Student Research and Scholarship Symposium 2009 Abstracts

Explanation of the coding system: The following abstracts are presented in alphabetical order by first author. For the oral presentations, the information in the brackets includes the time of the presentation (e.g. 2:20), the session (e.g. 2C), and the location of the session (e.g. ASC-212). For poster sessions, the bracketed information includes the time of the session (e.g. 12:45) and the poster board number where the poster is to be found (e.g. P4).


Bagnato, Jorie: Private Property Rights: Eminent Domain Abuse and the Kelo Case [(10:00)(1C)(ASC-215)] This presentation examines private property rights struggles, in particular, the issue of eminent domain abuse. The importance of private property rights in the United States is illustrated through the provided background of private property rights as a whole and the history of the Fifth Amendment. In particular, this presentation discusses various Supreme Court and State Court cases involving eminent domain, including Kelo v. City of New London, the case most commonly associated with this issue. Lastly, the presentation describes the public response to these cases and the measures taken by the American people to protect their private property rights from government abuse.

Bailey, Renee D.: Proper Use of Heat and Moisture Exchangers [(1:00)(P5)] I am interested in studying humidification of the airway during mechanical ventilation using a heat and moisture exchangers (HME) and heated humidifiers. Being in the clinical setting I have seen that at times the HME is used but is actually in fact contraindicated. It seems that it is used just for convenience but can be causing harm to the patient because it is contraindicated. I am testing this theory by surveying random employees and respiratory therapy departments that frequently use HMEs. The purpose of this research is to see if respiratory therapists are aware of the contraindication and the clinical guidelines to HMEs and to find out their opinions on humidification. There are no risks to this study and its benefits would reveal that the contraindications should be followed and used more closely. I believe I will find that most respiratory therapist will not be aware of the contraindications or clinical guidelines that are set for the HME. I am going to be using descriptive statistics in my results and data section.

Bonnette, Scott; Winters, Kristian; Stover, Amanda: Effects of Chocolate Consumption on Pain Perception and Tolerance [(1:00) (P1)] Previous research has shown the benefits of sweet substance consumption on pain tolerance. The current study used 30 participants to compare pain tolerance, mood, and perceived task load in chocolate consumption. In a within-subjects design, participants completed four randomized consumption conditions (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, carob, and control) as well as a cold pressor task. The results show that participants had a greater pain tolerance when consuming sweetened chocolate substances as compared to consuming an unsweetened substance or the control condition. These results provide additional evidence for sweet taste analgesia.

Bugaj, Lydia: Albert Speer: His Confessions at Nuremberg vs. the Truth [(2:40)(2B)(ASC-213)] This paper examines the case of Albert Speer- Hitler's architect and later Reich Minister of Armaments, the second most powerful position in Nazi Germany during World War II-at the Nuremberg Tribunal following the war, specifically concentrating on his involvement in the Holocaust. While many war criminals of the Nazi Party were sentenced to execution, Speer carefully talked his way out of accountability on two of the four counts for which he was indicted, receiving a sentence of only 20 years imprisonment. Unlike many Nazi leaders, Speer accepted collective responsibility for the Holocaust; but, he pleaded personal ignorance, claiming he knew nothing of the Nazi death camps until the tribunal began, thereby avoiding the death penalty. By using transcripts of the trial at Nuremberg and examining several of Speer's biographies as well as his own memoirs, this paper peels back the claims that Speer made at the trial, uncovering what Speer did know about the Holocaust and how, through careful manipulation of the tribunal, he received a relatively mild punishment in comparison to his cohorts.

Casciola, Alan: Determining the Effects of Stanozolol on Wound Healing in MDCK Cells [(3:20)(2D)(ASC-315)] Wound healing depends on many different factors, one of which is protein availability. When the wound is in an anabolic state, controlled by hormones, protein synthesis is occurring. As the wound enters a catabolic state, protein degradation, the healing process is greatly impaired. Anabolic steroids are testosterone analogs, known to increase: muscle fiber size, myonuclei numbers, the frequency of developmental protein isoforms and increase the number of muscle fibers. Stanozolol is an anabolic steroid that has high anabolic effects (building, synthesizing proteins) and low androgenic effects (cause masculine qualities), the desired characteristics for a steroid to be used in this manner. It is known to increase net nitrogen and anabolism through increased activation of fibroblasts, cells found in connective tissue that produce fibers (ex. Collagen) and synthesize other ground substances that make up the extracellular matrix and support other tissues. In addition to these effects, Stanozolol exhibits anti-cortizol activity, decreasing catabolism without affecting the necessary inflammatory response. MDCK cells are Canine-Kidney epithelial cells that form a monolayer. When physically scratching the monolayer, wounded epithelial tissue is replicated. Introducing Stanozolol at different concentrations to the wounded cell sheet should accelerate the healing process. The results are pending.

Castellon, Wilhelm L.: Enhanced Biodegradation of Coal Slurry [(1:00 (P20)] Coal slurry is an Appalachian problem consisting of billions of gallons of water contaminated by the byproducts of washing and preparation of coal for combustion. These reservoirs, termed impoundments, then leach toxic compounds into surrounding water supplies; it is therefore imperative to remediate this waste efficiently and cleanly. Since this waste is largely composed of carbon, bioremediation by a consortium of microbes is considered feasible. The intent is that the coal waste may be biochemically transformed into methane, a useful fuel. Methane has already been detected in several of the samples containing consortia only via GC/MS, but the rate of reaction is significantly slow (several months for significant degradation). Utilizing an oxidative pretreatment step, in the form of the Fenton Reaction, it is thought that biological degradation of the waste can be augmented. This reaction would be followed by digestion of the waste by a consortium of bacteria, fungi, and methanogenic archaea; with methane as the major end-product. The oxidative treatment will test the Fenton Reaction under conditions of varying atmospheric oxygen. The effectiveness of the treatments will be analyzed by measuring and comparing the Chemical Oxygen Demand (C.O.D.) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.). It is hypothesized that as B.O.D. increases C.O.D. should decrease proportionally. If the treatments are effective in raising the B.O.D., the transformation of waste into methane may occur more rapidly.

