Student Research and Scholarship Symposium 2009 Schedule



Opening Ceremonies:  Acker Science Center Auditorium

Welcome: Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, Associate Professor of Psychology and Symposium Committee Chair
Welcome: Fr. Julio Giulietti, President

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Jeffrey J. Smith, 2003 Alum  
Human Factors and Ergonomics Doctoral Program
North Carolina State University, Department of Psychology

Hardware Human Factors Professional, IBM 

Invited Address:  " The Road Taken."
Opening Blessing: Fr. Donald Serva, S.J., Academic Associate, Department of Biology


10:00-11:20 Concurrent Session 1A:  Computer Science and Physics ASC-315

Session Moderators: Dr. Theodore Erickson, Professor of Mathematics
Dr. James Coffield, Assistant Professor of Chemistry


10:00-10:20: Chad Henson [Busche]
Analysis of the Communication Protocol for the Vernier Lab Quest 

10:20-10:40: Danielle Holstine, Jeremy Sinclair, Matthew Bartoszek, Clayton Stock, Andre Walcott, and Blake Williams [Carter]  
Intelligent Collision Avoidance System

10:40-11:00: Scott Moses [Laker]
Computer Graphics with DirectX and the High Level Shader Language

11:00-11:20: Marjan Moro [Busche]
Data collection under Linux using a Pascco Force Sensor



Concurrent Session 1B:  History ASC-212

Session Moderators:  Dr. Jeffrey Rutherford, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Ms. Kristin McCombs, Adjunct Instructor of Psychology


10:00-10:20: Stacy Keller [Weimer]
The 1985 Pittsburgh Drug Trials Revealed

10:20-10:40: Chris Rouhier [Weimer]
Potions and Polyester: Drugs in the Disco Era

10:40-11:00: Billy Longwell [Weimer] 
Opium Empire: The Secret Behind Japan's Imperial Empire

11:00-11:20: Nicole Davis [Liedel] 
From Colonization to Genocide in Australia:The Stolen Generation



Concurrent Session 1C:  Political & Economic Philosophy  

Session Moderators:  Mr. James Stover, Instructor of Philosophy
Dr. John Mansuy, Dean of Professional Studies; Professor of Management & Quantitative Business


10:00-10:20: Jorie Bagnato [Michaud]
Private Property Rights: Eminent Domain Abuse and the Kelo Case

10:20-10:40: Marissa Smith [Michaud]
Rights vs. Responsibilities: Entitlement Thinking in Contemporary America


10:00-11:20 Concurrent Session 1D:  English  ASC-213

Session Moderators:  Ms. Carrie West, Adjunct Instructor of English, Communications, and Fine Arts
Dr. Joseph Brumble, Associate Professor of English


10:00-10:20: Ryan Norman [Voorhees]
Humanity's Struggle with Mendacity: A Study of the Characters in Tennessee Williams's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 

10:20-10:40: Elizabeth Schnupp [Voorhees]
Oceanic and Gaelic Settings' Effects Upon Families: John Millington Synge's Riders to the Sea

10:40-11:00: Shelby R. Sleevi [Voorhees]
The Compromise of "Self" in the Fiction of Kate Chopin

11:00-11:20: Jenna Derrico [Whitehead]
"Based on a True Story": The Leeway and Limits of Literary Memoir as Evidenced by A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

11:20-11:40: Daniel Swan [Voorhees]
Self-Realization and Love; Kate Chopin's Reckoning with Hope


11:30-12:30 Student Fine Arts Exhibition ASC-313

Session Facilitator: Ms. Georgia Tambasis, Instructor of English, Communications and Fine Arts

12:30-1:00 Lunch:  Benedum Dining Room

Poster Session: Troy Theater

Session Moderators:  

