Student Research and Scholarship Symposium 2007 Schedule


9:00-9:45 Opening Ceremonies:  Acker Science Center Auditorium

Welcome:  Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, Associate Professor of Psychology and Symposium Committee Chair
Welcome:  Dr. James Birge, Interim President

Welcome:  Fr. Julio Giulietti, Incoming President

Introduction of Keynote Speaker:  Fr. James O'Brien, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Keynote Speaker:  Mr. Terry Lewis, 1993 Alum, Assistant Counsel for the Physician Services Division of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Invited Address:  "How my Jesuit education at Wheeling Jesuit University prepared me for life." 
Opening Blessing:  Fr. James O'Brien, Associate Professor of Philosophy

10:00-10:20 Concurrent Session 1A:  Teacher Preparation ASC-212
Session Moderators: 
Prof. Marlene Sebeck, Academic Associate in English
Dr. James Coffield, Visiting Assistant Professor in Chemistry


10:00-10:20 Rosanna Graf [Stephens]
Creating/selecting a quality picture book


10:00-10:40 Concurrent Session 1B:  Psychology ASC-213
Session Moderators:  
Dr. Joseph Laker, Professor of History
Prof. Marybeth Emmerth, Assist. Prof. & Dir. of Resp. Therapy Program 
Prof. John Whitehead III, Assistant Professor and Director of Fine Arts
10:00-10:20 Alex Reed [Raudenbush]
Effects of green tea on cognition, perceived workload, mood, and endurance
10:20-10:40 Trevor Cessna [Raudenbush]
Effects of video game play on anxiety, pain threshold, and pain tolerance in patients undergoing physical therapy
10:00-10:20 Concurrent Session 1C:  Computer Science ASC-315

Session Moderators:  
Dr. Barbara Fenner, Assistant Professor of Biology
Dr. John Lynch, Assistant Professor of Physics


10:00-10:20 Christopher Ruckman and Justin Erfort [Geroch]
Computer graphics with Wings3D and OpenGL


10:45-11:00 Morning Snack Break:  Bridge between Donahue Hall and Acker Science Center
11:00-12:00 Concurrent Session 2A:  Physics and Physical Therapy ASC-212
Session Moderators:  
Dr. Theodore Erickson, Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Jonathan Lief, Professor of Biology
Dr. Mary Railing, Assistant Professor of Chemistry


11:00-11:20 Joel Coley [Busche]
Probing inside the geometry of quasars
11:20-11:40 Scott Sinick [Lynch]
Surface gravity waves: Resonance in a fish tank
11:40-12:00 Meghann Meyers [Chalovich]
The effects of weight lifting on flexibility


11:00-12:00 Concurrent Session 2B:  English ASC-213

Session Moderators: 
Dr. Julie Osland, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dr. Norman Duffy, Professor of Chemistry
Dr. John Cox, Associate Professor of History


11:00-11:20 Josh Wells [Voorhees] 
Proliferators of poison:  The flow of sin throughout the community of guilt in Hawthorne's the Scarlet Letter and "Rappaccini's Daughter"
11:20-11:40 Marcie Panutsos [Makris]
Harry Potter and the ambiguous nature of morality
11:40-12:00 Jenna Derrico [Voorhees] 
Hawthorne's visions of evil: The fiend in his own shape vs. the dark heart of man


12:00-12:45 Lunch:  Benedum Dining Room
12:45-2:00 Poster Session:  Bridge between Donahue Hall and Acker Science Center

Session Moderators: 
Dr. Helen Faso, Associate Academic Dean (Posters 1-6)
Dr. Janet Bischof, Instr. in Nursing & Dir. of the Nursing Adm. & Ed. Tracks (Posters 1-6)
Dr. Kenneth Rastall, Associate Professor of Biology (Posters 1-6)
Ms. Mary Ellen Cassidy, Research Associate (Posters 7-12)
Prof. Patrick Plunkett, Assist. Prof. in Computer Science (Posters 7-12)
Dr. Peter Ehni, Associate Professor of Physics (Posters 7-12)
Dr. Letha Zook, Academic Dean & Interim Exec. VP (Posters 13, 20-24)
Dr. Beverly Carter, Assist. Prof. of Comp. Science (Posters 13, 20-24)
Dr. Michael Baird, Associate Professor of Chemistry (Posters 13, 20-24)
Prof. Patricia Bowman, Instructor in Nursing (Posters 14-19)
Dr. Benjamin Stout III, Professor of Biology (Posters 14-19)
Prof. Chelsey Stephens, Instr. in Teacher Preparation (Posters 14-19)

  (Number is poster location):