Choi, Dobin: Construction of a Stable Tetracycline-Inducible Transfectants of Human Ovarian Cancer Cell Line, CAOV-3 [(1:00) (P21)] Actin Filament Associated Protein (AFAP-110) is known to be involved in cytoskeletal rearrangements, affecting cell morphology and motility. Previous studies have shown that an abnormally high level of AFAP-110 is observed in some malignant carcinomas. However, human ovarian cancer cell line, CAOV-3 is remarkably non-aggressive and has no detectable levels of AFAP-110. This is in agreement with the observations that cytoskeletal alterations are a hallmark of metastatic tissues. Thus, in cancer researches, ovarian cancer cells have served as a useful tool to study the metastatic effect of AFAP-110 by inserting the AFAP-110 gene into the genome. However, the insertion of a foreign gene renders the difficult problem of manipulating the cells to stably transcribe the gene of interest without disrupting the endogenous chromosomes. The tetracycline-inducible system (TET-ON) presents a solution, where tetracycline induces the cells that contain the pTET-ON vector to synthesize the transcription factor that will subsequently promote the expression of the gene of interest. To create the TET-ON inducible cancer cell line, CAOV-3 cells were transfected with the pTET-ON vector, a plasmid that contains the tetracycline-responsive transcription factor, and a G418-resistance marker. Forty G418-resistant clones were isolated, and are currently being screened for the presence of the tetracycline-responsive transcription factor, using protein immunoblots. The stable clones expressing the transcription factor will be transfected with AFAP-110 gene to determine the aggressiveness of AFAP-110 in ovarian cancer. Thus, the understanding of the effect of AFAP-110 on metastasis may shed light on suppressing malignant carcinomas.

Davis, Nicole: From Colonization to Genocide in Australia: The Stolen Generation [(3:40)(2B) (ASC-213)] As British contact with the native population in Australia increased, British policies became increasingly radical. Due to a need to expand in Australia, major cultural differences, and a superiority complex, the British employed a massive program to assimilate Aborigine children into European life. Aborigine children were taken from their families and placed into settings where they could learn the basics of living and acting like Europeans. These children, who were removed to white families, settlements, dormitories, or work programs, became known as the "Stolen Generation." It is estimated that between one in three and one in ten Aborigine children were taken from their parents between 1910 and 1970. The policy of forcibly removing "half-caste" children from their Aborigine families in order to assimilate them into white Australian culture fits neatly with the United Nations' definition of genocide. Fortunately, in 2008 the Australian government apologized for the treatment of the Aborigine population; however, no financial compensation was awarded to the natives and the government still refuses to admit that this was a case of genocide. Although the healing process has begun, this atrocious act needs to be recognized as genocide.

Derrico, Jenna: "Based on a True Story": The Leeway and Limits of Literary Memoir as Evidenced by A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius [(11:00)(1D)(ASC-213)] William Zinsser has deemed this “the age of the memoir.” “Never,” he says, “have personal narratives gushed so profusely from the American soil as in the closing decade of the twentieth century. Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone is telling it.” The growing popularity of the memoir has created the need for more discussion concerning the definition of memoir, as well as its literary freedoms and restrictions. The literary memoir attempts to tell an autobiographically true story with the careful construction of the novel while falling under neither category. The combination of autobiographical and fictive elements makes for extremely engaging and appealing literary works, but it also creates opportunities for confusion or deception if an author does not maintain the line between fiction and nonfiction. A literary memoirist can make use of details and techniques beyond the realm of verifiable fact, providing that this shaping of narrative is in the pursuit of a story true to the writer's experiences, both empirical and emotional. A study of Dave Eggers' contemporary memoir, A Heartbreaking
Work of Staggering Genius, will demonstrate how he uses the facts of his own life, arranges them, ignores them, confuses them, and calls attention to them as needed in order to highlight what is most true about his experiences: how it feels to be a young man coping with his parents' deaths, raising a younger brother, and struggling with both his infinite potential and his overwhelming fear of failure.

Dray, Courtney: CREB expression in SH-SY5Y neuronal cells treated with the oxidative neurotoxin MPP+ [(1:00)(P26)] Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that is characterized by a loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra. 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,4,5-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP) is an oxidative neurotoxin that has been known to cause a Parkinson's like syndrome in animals and humans. MPP+, the active metabolite of MPTP, gets taken up by dopamine neurons where it stays and kills those neurons. A recent study that examined the effect of another oxidative neurotoxin, 6-OHDA, on neuronal cells showed that exposure to 6-OHDA resulted in altered subcellular expression of the important transcription factor CREB. Specifically, expression of CREB decreased in the nucleus and increased CREB in the cytoplasm. As a result of the subcellular shift in CREB, there was a decrease in the transcription and subsequent expression of the neuroprotective genes BCL-2 and BDNF. The purpose of this study was to further elucidate the mechanisms involved in MPP+ induced death of neurons. We examined the effects of various concentrations of MPP+ on human SY5Y neuroblastoma cells to determine if MPP+ induced a similar shift in CREB expression. A cell proliferation assay was used to assess cell death, and Western blot analysis was used to examine CREB, BDNF, and BCL-2 expression in the MPP+ treated cells. The results of this study are still pending, but the findings could lead to a better understanding of the mechanisms of toxicity of oxidative neurotoxins which would have great implications in treating, reversing, or even stopping the process of neuronal degeneration in Parkinson's and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Ellison, Matthew A.: The best way to administer drugs through a ventilator [(1:00) (P6)] This experiment is to see which method of drug administration in the most beneficial for a patient on the ventilator. This experiment will be conducted laboratory setting. The drugs will be captured into filers. Then weighed to see which method is the most beneficial.

Glaser, Patricia: Arterial Line: Hand Flush vs. Fast Flush [(1:00) (P7)] 
I am going to do a bench study to determine whether to use a syringe saline flush or mechanical pigtail flush to clear an arterial line after a blood draw. This study is going to be done to determine which would be safer for the patient.

