishof, Instructor of Nursing (Posters 1-6)
Dr. Kathryn Voorhees, Associate Professor of English (Posters 1-6)
Dr. Jill Kriesky, Executive Director, Appalachian Institute (Posters 7-9; 14-16)
Dr. Alan Marangoni, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy (Posters 7-9; 14-16)
Dr. John Lynch, Assistant Professor of Physics (Posters 10-13; 17)
Dr. Maureen McKenna, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy (Posters 10-13;17)

(Number is poster location):


1. Will Esgro, Trevor Cessna, and Ricky Yahn [Raudenbush]
Effects of Video Game Play Types on Pain Threshold and Tolerance 
2. Will Esgro [Raudenbush]
Effect of Odor Administration on Driving Performance, Safety, Alertness, and Fatigue
3. Trevor Cessna and Ricky Yahn [Raudenbush]
Effects of sham intoxication on cognitive functioning and Performance
4. Daniel Felbaum and Ramsey Miller [Hull]
Perceptions of Professors with Masculine or Feminine Traits
5. Ryan Hunker, Kristen Harrison, and Julia Plumley [Hull]
Sex Role Perceptions of High School Students
6.  Ramsey Miller and Daniel Felbaum [Hull]
Students' Sex Role Perceptions of Themselves and Scientists
7. Matt Hartzell [Serva]  
Behavioral Effects of Ultraviolet Light Exposure on the Zebrafish Danio rerio
8. Stephanie Lort [Lief] 
Nicotine Effects on Drosophila melanogaster Fecundity Rates
9. Stacie Velkovich [Shurnia] 
The Immunotoxic Effect of a Mixture of Atrazine and Isoxaflutole on the Jurkat Cell Line
10. Jennifer Barger [Duffy]
Recovery of Precious Metals from Automobile Catalytic Converters
11. Liza LaGue [Shurina] 
Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor in the Saliva of Children versus College Students
12. Scott Klee [Stout]
Possible Antimicrobial Properties of Justicia Americana
13. Stefano Bartolini [Shurina]
Exposure of LLC-PK1 Epithelia to Tyrosol
14. Mohamed Sirage [Fenner]
Prostaglandin PGE2 and PGI2, and the AFAP-110 Protein Effects on Angiogenesis

Holly Dudash [Quinn]
Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants in Tibialis Anterior Muscle of Aged Rats


Daniel Gallagher [Fenner]
The Role of Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3-beta in Neuronal Cell Death

Fred Walker [Baird]  image
Assessment of Arsenic, Chromium and Copper Contamination from Pressure-Treated Wooden Decks in Wheeling, WV


Coal Waste Impoundment Display Model:  3rd Floor Donahue Hall (Dr. Ben Stout and Ms. Mary Ellen Cassidy)

2:00-2:10 Afternoon Snack Break:  Bridge between Donahue Hall and Acker Science Center 
2:10-3:30 Concurrent Session 3A:  Biology ASC-212

Session Moderators: 
Dr. Margaret Bowman, Associate Professor of Nursing
Dr. Mark Drnach, Clinical Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Dr. Debra Hull, Professor of Psychology  
2:10-2:30 Ashley Arango [Quinn]
Attenuation of Induced Endothelin-1 Proliferative Activity in Pulmonary Smooth Muscle Cells by 17 B-Estradiol 
2:30-2:50 Priya Arokiaswany [Shurina]  
Hydrostatic Pressure Influenced by the Shape of a Vessel in the Fermentation of Beer
2:50-3:10 Chris Daugherty [Shurina] 
The Rx Homeobox Gene as a Transcription Factor for BMP4


2:10-3:30 Concurrent Session 3B:  Mathematics & Computer Science ASC-213
Session Moderators: 
Dr. Michael Baird, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Joseph Busche, Assistant Professor of Physics 
Dr. Peter Ehni, Associate Professor of Physics


2:10-2:30 Tracy Moody [Pandit]
The Mathematics Behind Some Statistical Tests
2:30-2:50 Chris Lim [Erickson] 
Magic Squares
2:50-3:10 Scott Richardson [Erickson]
Investigation into Fractals
3:10-3:30 Micah Smith [Carter]
Color and Music Theory: An Artificially Intelligent Response


2:10-3:30 Concurrent Session 3C: English ASC-215

Session Moderators: 
Fr. Anthony Cincinnati, Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies
Dr, Karen Hoffman, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Dr. Joseph Laker, Professor of History


2:10-2:30 Marcie Panutsos [Voorhees]
The Great Gilt Cage: Wharton's Views on Old New York Society
2:30-2:50 Lauren Lief [Voorhees]
Social "Oubliettes": Examination of the Jew's Position in Wharton's "The Last Asset" and "The House of Mirth" 
2:50-3:10 Corey Criss [Voorhees]
Woman, Know Your Role! A Study in the Dystopic and Utopic Natures of The Handmaid's Tale and Herland
3:10-3:30 Miriam Usher [Voorhees]
A Precursor to Betrayal


4:00-5:00 Awards Ceremony:  Acker Science Center Auditorium

Guest Speaker: Mr. Wayne Meisel, Executive Director of the Banner Foundation "Community Based Research"

Presentation of Awards:
Dr. Kathryn Voorhees, Associate Professor of English, Communications, and Fine Arts

Dr. Jill Kriesky, Executive Director of the Appalachian Institute

Closing Remarks:
Dr. Letha Zook, Academic Dean

Fr. Donald Serva, S.J., Academic Associate in the Department of Biology

5:00-6:00 Dinner:  Benedum Dining Room
6:30-9:00 Haig Presentations: Acker Science Center Auditorium

Session Moderator:  Dr. Helen Faso, Associate Academic Dean