Student Research and Scholarship Symposium 2008 Schedule


9:00-9:45 Opening Ceremonies:  Acker Science Center Auditorium

Welcome:  Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, Associate Professor of Psychology and Symposium Committee Chair

Welcome:  Fr. Julio Giulietti, President

Introduction of Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Robert Shurina, Associate Professor of Biology

Keynote Speaker:  Ms. Miranda Hanson, 2005 Alum, 
Graduate Research Assistant, Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis Doctoral Program, West Virginia University School of Medicine.

Invited Address:  Research: The Infinite Quest of Knowledge and Creativity.
Opening Blessing:  Fr. Christopher Fronk, Director of Campus Ministry

10:00-10:20 Concurrent Session 1A:  Computer Science ASC-315 

Session Moderators: 
Dr. Theodore Erickson, Professor of Mathematics
Mr. Greg Sheppard, Personal Computer Support Manager


10:00-10:20 Storm Conaway and Michael Phillips [Carter]
Selene: Learning the Past with Today's Technologies


10:00-10:40 Concurrent Session 1B:  Physical Therapy ASC-212

Session Moderators:  
Dr. Mary Railing, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Fr. Donald Serva, S.J., Academic Associate in Biology 


10:00-10:20 Jillian Dumont; Tracy Moody; Patrick Bray; and Sarah Stupak [Marangoni]
The Usefulness of the Wii SportsTM Games in Upper Extremity Rehabilitation
10:00-10:20 Concurrent Session 1C:  Philosophy and Political and Economic Philosophy ASC-215

Session Moderators:  
Dr. Dan Weimer, Assistant Professor of History
Ms. Kristin McCombs


10:00-10:20 Yvette Michaud [Michaud]
"Just" Capitalism: A Study of Centesimus Annus
10:20-10:40 Melissa Atkinson [Michaud]
The Right to Work: Should the Market be Required 
to Provide Jobs?



Lauren Marie Twigg [Michaud]
Lost in the 20th Century: Welfare's Disastrous Effect on the American Family


10:40-11:00 Concurrent Session 1D:  BOLD ASC-213

Session Moderators:  
Dr. Leslie Liedel, Associate Professor of History
Dr. Karen Hoffman, Assistant Professor of Social Science


imageSister Martha Teresa Gomez [Becker-Gorby]
A Policy Decision Paper Regarding the Needs of the
Immigrants and Migrant Workers Residing and 
Working in the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston


11:10-12:30 Concurrent Session 2A:  Philosophy and Political and Economic Philosophy ASC-212
Session Moderators:  
Dr. Joe Brumble, Associate Professor of English
Dr. Debra Hull, Professor of Psychology


11:10-11:30 Shawn Stottlemeyer [Michaud]
The Road to Virtuous Justice is Paved With Freedom: Murray Newton Rothbard
11:30-11:50 Marissa Smith [Michaud]
A Critique of Libertarian Justice
11:50-12:10 Justin Brandt [Michaud]
For Justice's Sake, Objectivity: A Critique of Richard Rorty

Ryan Johnston [Michaud]
The Existential Conjunction of Truth and Justice in the Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel


11:10-12:30 Concurrent Session 2B:  Physics and Chemistry ASC-213  

Session Moderators:   
Dr. Marybeth Emmerth, Assistant Professor of Respiratory Therapy
Ms. Jodi Seabright, Assistant Professor of Nursing


11:10-11:30 Marajan Moro; Andy Ackerman [Busche] 
Preliminary Data Reduction of VATT4k Images
11:30-11:50 Joshua Reed [Busche]
Reverse Engineering the Communication with the PASCO Hardware Interface
11:50-12:10 Nick Cyr [Lynch] 
9/11 - Acceleration Study Raises Questions

Noelle Holmes [Duffy] 
Novel Metal Catalysts for Removing Sulfur from Organic Compounds


12:30-1:00 Lunch:  Benedum Dining Room
1:00-2:30 Poster Session:  Troy Theater

Session Moderators: 
Dr. Maureen McKenna, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy 
          (Posters 1-4)
Mr. Charles Millick, Assistant Professor of Management 
          (Poster 1-4)
Dr. Helen Faso, Associate Academic Dean 
          (Posters 5-8)
Dr. Jonathan Leif, Professor of Biology 
          (Posters 5-8)
Dr. Joe Laker, Professor of History
          (Posters 9-12)
Dr. Beverly Whelton, Associate Professor of Philosophy 
          (Posters 9-12)
Ms. Mary Ellen Cassidy, Research Associate 
          (Posters 13-16) 
Dr. Peter Ehni, Associate Professor of Physics 
          (Posters 13-16)
Ms. Margaret Geroch, Associate Professor of Computer Science 
          (Posters 17-21)
Dr. Janet Bischof, Assistant Professor of Nursing 
          (Posters 17-21)
Mr. Patrick Plunkett, Assistant Professor in Computer Science 
          (Posters 22-26)
Dr. Michael Kirkpatrick, Associate Professor of Psychology  
          (Posters 22-26)

(Number is poster location):



Jude Almeida and Ben Wershing [Raudenbush] 
The Effects of Peppermint Scent on Appetite and Caloric Intake

Ryan Hunker, Jared Bloom and Tim Wright [Raudenbush] 
Video Game Performance: Nintendo Wii vs. Microsoft Xbox

Justin Schmitt, Kristen Koval, and Ramsey Miller [Raudenbush]
The Effect of Grapefruit Scent on Cognition

Tim Wright and Kate Munhall [Ruberg]  
Promoting Effective Instructional Strategies and Classroom Practices: The Implications of Recent National Commission Reports for Future Teacher Preparation