Hajiran, Ali: Tetracycline Regulated Expression of the Catalytic Fragment of Protein Kinase C Alpha in Madin-Darby Kidney Epithelial Cells.[(1:00) (P22)] Epithelial cells that are passaged in the presences of phorbol esters (PE) for 8 weeks or longer exhibit polyp-like overgrowths similar to pre-cancerous lesions. It is generally accepted that following PE activation, PKC is down regulated and degraded. Immunoblots of cell lysates showed that chronic exposure resulted in the production of a 46 KD fragment; however, these same cells showed little or no full length PKC-alpha. We hypothesize that continual exposure of epithelial cells to PE results in a cycle of activation and down regulation, resulting in a “steady state” level of catalytically active but unregulated protein kinase. The gene encoding the catalytic domain of PKC-alpha was cloned into the Tet-Off inducible dual vector system and was tranfected into a MDCK cell line in order to examine the effects of the over-expression of this catalytically active protein kinase fragment. Several lines of stable transfectants have been created and cultures of these cells are currently being investigated for differences in growth patterns, cell morphologies, and levels of protein expression. (Support by NIH Grant 5P20RR016477 to the West Virginia IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence)

Henson, Chad: Analysis of the Communication Protocol for the Vernier Lab Quest [(10:00)(1A) (ASC-315)] Data collection in the physics lab often relies on devices that communicate directly with a computer using a serial data transfer protocol. The software provided with purchased hardware is proprietary and restricted to proprietary operating systems. By reverse engineering the communication protocols, these instruments can be used with other operating systems such as Linux. This research involves writing the software to enable communication of the Science Workshop 500 interface (over the serial port) and of the Vernier Lab Quest interface (over the universal serial bus) with a linux based system.

Holmes, Noelle; Burkhart, Jordan: Resonance Stabilization of Nitrogen. [(1:00) (P13)] The resonance stabilization of nitrogen containing conjugated compounds (enimines) is not as well understood as the stabilization of the corresponding oxygen containing conjugated compounds. Resonance stabilization will be experimentally determined by comparing the heat of hydrogenation for the conjugated compound with the non-conjugated compound. A variety of imines will be formed by reacting the conjugated oxygen containing compound (e.g., unsaturated aldehydes) with an amine. The enimine structures are determined by spectroscopic data (1H & 13C NMR, IR, and mass spectrometry). The hydrogenation apparatus was assembled following the published accounts of D.W. Rogers. (Rogers, D.W. Anal. Chem. 1971 43, 1468). We anticipate a lower heat of hydrogenation for the enimines than the corresponding conjugated oxygen compounds which would result from less efficient resonance and therefore less stability.

Holstine, Danielle; Sinclair, Jeremy; Bartoszek, Matthew; Stock, Clayton; Walcott, Andre; Williams, Blake : Intelligent Collision Avoidance System [(10:20)(1A)(ASC-315)] A major causative factor in many accidents is driver reaction time. During the so-called rush hour, cars are traveling in close proximity to each other. If a vehicle for any reason makes a sudden stop, the driver behind may not react quickly enough to apply the brakes in time to avoid a rear end collision. Many other scenarios exist that relate to driver awareness, attentiveness and vision that may be obviated if a system was in place that reduced the number of emergent events and augmented an operator's ability to respond to them. Our project proposed that a micro-controller based system that provided car to car communication coupled with proximity detection sensors will provide such capability. Car to car communication can alert and initiate corrective actions in a fraction of the time it takes a human to begin the same actions. For example, if a driver applies the brakes rapidly, their car would transmit this action to the vehicles in the area and they would in turn begin to respond in less than a second. If the vehicles in the area had the ability to determine the distance between them, the response would be measured and controlled. We propose an inexpensive test bed for the development of such a system by using 1/10 scale electric vehicles and off the shelf micro-controller hardware.

Huff, James: Greater amount of medicine delivered through continuous and self actuatied nebulizers [(1:00) (P12)] Greater amount of medicine delivered through continuous and self actuated neutralizers. This will be measured by bringing saline through a tube simulating human anatomy into a filter, which will then be weighed and calculated.

Jividen, Kasey: Effect of BDNF treatment on oxidant-induced death of SH-SY5Y neuroblasoma cells[(3:00)(2D)(ASC-315)] Neurodegenerative diseases and the molecular components involved in neuronal cell death pathways have been of great interest to researchers. Endeavors to unlock these pathways and origins offer great potential for important biomedical applications such as therapies and treatments of neurodegenerative diseases. One important component that is shared by all neurodegenerative diseases is oxidative stress; neuronal cells are particularly susceptible, and hallmarks of oxidant-induced stress have been found in brains of patients with virtually all types of neurodegenerative diseases. Oxidant damage can be caused by exposure to reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or 6-Hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA). The increase of intracellular ROS concentration can set a cellular response in motion, ultimately leading to neuronal death. Signals are sent through a series of relay molecules and important components of these pathways are beginning to be elucidated.One pathway that has been suggested to be involved in the neurodegenerative process is the cAMP-dependent pathway. In various disease models, the cAMP pathway is disrupted, and important downstream gene products such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) have been shown to decrease. Since both proteins are known to mediate survival of neurons, this experiment examines the hypotheses that treatment of SY5Y cell with BDNF will alter the cytotoxic effects of oxidants on this neuronal cell line. Specifically, we believe that treatment with this important survival mediator will offer neurons protection against the oxidative stressors, 6-OHDA and H2O2.

Jones, Ashley: Immediate extubation vs. Discontinuing Ventilation and the Effects on the Respiratory Therapist [(1:00) (P8)] In order to find out which method is the preferred method I will survey therapists at Allegheny General and Mercy Hospital. I will ask them which method they use and what effects this has on the therapists.

Jorris, Sean: Ability of a Coude Suction Catheter on Facilitating Entry into the Left Mainstem Bronchus [(1:00)(P9)] A Coude suction catheter is a a suctioning device used to improve the chances of facilitating entry into the left mainstem bronchus. It has a curved tip which is how its chances are increased for it to be directed into one or the other main bronchi of the lungs. I will be performing a bench study using a replica of a human trachea and the mainstem bronchi, and I will be comparing the ability of a coude catheter to enter the left bronchus with other traditional suction catheters. The results will recorded in my data sheet, with confirmation of my prediction that the coude catheter will be the most efficient device in left mainstem bronchus entry.

Keller, Stacy: The 1985 Pittsburgh Drug Trials Revealed [(10:00)(1B)(ASC-212)] One of the darkest moments in Major League Baseball was the 1985 Pittsburgh Drug Trials. The events that transpired showed not only baseball's ability to survive, but also, just how closely the sport is intertwined with society. The crime and punishment of cocaine use within the structure of Major League Baseball mirrored American societal drug problems in the 1980s. Combining the circumstances of the 1980s drug scare, and the caliber of the athletes involved, the 1985 Pittsburgh Drug Trials is a case study for American drug abuse throughout the decade. Federal prosecutors began investigating professional baseball players after receiving tips that there was drug abuse inside the Pittsburgh Pirates clubhouse. Investigators discovered major cocaine abuse not just in Pittsburgh, but by multiple players on various teams. However, because of the fact that drug policies in the 1980s put emphasis on the prosecution of the dealer, and considering the caliber of the athletes, prosecutors found it more useful to grant the players immunity in exchange for their testimony against their dealers. When all was said and done, eleven players had testified and been punished by the commissioner of Major League Baseball. Five of the accused dealers pled guilty without going to trial. . Two additional dealers went on trial. Testimony throughout their trials uncovered the secret world of drug abuse in Major League Baseball like never before.