Fr. James O'Brien, S.J., Associate Professor of Philosophy  
         (Posters 1-4)
Dr. Michael Kirkpatrick, Associate Professor of Psychology 
         (Posters 1-4)
Ms. Jody Seabright, Assistant Professor of Nursing
         (Posters 5-6, 10-11)
Ms. Deborah Wilkinson, Clinical Instructor in Nuclear Medicine  
         (Posters 5-6, 10-11)
Dr. Helen Faso, Associate Academic Dean; Professor of Nursing  
         (Posters 7-8, 9, 12)
Dr. Beverly Whelton, Associate Professor of Philosophy  
         (Posters 7-8, 9, 12)
Dr. Thomas Conti, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry  
         (Posters 13, 18-19, 28)
Dr. Beverly Carter, Assistant Professor of Computer Science  
         (Posters 13, 18-19, 28)
Ms. Marybeth Emmerth, Associate Professor & Director of Respiratory Therapy Program  
         (Posters 14-17)
Dr. Elizabeth Chalovich, Assistant Professor of Biology  
         (Posters 14-17)
Dr. Michael Hoops, Assistant Professor of Chemistry  
         (Posters 20-22, 26)
Dr. John Lynch, Associate Professor of Physics  
         (Posters 20-22, 26)
Dr. Jonathan Lief, Professor of Biology  
         (Posters 23-25, 27)
Dr. Benjamin Stout, Professor of Biology  
         (Posters 23-25, 27)

(Number is poster location):

  1. Scott Bonnette, Kristian Winters, and Amanda Stover [Raudenbush]
    Effects of Chocolate Consumption on Pain Perception and Tolerance
  2. Jonathan Kolks and Tim Wright [Raudenbush]
    The Effects of Video Game Console and Snack Type on Snack Consumption During Play
  3. Tim Wright and Scott Bonnette [Raudenbush]
    Video Game Transfer of Training: The Ability of Nintendo Wii Bowling Practice to Promote Bowling Performance
  4. Tim Wright and Jonathan Kolks [Raudenbush]
    Increasing Video Game Performance Through the Administration of Peppermint Scent: Application to Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero
  5. Renee D. Bailey [Emmerth]
    Proper Use of Heat and Moisture Exchangers
  6. Matthew A. Ellison [Emmerth]
    The best way to administer drugs through a ventilator
  7. Lisa Merryman [Emmerth]
    The Effect of Diet and Exercise on Lung Function
  8. Ashley Jones [Emmerth]
    Immediate Extubation vs. Discontinuing Ventilation and the Effects on the Respiratory Therapist
  9. Sean Jorris [Emmerth]
    Ability of a Coude Suction Catheter on Facilitating Entry into the Left Mainstem Bronchus
  10. David Kozusnik [Emmerth]
    EndoTracheal Tubes vs. Laryangeal Mask Airways
  11. Ciera M. Preer [Emmerth]
    Open vs. Closed Endotracheal Suctioning on a Mechanically Ventilated Patient
  12. James Huff [Emmerth]
    Greater amount of medicine delivered through continuous and self actuated nebulizers
  13. Noelle Holmes and Jordan Burkhart [Railing]
    Resonance Stabilization of Nitrogen
  14. Cameron Lee and Samantha Yakey [Coffield]
    Investigation into fluorine- and phosphorus-containing commercially available products by 19F and 31P NMR
  15. Samantha Yakey and Cameron Lee [Coffield]
    Investigation of novel metal-dithiocarbamate complexes using coupled thermogravimetric analysis-Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
  16. Justin Provenzano and Sara Dille [Coffield]
    Electrochemical investigation of novel metal-dithiocarbamate complexes
  17. Renee R. Stewart [Coffield]
    The Effect of Atrasentan on Docetaxel Protein Binding
  18. Laura Simione [Hoops] image
    Determining the concentration of lead in the soil of a nearby playground
  19. Stephanie Poch [Hoops]
    Studying the Degradation Pathway of Iron (III) Dithiocarbamates
  20. Wilhelm L. Castellon [Cook] image
    Enhanced Biodegradation of Coal Slurry
  21. Dobin Choi [Shurina]
    Construction of a Stable Tetracycline-Inducible Transfectants of Human Ovarian Cancer Cell Line, CAOV-3
  22. Ali Hajiran [Shurina]
    Tetracycline Regulated Expression of the Catalytic Fragment of Protein Kinase C Alpha in Madin-Darby Kidney Epithelial Cells
  23. Kelly Lewis [Rastall]
    Stereotypic Behavior of a Male Spectacled Bear Before and After the Introduction of a Female
  24. Tara Richards [Rastall]
    The Effect of Prey Gender Variability on the Feeding Behavior of Python regius, Lampropeltis getulus californiae, and Elaphe obsolete obsolete.
  25. Keith Sechrest [Serva]
    Wild-type Zebrafish Show Differences in Shoaling Preference for Size
  26. Courtney Dray [Chalovich]
    CREB expression in SH-SY5Y neuronal cells treated with the oxidative neurotoxin MPP+
  27. Jon Nagel and Joe Greathouse [Rastall] image
    A Comparison of Water Quality Values and Eastern Hellbender Presence at Historic Sites in Northern West Virginia
  28. Justin Pastorius [Brodie]
    Marginal Revenue Product of Major League Baseball Players