1. Kara Blacker and Rosanna Drake [Raudenbush] 
Gender stereotyped distractions differentially influence pain perception and tolerance in males and females
2. Kara Blacker [Raudenbush] 
The effects of sensory deprivation on creativity and cognitive performance
3. Kara Blacker, Alex Reed, Rosanna Drake, and Jude Almeida [Raudenbush]
Body image satisfaction among intercollegiate females athletes using a scale of muscularity
4. Alex Reed [Hull] 
The Stereotypical Psychologist
5.  Trevor Cessna, Alex Reed, and Ryan Hunker [Raudenbush]
Effects of video game play on snacking behavior
6. Alex Reed and Daniel Felbaum [Raudenbush]
Effects of chocolate consumption on enhancing cognitive performance
7. Daniel Felbaum, Jared Bloom, Trevor Cessna, and Rosanna Drake [Raudenbush]
Effects of peppermint scent on diminishing smoking cravings and withdrawal symptoms
8. Daniel Felbaum and Robert Bayley [Raudenbush]
The comparison of visual and olfactory distractions on pain threshold and tolerance
9. Daniel Felbaum, Kristen Koval, and Justin Schmitt [Raudenbush]
Differential effects of chocolate and coffee scents on enhancing cognitive ability and clerical office work performance
10. Megan Keenan and Kayla Lewellen [Hull]
The perceptions of the gender roles of artists and scientists
11. David Bowden, Jerry Nolan, and Kate Garlick [Hull]
The impact of professor gender role on student evaluations

Tim Wright [Hull] image 
Achievement levels of elementary and middle schools in the NES Program
13. Rebecca Nusbaum, Carrie Swart, Heather Duncan, Molly Latz, and Katie Repicky [Osland]
The relationship between attachment styles and reasons for seeking out friendships 
14. Tonya Smith [Duffy]
Magnetic susceptibility determinations and synthesis of novel Iron(III) Dithiocarbamate complexes
15. Melanie Perera [Duffy]
Thermal decomposition of In(III) dithiocarbamates: A combined GC/MS and TGA study
16. Kayla Temple [Railing]
Investigating the hydrogenation of unsaturated aldehydes and related compounds
17. Alex Zoelle and Eric Lopez [Baird]
Deactivation kinetics for the catalytic dehydrogenation of alkanes
18. Melanie Jose [Duffy]
Thermogravimetric analysis studies of iron(III) dithiocarbamates
19. Danijela Smiljanic [Baird]
Analysis of High and Low Octane Gasoline Using GC/MS
20. DoBin Choi [Duffy]
Preparation of novel dithiocarbamate ligands and their metal derivatives
21. Noelle Holmes [Duffy]
Synthesis of dithiocarbamate catalysts for desulfurization of fuel stocks
22. Evangeline Kotson [Fenner]
Effect of cortisol on insulin induced recruitment of GLUT4 in skeletal muscle in vitro
23. Philip Hartman [Fenner]
Antimicrobial properties of alligator serum
24. Amanda Smider [Erickson]
Birthday Cards


2:00-2:10 Afternoon Snack Break:  Bridge between Donahue Hall and Acker Science Center
2:10-3:30 Concurrent Session 3A:  Criminal Justice and Political Science ASC-212
Session Moderators: 
Fr. James O'Brien, Associate Professor of Philosophy 
Dr. Debra Hull, Professor of Psychology
Dr. Norman Duffy, Professor of Chemistry

Julie Madden [Driscoll] image 
Sentencing outcomes: Juveniles vs. adults

David Hacker [Driscoll] image 
The game of appointments


Steven Skrzypek [Driscoll]
Juvenile mediation: Failure is not an option

Jessica Blissit [Hoffman]  image
Vote or die? Does it pay to participate?
2:10-3:30 Concurrent Session 3B:  Biology ASC-213
Session Moderators: 
Prof. Jody Seabright, Assistant Professor of Nursing 
Prof. Margaret Geroch, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Dr. Allen Marangoni, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy


2:10-2:30 Matthew Porta [Fenner]
The effects of endothelial cells on neurite outgrowth and proliferation in neurons
2:30-2:50 Peter John Koerner [Serva]
Ultraviolet photoreception in pimphales promelas
2:50-3:10  Courtney Corkran [Rastall]
Parasitic infection trends among Canis familiaris
3:10-3:30 Jillian McNamara [Rastall]
Combating parasite resistance to de-worming medications in sheep and goats


2:10-3:30 Concurrent Session 3C: History ASC-215

Session Moderators: 
Dr. Karen Hoffman, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Dr. Joseph Brumble, Associate Professor of English
Dr. Michael Kirkpatrick, Associate Professor of Psychology

2:10-2:30 Jessica Blissit [Laker]
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions": The "Strange Career" of Booker T. Washington
2:30-2:50 William Hal Gorby [Laker]
Lost in the 'haze' of forgetfulness: Rutherford B. Hayes's
obscured reformist legacy during the Gilded Age
2:50-3:10 Stuart Hencke [Laker]
A nation at bat: Baseball and Gilded Age America
3:10-3:30 Corey Thorton [Laker]
Operation torch: Anything but a total success


4:00-5:00 Awards Ceremony:  Acker Science Center Auditorium

Presentation of Awards:
     Dr. Maureen McKenna, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy

     Dr. Jill Kriesky, Executive Director of the Appalachian Institute

Closing Remarks:

     Dr. Letha Zook, Academic Dean and Interim Executive Vice President


     Fr. Donald Serva, S.J., Academic Associate in the Dept. of Biology

5:00-6:00 Dinner:  Benedum Dining Room
6:30-9:00 Haig Presentations - Acker Science Center Auditorium

Session Moderator:  Dr. Helen Faso, Associate Academic Dean