Keller, Stacy: WJU Athletics Media Guides [(2:40)(2C)(ASC-215)] 
Media guides are important for college athletic departments. They help us keep track of records, players, coaches, and the history of each team. For my senior project in the professional communications program at WJU I created media guides in the hope of getting more attention drawn to each athletic program the school offers.

Kolks, Jonathan; Wright, Tim: The Effects of Video Game Console and Snack Type on Snack Consumption During Play [(1:00) (P2)] Past research has shown the effects of distraction on food intake. The present study examined the effects of snack type(healthy, unhealthy, and neutral) on snack consumption while playing a variety of video game consoles. Participants wore an ActiWatch to measure the amount of their movement during the session. For one of the conditions, the participants played the Nintendo Wii boxing game that comes equipped with Wii Sports. For another condition, the participants played the Xbox version of Rocky Legends on exhibition mode. In both gaming conditions, the participant warmed-up for five minutes and then continued to play for the duration of the fifteen-minute session. The third condition was used as a control, and the participants sat in an empty room for the duration of the fifteen minutes. Before and after the video game play or the control session, the participants' physiological measurements were taken. The three different snack types were left in the room. For each participant, 38 grams of pretzels, 160 grams of carrots, and 100 grams of M&M's were presented. Results indicated that overall activity level was greatest in the Wii condition indicating significantly more calories burned, and participants ate less in that condition. Although both the Wii and Xbox conditions showed less snack consumption in general, participants ate more healthy snacks in the Wii condition.

Kozusnik, David: EndoTracheal Tubes vs. Laryangeal Mask Airways [(1:00) (P10)] 
I will discuss my finds on Endotracheal Tubes and Laryngeal Mask Airways that I found out on my survey, from the CRNA's.

Kuhar, Lorrie: Jury Media Event [(3:00)(2C)(ASC-215)] I am planning a Jury Media Event on April 15, 2009 for my Communications Senior Project that will give students a chance to present their senior projects and network with media professionals.

Lee, Cameron; Yakey, Samantha: Investigation into fluorine- and phosphorus-containing commercially available products by 19F and 31P NMR[(1:00) (P14)] Fluorine-19 and Phosphorus-31 are the only naturally occurring isotopes of fluorine and phosphorus and are easily observed by multinuclear NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance). We have prepared a series of fluoride (NaF) and phosphorus (H3PO4) standards and tested the ability of the Anasazi NMR to determine the amount of fluoride and phosphorus in commercial samples. We have attempted to observe fluoride in raisins, mouthwash, toothpaste, etc., and phosphorus in cola, liquid fertilizer, toothpaste, etc. The use of the Anasazi NMR as both a quantitative and qualitative analytical tool will be discussed.

Lewis, Kelly: Stereotypic Behavior of a Male Spectacled Bear Before and After the Introduction of a Female [(1:00)(P23)] The spectacled bear, Tremarctos ornatus, an elusive bear species native to South America, is one of many species that can develop stereotypic behaviors in captivity due to stress. The purpose of this particular experiment was to determine the effects of the introduction of a mate on a male spectacled bear's exhibition of stereotypic pacing, paw sucking, and head swinging behaviors. Papino, a male spectacled bear at Oglebay's The Good Zoo, was observed during designated observational periods before and after the introduction of a female. His behavior was recorded along with other conditions that could have affected his behavior. Before the introduction of the female, Papino exhibited stereotypic stress behaviors for 38% of the time observed. For the first four months after the introduction of the mate, 53% of Papino's time observed was spent pacing. For the next four months, which was the period when the two bears were occasionally out on exhibit together, but then separated again, the time was still about 53%. Data is still being collected to see if a decrease occurs in the last third of their first year together. The days where the greatest amount of pacing occurs are when the female is the most vocal and physical. There has been no clear correlation between their mating periods and his stress behaviors, as of yet. However, the final results of how exactly the female affects his behavior are still pending. Observation will end after they have been together for approximately one year (on March 2009).

Longwell, Billy: The Opium Empire: The Secret Behind Japan's Imperial Empire [(3:20)(2B)(ASC-213)] I discuss the opium trade between Japan and China focusing mainly on what the driving forces were for Japan to become involved in the Opium trade. During the time of the opium trade in Japan, Japan was aggressively attempting to satisfy its imperialistic desires. Japan strived to obtain as many territories as possible and in doing this they found that the opium trade presented all the funds they would ever need to expand their empire. China at the time was struggling with a large illegal narcotic market, which proved to be very profitable for those who were willing to take the risk to engage in the market. The rewards were high, but the punishment if caught would have undoubtedly changed the perception that Japan's empire was a legitimate one. I also discuss how Japan used the opium market to evolve from an inferior country when stacked up against the world powers, to being considered among the world's elite. Their military power greatly increased and their expansion of their empire from the mainland greatly increased as a result of their involvement in the opium market mostly in China. Also, I bring up the idea of why Japan, a country with no recorded history of large-scale opium use, would engage in the opium market, all the while trying to keep the drug away from the mainland. In conclusion, I discuss the original opium problem in China, then I move to discuss Japan's annexation of various countries and how these countries contributed to Japan's involvement in the Chinese opium market. I discuss what their reasoning was for taking over the particular colonies and the ultimate effect these colonies had on the opium market in China.

Moro, Marjan: Data collection under Linux using a Pascco Force Sensor [(11:00)(1A)(ASC-315)] The Pasco force sensor used in introductory physics labs is an analog device that communicates to the computer through the Science Workshop 500 (SW500) interface using the RS232 serial port. Previous work with the SW500 successfully enabled the use of digital devices, so this work will add new capabilities and flexibility for using analog devices in the lab. Preliminary analysis indicates a linear relationship between the analog voltage reading and the digital signal transferred to the computer. By finding the proper linear fit and after precise calibration, the force sensor will be used to analyze the behavior or a simple harmonic oscillator using a Linux based machine.