Meghan Withrow [Emmerth]
Caffeine Effects on Pulmonary Function

imageLauren Lewicki [Emmerth]
Preventing and Reducing Tobacco Use to Eliminate Second-hand Smoke Exposure at Wheeling Jesuit University

Lisa Merryman [Emmerth]
The Effect of Diet and Exercise on Lung Function

Shannon Diane Herron [Emmerth]
The Effectiveness of the BiPAP Vision with Gas Leaks

Amanda Lyons [Emmerth]
The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Emily DeRosa [Emmerth]
Pulmonary Function Test: Athletes vs. Non-Athletes

Sean Cain [Emmerth]
Hi-Lo Evac Endotracheal Tube's Fight to Decrease Ventilator-Associated Pneumonias

Kelly Mahoney [Driscoll] 
Political Corruption: Crime Takes on a New Appearance

Cameron Lee [Duffy]
An Investigation into Fluorine-Containing Commercially Available Products by 19F NMR

Samantha Yakey [Duffy]
An Investigation into Phosphorous-Containing Commercially Available Products by 31P NMR

imageBrittany Venci [Stout]
 Coal Slurry Reduction to Methane by Archaea 

Ali Hajiran [Shurina]
Effects of Transfected PKC-? Catalytic Fragment on Tet-Off Regulated Madin-Darby Kidney Epithelial Cell Line

Jared Hooks [Serva]
Fin Regeneration with Regards to Importance in the Largemouth Bass Under Room and Higher Temperatures

DoBin Choi and Ali Hajiran [Shurina]
Construction of Tetracycline-Inducible SVEC 4-10 Endothelial Cell Line

Codi Rossetti [Stout]
Crayfishes of the Allegheny Mountains of Western Maryland: Conservation and Natural History

Kelly Koral [Shurina]
The Role of Actin Filament Associated Protein-110 in the Promotion or Inhibition of Angiogenesis in Mouse Vascular Endothelial Cells (SVEC 4-10)

Tonya Snodgrass [Shurina]
Exposure of Madin-Darby Canine Kidney Epithelia to Unregulated PKC-á and its Effects on Tight Junction Permeability and Polyp-like Foci Formation

Cathern Krupinski [Chalovich]
The Role of Amyloid-Beta in Alzheimer's Disease and the Effects of Antioxidants on Associated Oxidative Stress

Cassandra Starkey, Katie Kacmarik, and Amanda Francis [Chalovich]
The Effect of Statin Drugs on TNF-á-induced expression of VCAM and IL-8 in Human Aortic Endothelial Cells

Candace Coleman [Rastall]
Behavioral Patterns and Color Vision in the Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens)

Melissa Kotik [Chalovich]
The Effect of Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 on Neuronal Survival

Jonathan Proto, Peter Gannett, and Vorasit Vongsutilers [Shurina]
The Relation of Abasic Site Formation to Aryl Hydrazine Carcinogenesis


2:40-4:00 Concurrent Session 3A:  Psychology ASC-212
Session Moderators:    
Mrs. Patricia Bowman, Instructor of Nursing 
Dr. Min Woo Yun, Assistant Professor of Social Sciences  


Ramsey Miller [Hull] 
The Effects of Odor on the Perception of Teaching Effectiveness
3:00-3:20 Kristen Koval [Hull] 
The Effects of Psychological Disorders on the Severity of Punishment for Mentally Ill Criminals
3:20-3:40 imageRebecca Nusbaum [Hull]
Assessing the Wheeling Community's Attitudes toward and Knowledge of Mental Health
3:40-4:00 David Bowden II [Kirkpatrick] 
Verbal Feedback Promotes Heart Rate Discrimination
2:40-3:40 Concurrent Session 3B:  International Studies, History, and Political Science ASC-213
Session Moderators: 
Dr. Julie Osland, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dr. Larry Discoll, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Dr. Thomas Michaud, Professor of Philosophy


2:40-3:00 imageJessica Palombi [Liedel]
Selecting the Mountaineers:  the Inclusion of Berkeley andJefferson Counties in Forming West Virginia
3:00-3:20 Kenneth Jacob McElhaney [Hoffman]
Social Security Reform
3:20-3:40  Stephanie DeRosa [Hoffman]
Reference Theory Applied to Assimilation of Mongols


2:40-4:00 Concurrent Session 3C: Biology ASC-215

Session Moderators:   
Dr. Allen Marangoni, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
Dr. Beverly Carter , Assistant Professor of Computer Science
2:40-3:00 Kristina Bacon [Shurina]
Variations in the Genetic Coding Sequence of AGP and its Effect on the Binding Rate of Docetaxel in the Blood Plasma of ProstateCancer Patients
3:00-3:20 Chevon Robertson [Rastall]
Determining the Effectiveness of Pheromone and Visual Cues in Aggregation of the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle
3:20-3:40 Stephanie Geer [Rastall]
Comparative Feeding Behaviors in the Ball Python (Python regius), the California Kingsnake (Lampropeltis gelutus californiae), and the Black Ratsnake (Elaphe obsoleta obsolete)
3:40-4:00 Greer Gibbons [Stout]
Do Caddisflies Need Cases for Respiration?
4:45-5:00 Awards Ceremony:  Acker Science Center Auditorium

Presentation of Awards:
     Dr. Maureen McKenna, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy

     Dr. Jill Kriesky, Executive Director of the Appalachian Institute

Closing Remarks:

     Dr. Letha Zook, Academic Dean and Interim Executive Vice President


     Fr. Donald Serva, S.J., Academic Associate in the Dept. of Biology

5:00-6:00 Dinner:  Benedum Dining Room
6:30-9:00 Haig Presentations - Acker Science Center Auditorium

Session Moderator:  Dr. Helen Faso, Associate Academic Dean