Moses, Scott: Computer Graphics with DirectX and the High Level Shader Language [(10:40)(1A)(ASC-315)] DirectX is the official graphics programming API of the Windows operating system. It is a very full featured library capable of producing some very impressive visual effects. The High Level Shader Language(HLSL) is an addition to this already impressive collection that allows for even more robust techniques. These languages are an integral part of creating interactive, graphical applications for Windows based PC's and the Xbox and Xbox 360 game consoles. I plan to give an introduction to some aspects of computer graphics, such as lighting, texturing, and basic object transformations as they are applied in DirectX. I will also explain the difference between the old, fixed-function pipeline that DirectX used to use, and the new programmable pipeline that the HLSL has made possible. My presentation will include oral explanations, snippets of source code used to make various demo programs, and finally the programs themselves that demonstrate the concepts I'll be talking about.

Munhall, Kate: Breaching the Gap: Taking Technology into the Classroom [(3:00)(2A)(ASC-212)] The current generation of high school students relies on technology for nearly everything. They use their computers and cell phones to access the Internet for socializing with friends, reading current news, playing interactive games, and listening to music. But how much of this technology use is aligned with learning? How are the knowledge and skills students have about current technologies in their private lives utilized to its full potential to facilitate learning in school? How can teachers utilize the various resources technology provides to keep in touch with today's students? This study examines student experience with technology outside of the classroom and compares it with their opportunities to apply this experience more formally in the classroom. Students will complete an online survey about their technology use both in and outside of school. Survey results will help the researcher gauge student interest in technology application in school. In addition to the survey, informal interviews, classroom observation of student engagement, motivation and stimulation in the classroom will be part of the data collection process. The population to be studied includes 125 students from a local high school. Predicted results include improved discipline, increased class participation and increased scores on the units where technology was used. This study will provide teachers with strategies for how to best engage students and stimulate their interest in academic tasks. This research will examine how bridging the gap between student technology use outside of school with technology use in school can provides a more useful way to get students actively involved in their education.

Nagel, Jon; Greathouse, Joe: A Comparison of Water Quality Values and Eastern Hellbender Presence at Historic Sites in Northern West Virginia[(1:00)(P27)] Cryptobranchus alleganiensis, or otherwise known as the Hellbender, is a large salamander, native to North America. It inhabits large, swiftly flowing streams with rocky bottoms. They can usually be found beneath large, flat rocks in shallow rapids. These areas that they inhabit are becoming less and less. The information available concerning threats to hellbender populations lacks detail on quantification of responses and comprehension of hazards, and there is little evidence of effort to correlate observed population responses with potential threats. Our project is trying to answer some of these questions concerning our local hellbender population. In our research, we found our local hellbender population to consist of 112 individuals. There are 12-14 sites that are current habitats, or possible habitats, which all consist of an abundance of crayfish and large, flat rocks. The main focus is to find out why our hellbender population is not thriving in these areas where they seem to be able. Is the quality of the water causing this?
The way we plan to find out is centered on the following questions: 1) Is water pH a key factor in hellbender presence in tributaries in the Ohio River Valley? 2) Are nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, dissolved oxygen, ammonia, and ammonium key factors in hellbender presence in tributaries in the ORV? 3) Does the combination of any or all of the aforementioned variables limit hellbender presence in tributaries in the ORV? Conclusion pending analysis of water samples.

Norman, Ryan: Humanity's Struggle with Mendacity: A Study of the Characters in Tennessee Williams's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof [(10:00)(1D)(ASC-213)] Tennessee Williams explores mendacity's effect on human nature in his drama Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Through the experiences of Reverend Tooker, Brick, Maggie, and Big Daddy, Williams shows how lies and deceit tear apart the family. Williams brings this story of human emotion to life by means of his rich characterization that gives each character realistic psychological depth. Primarily, Williams establishes character through dialogue, but in addition, his innovative stage directions provide insights into characters' feelings that would be incommunicable in live performance. With each character, the playwright illustrates the devastating effects of lying as the family learns of Big Daddy's colon cancer and Brick spirals out of control after the death of his friend Skipper. Also, Maggie struggles to take care of Brick in the midst of the stressful plantation atmosphere, which is only reinforced by Reverend Tooker's false blessings. The drama challenges the characters to face the falsities with which they have been living - with tragic results. Through the development of his lifelike characters in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Tennessee Williams diagnoses mendacity as a major flaw plaguing humanity.

Pastorius, Justin: Marginal Revenue Product of Major League Baseball Players [(1:00) (P28)] Determining an employee's worth is a business decision that receives a lot of attention in the world today. Marginal revenue product, or MRP, is the economic tool that is used to identify the amount of money that an employee is worth to his respective employer. In some lines of work, the MRP of employees can be easily calculated. In other professions, such as Major League Baseball, MRP is not as explicitly defined. In my project, my goal was to define a function that could calculate the amount of revenue that a baseball player's performance generates for his organization. First, I needed to identify the factors that determine an organization's revenue. To do this, I used the program SPSS to perform a multiple regression analysis with a number of possible revenue generating factors. It was determined that revenue is a function of market size, quality of home stadium, and wins. Of these three factors, wins is the one that is contingent on player performance. Therefore, wins is a function of the performance of players. Using SPSS to do another multiple regression analysis, I determined that wins are a function of total bases, base on balls, hits, plate appearances, team plate appearances, base on balls allowed, hits allowed, homeruns allowed, innings pitched, and team innings pitched. Position Players:
W(TB, BB, H, PA, TeamPA) = (98.374 + .024TB + .039BB + .026H) (PA/ Team PA) ,
W(BBA, HA, HRA, IP, TeamIP) = (98.374 - .060BBA - .059HA -078HRA) (IP / TeamIP) These functions can be used to determine the amount of revenue that a player's performance can generate for his organization. By using both economic and mathematical tools, business owners can operate their organizations more efficiently.

Poch, Stephanie: Studying the Degradation Pathway of Iron (III) Dithiocarbamates [(1:00) (P19)] Dithiocarbamates were discovered early in the history of organo-sulfur chemistry and have been used in rubber chemistry as vulcanization accelerators and antioxidants, fungicides and insecticides, and inhibitors on enzymes. Currently, my mentors and I are studying the thermal decomposition pathways of several iron (III) dithiocarbamates. Data from the Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) was used to aid in this study of the decompostion pathways. The samples were thermally decomposed in the GC, and the fragments were analyzed in the MS. To date, there have been few studies on the mass spectra of iron (III) dithiocarbamates. We have studied the mass spectra of tris(dibenzyldithiocarbamato)iron (III), tris (dibenzylthioselenocarbamato)iron (III), and tris(dibenzyldiselenocarbamato)iron (III) to determine the effect of replacing sulfur atoms with selenium atoms. Our results indicate similar patterns of decomposition for each, with selenium taking sulfur positions in sulfur containing fragments. Earlier studies on the mass spectra of the corresponding dibenzyl derivatives of In(III), Ga(III), and Cu(III) have exhibited a novel NBzn+ peak (where n= 1-4) which must result from either a rearrangement or reaction between fragments. This same set of peaks was observed in each of the iron (III) samples studied. These studies compliment research on the thermogravimetric analysis of these compounds and NASA's interest in synthesizing "artificial moon dust."

Preer, Ciera M.: Open vs. Closed Endotracheal Suctioning on a Mechanically Ventilated Patient [(1:00) (P11)] I'm going to do a survey to find out whether open endotracheal suctioning on a mechanically ventilated patient is better than closed endotracheal suctioning. The surveys were sent to respiratory therapists in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia regions and involve questions pertaining to which suction system provided the best patient care and which system the therapists preferred. The data collected through these surveys will be calculated through the chi-square test and presented on a poster.

Preto, Patrick C.: Savage Butchery and it's Propagation: Failed US Pacifism in World War I [(10:40)(1B)(ASC-212)] When Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, the floodgates holding back international tensions snapped, and the world was catapulted into war. In the United States, reaction to the war varied because of the ethnic diversity of Americans and also because trade between belligerents could be profitable. The US stood nothing to gain from the war and had no entangling alliances or treaties with any European powers that needed to be honored. As stories of the horrific war poured in from Europe, Americans learned just how terrible technology had made the conflict: machine guns and poison gases were in wide use on the battlefield, creating catastrophic losses on both sides. Despite this, American trade moguls continued seeking profit with the belligerents, and the Allied blockade of Germany forced them to trade less and less with the Central Powers, forcing the greedy capitalists to trade almost exclusively with Great Britain; this exclusivity over an extended period of time made the US a de facto enemy of the Central Powers in European eyes. In response to the furor over the sinking of the Lusitania and the Zimmermann telegram, President Wilson's declaration of war did not meet sizeable opposition. The pacifism movement failed to keep the US out of World War I because of the movement's inability to compete with the Creel Commission's propaganda machine, the difficulty for pacifism to appeal to people outside intellectual groups, and the country's historical reliance on violence.

Provenzano, Justin; Dille, Sara: Electrochemical investigation of novel metal-dithiocarbamate complexes [(1:00) (P16)] Metal dithiocarbamates are complexes of metal ions and the uninegative dithiocarbamate ligand, S2CNR2, where R is an organicsubstituent. The properties of these complexes are dependent on the identity of the metal ion and the nature of the organic substituents on the dithiocarbamate ligand. Dithiocarbamate complexes have applications in a wide variety of fields including photovoltaic devices, catalysts, and as a stimulant for lunar dust. In this project, the electrochemistry of several novel dithiocarbamate complexes will be studied. Cyclic voltammetry will be performed on the complexes to determine their reduction/oxidation potentials and to investigate the nature and stability of the red/ox products formed. For stable products, bulk coulometry will be used to produce sufficient quantities of the products for additional analysis. Moderately stable products will be investigated using spectroelectrochemistry.

Richards. Tara: The Effect of Prey Gender Variability on the Feeding Behavior of Python regius, Lampropeltis getulus californiae, and Elaphe obsolete obsolete. [(1:00) (P24)] The goal of this study was to better understand the unique feeding patterns of various snake species, focusing on the effects of prey gender variation to determine if the snakes exhibit a preference toward male or female prey items. Because the vomeronasal organ (VNO) plays a key role in both hunting and courtship, it was hypothesized that male snakes would be more sensitive to female mouse pheromone and thus show preference for female mice. Two male ball pythons (Python regius), one male California king snake (Lampropeltis getulus californiae), and one male black rat snake (Elaphe obsolete obsolete) were observed. A feeding chamber was “divided” into left and right halves by drawing a vertical line. Two blacked-out jars (used to ensure that snakes hunted by chemotaxis rather than visual / motion cues) were placed in the chamber, one in the left side for male mice and one in the right for females. Each snake was individually placed into the feeding chamber and allowed to hunt for a fifteen-minute period, with the researcher recording the time intervals and number of tongue flicks exhibited in each half of the chamber, as well as which mouse (if either) was struck. Data is currently being compiled and analyzed. Strikes observed, total times, and tongue-flick rates analyzed thus far do not indicate a definite tendency toward one prey gender over the other. More data is being compiled and analyzed to determine whether these results are conclusive.

Rouhier, Chris: A Fractured Electorate:The Roles of Partisanship and Progressive Policy in the 1912 Presidential Election [(11:00) (1B) (ASC-212)] In the 1912 Presidential election, five candidates received over 1% of the vote. Yet their overall views were not remarkably different. These candidates, Woodrow Wilson of the Democratic Party, incumbent William Howard Taft, the Republican, Theodore Roosevelt, the Progressive, Eugene Debs, the Socialist, and Prohibitionist Eugene Chafin all have one thing in common - they were progressives. Supporting positions ranging from conservation of land and resources to initiative and referendum, the nomination of an entirely progressive slate of candidates marks the zenith of the progressive movement and openness to progressive ideas. This paper explores the candidates - how they became the nominees, their positions, and the overall course of the campaign. 

Rouhier, Chris: Potions and Polyester: Drugs in the Disco Era [(10:20)(1B)(ASC-212)] The disco era is a particularly dramatic example of the egregious use of psychoactive substances for pleasure rather than for medicinal utility. Drugs enhanced the sights, the sounds, and the sex of the discotheque experience. This paper will expatiate upon the symbiotic relationship of disco music/culture and psychoactive substances, specifically from the mid 1970s to the early 1980s. Furthermore, it will examine the disco era's zeitgeist and the experiences of those involved in the scene, with special focus on the legendary New York City nightclub Studio 54.

Schnupp, Elizabeth: Oceanic and Gaelic Settings' Effects Upon Families: John Millington Synge's Riders to the Sea [(10:20)(1D)(ASC-213)] John Millington Synge's drama Riders to the Sea is set on the Aran Islands. This island setting plays an intricate part in the play, for every detail of the play is tied to the Irish, island life. This life is based upon the mystic, Gaelic traditions that drive every person's daily life. Synge, like his fellow modern playwrights, implements these realistic settings into the dramatic stage settings of his plays to further his emotional tone, theme, and idea. The dramatic world in which playwrights place their characters has a significant impact on every aspect of the characters' lives, whether it be in their personal lives, work lives, or more important, family lives. Setting can destroy, fix, unite, and divide a family of kin as well as a family of community, and one modern, poignant play that exemplifies these familial effects is John Millington Synge's Riders to the Sea. Synge's Riders to the Sea conveys how its dramatic setting of the time-honored Gaelic tradition and of the untamable sea can simultaneously divide a personal family, as well as unite a communal family. In Riders to the Sea, the sea and the Gaelic way of life serve as the setting, reinforcing the underlying meaning of all the action, especially in the revealing of the division and unity among families.

Sechrest, Keith: Wild-type Zebrafish Show Differences in Shoaling Preference for Size [(1:00) (P25)] Zebrafish have the tendency to form groups, a behavior known as shoaling. Fish form shoals in order to increase foraging efficiency and decrease risk of predation. Zebrafish have been found to prefer shoals of larger size and of conspecifics. The shoaling preferences between long-finned and wild-type zebrafish are examined in this experiment. Mutant strains of long-finned zebrafish are used to test shoal preferences between conspecifics and wild-type zebrafish. Current results indicate that both long-finned and wild-type zebrafish prefer shoaling with conspecifics over a larger, interspecific group. More results are pending.

Simione, Laura: Determining the concentration of lead in the soil of a nearby playground [(1:00) (P18)] Heavy metals are of a concern for the environment, as they are not broken down in the environment. The metals remain in the soil until they are leached into the groundwater. Once the metals are in the groundwater, they can easily make it into the drinking supplies. A small section of a playground near the campus of Wheeling Jesuit will be studied to determine the amount of lead in the soil. Two different methods of metal extraction will be studied. Once the lead is extracted from the soil, it will be analyzed using an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) to study the concentrations of the lead in the soil. Lead levels will be compared to current regulated limits. 

Sleevi, Shelby R.: The Compromise of “Self” in the Fiction of Kate Chopin [(10:40)(1D)(ASC-213)] For women living in nineteenth-century America, the “growth of the individual” was something readily available only to men. Women were essentially at the mercy of their masculine counterparts and the absolute patriarchy in which they were living. Though not much was produced, the women's literature of the time can be used to lend vast insight into the lives of these nineteenth-century women. One of the best examples of this is in the fiction of Kate Chopin, whose characters of Edna Pontellier in The Awakening and Nathalie in “The Kiss” both exemplify the compromise of one's “self” and personal freedom that was necessary for women of the time due to nineteenth-century standards. A close look at these characters shows the varying degrees of this compromise and the stymieing and negative effects yielded by their efforts to either accept this compromise or free themselves from it.

Smith, Marissa: Rights vs. Responsibilities: Entitlement Thinking in Contemporary America [(10:20)(1C)(ASC-215)] The nature and assertion of rights lie at the forefront of contemporary social, political, and economic debate. Few publicized and politicized debates occur, however, regarding the responsibilities integral to the protection and assertion of those rights. The estrangement of these two concepts, has led to the development of entitlement thinking in contemporary America causing the government to be viewed as the source from which all rights stem. This presentation will explore the causes and implications of this phenomenon while calling for the revival of a robust and metaphysical foundation upon which to base rights.

Stewart, Renee R.: The Effect of Atrasentan on Docetaxel Protein Binding [(1:00) (P17)] Docetaxel is an anti-mitotic drug that is widely used for the treatment of various cancers. Atrasentan is an experimental drug from the categorical family of endothelin-1 protein receptor antagonists. Both of these drugs are metabolized in the body by CYP450 3A isoenzymes family. This in vitro study was conducted to evaluate a potential mechanism for the interaction between docetaxel and atrasentan by determining the effect of atrasentan on docetaxel plasma protein binding. Based on the clinical data that showed a significant acceleration of docetaxel clearance by atrasentan when administered together, it was hypothesized that atrasentan will increase the free plasma fraction of docetaxel. Using several clinically relevant concentrations, these drugs and their additives were incubated in human plasma. After using Centrifree® filtration, a chemical extraction was done to analyze the concentration of Docetaxel not bound to plasma proteins using LC-MS-MS. Contrary to the hypothesis, the preliminary data demonstrated that atrasentan increases the protein binding of docetaxel by 24%. 

Stewart, Renee R: The Effect of Body Mass Index on Prostate Cancer Distribution in Patients Diagnosed by Transperineal Mapping Biopsy[(2:40)(2D)(ASC-315)] Body mass index (BMI) is a volumetric measure calculated by the patient's weight in kg divided by his height in meters. Current research suggests there may be a higher risk of metastasis in prostate cancer patients with a higher BMI. The purpose of this experiment is to elucidate the impact of BMI on the detection rate, pathological severity, and anatomical distribution of prostate cancer in patients diagnosed by transperineal mapping biopsy. Multiple core samples are taken from 24 sites throughout the prostate and analyzed for cancer and other cellular abnormalities. It is hypothesized that the patients with a larger BMI will benefit more from the increased sampling provided by the mapping biopsy technique. When the 244 patients were divided into 4 BMI groups (underweight, normal, overweight, and obese), statistical analysis found that number of previous biopsy cores was statistically significant predictor for cancer in all BMI groups, except the underweight men. A wide variety in distribution and Gleason score pathological profiles was also found within the cohort. 

Swan, Daniel: Self-Realization and Love; Kate Chopin's Reckoning with Hope [(11:20)(1D) (ASC-213)] Self-realization is a prominent theme in Kate Chopin's literary work. In fact, many readers understand self-assertion as Chopin's ultimate goal of the human heart. Thus, Chopin is easily mistaken as a rugged individualist for whom solitude is the cost of freedom. This assumption is a mistake. Rather, this placement of self over love is a tragic result of an oppressive social system that forces individuals to choose between lonely solitude and stifling social imprisonment. Chopin's real issue is not with love or relationships, but with dehumanized social institutions. Support for this “Chopin as lover” claim is evident in Chopin's magnum opus, The Awakening, and in her short works, most notably “Juanita” and “Beyond the Bayou.” Chopin's take on the viability of human love is essential to our understanding of a great 19th century American writer, a writer who transcended a patriarchal literary climate to become one of America's finest authors. Kate Chopin's message is crucial to our understanding of the development of American literature. As a pioneering American female author, Chopin offers us a more hopeful contextualization of the pioneering American spirit, and a deeper insight into our own quest for self-realization. 

Wright, Jacqueline: Eleanor's Baby: Arthurdale, West Virginia and the Subsistence Homestead Movement [(3:00)(2B) ASC-213)] The very first community built under the Division of Subsistence Homesteads was in Reedsville, WV and was given the name Arthurdale. It was mainly aimed at rescuing 165 of the stranded coal miners and their families from desperate conditions rendered upon them as an effect the Great Depression. Labeled by many as Eleanor's baby, the creation of the Arthurdale Experiment meant help was on the way for the poor mining families of Scotts Run, WV that had so touched the First Lady's heart. As the first of 99 communities, Arthurdale was considered to be an experiment for the future projects and as such, provided First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt a means to assure it was given special attention. Mrs. Roosevelt was instrumental in the selection of and continued government support of the planned experimental community for the Scotts Run inhabitants that would serve as a model for other communities. Although this initiative received particular criticism and was deemed a failure on many levels, it was anything but a failure for the 165 rescued families. 

Wright, Tim; Bonnette, Scott: Video Game Transfer of Training: The Ability of Nintendo Wii Bowling Practice to Promote Bowling Performance[(1:00) (P3)] With the introduction of the Nintendo Wii video gaming system as a simulator of real-life sporting events, many have questioned its ability to transfer skills learned on the Wii to real-life sports performance. The present study hypothesized that the Wii bowling training sessions would improve real-life bowling performance. Participants were taken to a bowling alley to establish a baseline of skill. Following the baseline assessment, half of the participants then practiced bowling with the Wii, three times a week for two weeks. The other half of the participants (the control group) abstained from bowling for two weeks. Both participant groups then returned to the bowling alley and their bowling performance was re-assessed. The study found no significant transfer of training effect for the Wii gaming condition. More importantly, a negative correlation was found between the Wii bowling training session performance and the post-Wii practice real-life bowling re-assessment session. This indicates that the Wii training was detrimental to bowling performance, suggesting that Wii bowling and bowling require a completely different set of skills, and that practice on the gaming system will not transfer to real-life performance.

Wright, Tim; Kolks, Jonathan: Increasing Video Game Performance Through the Administration of Peppermint Scent: Application to Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero [(1:00) (P4)] Previous research has shown the performance enhancing benefits of peppermint scent administration in a variety of situations, including athletics, memory, and pain tolerance. The current study used 60 participants to compare performance, mood, and perceived task load in video game play. Participants were randomly assigned to either the experimental (peppermint scent administration) condition or control (no scent administration) condition. Each participant played 5 songs on the Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero III game on 3 different occasions. Analyses were performed to determine the effects of peppermint scent on learning, attention, mood, and perceived workload. Results indicate that participants performed significantly better in the peppermint scent administration condition, and participants felt their mental demand and effort throughout the songs were less than the control group. Thus, peppermint scent administration can be an effective adjunct to the memory tasks needed to learn complicated guitar combinations.

Wright, Tim: The Effects of Visual Distractions, Music, and Age on Pain Tolerance and Pain Threshold [(2:40)(2A)(ASC-212)] Past research has examined the effects of music and visual distractions on pain; however, no study has ever assessed the interactive effects of the two stimuli. Considering that these past studies have all used college-aged students as their samples, and that the older population is the main sufferer of pain, new research is required in order to make externally valid conclusions. The present study obtained 75 participants, 23 of which who were over the age of 30. Each participant completed a cold pressor task, while watching different combinations of music and video genres. Physiological measurements, mood, and workload were assessed. The pain intensity ratings were analyzed with a 3 within (music) x 10 within (time) x 3 between (video) x 2 between (sex) analysis of variance for the subsample of people over 30. Participants reported the least pain in the romantic/classical condition, and, over time, the pain ratings increased less severely for this condition. An independent samples t-test showed that the older subsample liked classical music more than the younger subsample, which may account for the greater effects of classical music. Thus, it appears that perceived pain is closely associated with the presence of preferred stimuli, and such information can be used as a non-pharmacological adjunct to pain management.

Yakey, Samantha; Lee, Cameron: Investigation of novel metal-dithiocarbamate complexes using coupled thermogravimetric analysis-Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy [(1:00) (P15)] Metal dithiocarbamates are complexes of metal ions and the uninegative dithiocarbamate ligand, S2CNR2, where R is an organic substituent. The properties of these complexes are dependent on the identity of the metal ion and the nature of the organic substituents on the dithiocarbamate ligand. Thermal decomposition of metal-dithiocarbamate complexes has the potential for producing metal sulfide compounds with catalytic activity for the desulfurization of organics that are found in petroleum. In this project, we will be investigating the thermal decomposition of several of these dithiocarbamate complexes using Fourier transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy coupled to thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). Gases produced from the complexes in the TGA will be passed through a heated chamber in the FTIR spectrometer's sample compartment. The time-resolved spectra of the gases produced during thermal decomposition should provide important information about the decomposition processes for these compounds.

Yu, Hyeran L.: United Methodist Communications (UMCOM) Website [(3:20)(2C)(ASC-215)] 1. Background information: I want to present the United Methodist Communication (UMCOM) Website which is my senior project. The UMCOM is the communication organization of the
United Methodist Church, which has 8.5 million members. I have been involved in the United Methodist Church for a long time. My husband is a local pastor of the UMC, and I worked for the Women's Division of the General Board of Global Ministries of the UMC for the last 9 years as a part time editor and layout designer. Two years ago I received a scholarship from the UMCOM. The UMCOM is one of the Organizations that I would like to serve with in the future. My long terms goal is to work for the UMC organization, and I would like to serve as a professional web/graphic designer in the future. 2. The goals of this project: The UMCOM's target audiences are the United Methodist Churchs, members, ministers, organizations, and the public., the UMCOM's website is designed to provide Internet communications tools to members and employees of the UMC. Through this project, I focused on making the UMCOM Website visual, effective, and informative for their purpose. 3. Course of action or methodology: I will present with PowerPoint. Also, I will bring my USB drive for showing my Website design. 4. Results or findings: The UMCOM website that I created. 5. Conclusions: I created a new UMCOM website using my web and graphic design skills which is a visual, effective and informative website.