2:40-3:20 Concurrent Session 2A: Psychology and Professional Education ASC-212

Session Moderators: Mr. John Yelenic, Director of the Accelerated Certification for Teaching Program
Dr. Julie Osland, Assistant Professor of Psychology


2:40-3:00: Tim Wright [Raudenbush]
The Effects of Visual Distractions, Music, and Age on Pain Tolerance and Pain Threshold

3:00-3:20: Kate Munhall [Ruberg]
Breaching the Gap: Taking Technology into the Classroom


2:40-4:00 Concurrent Session 2B: History ASC-213

Session Moderators Mr. Patrick Plunkett, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Ms. Patricia Bowman, Instructor in Nursing


2:40-3:00: Lydia Bugaj [Rutherford]
Albert Speer: His Confessions at Nuremberg vs. the Truth

3:00-3:20: Jacqueline Wright [Liedel]
Eleanor's Baby: Arthurdale, West Virginia and the Subsistence Homestead Movement

3:20-3:40: Patrick C. Preto [Liedel]
Savage Butchery and it's Propagation: Failed US Pacifism in World War I

3:40-4:00: Chris Rouhier [Liedel]
A Fractured Electorate:The Roles of Partisanship and Progressive Policy in the 1912 Presidential Election



2:40-3:40 Concurrent Session 2C: Professional Communications ASC-215

Session Moderators: Dr. Kathryn Voorhees, Associate Professor of English
Ms. Marlene Sebeck, Academic Associate in English


2:40-3:00: Stacy Keller [Cain]
WJU Athletics Media Guides

3:00-3:20: Lorrie Kuhar [Cain]
Jury Media Event

3:20-3:40: Hyeran L. Yu [Cain]
United Methodist Communications (UMCOM) Website



Concurrent Session 2D: Biology ASC-315

Session Moderators: Dr. Allen Marangoni, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
Dr. Norman Duffy, Professor of Chemistry


2:40-3:00: Renee R. Stewart [Lief]
The Effect of Body Mass Index on Prostate Cancer Distribution in Patients Diagnosed by Transperineal Mapping Biopsy

3:00-3:20: Kasey Jividen [Chalovich]
Effect of BDNF treatment on oxidant-induced death of SH-SY5Y
neuroblasoma cells

3:20-3:40: Alan Casciola [Shurina]
Reference Theory Applied to Assimilation of Mongols


4:10-4:50 Service for Social Action Center Presentation

Session Facilitators: Ms. Erin McDonald, Director, Service for Social Action Center
Ms. Corinne Chamberlin, Service Development and Research Coordinator

Domestic and International Student Service Initiatives
Panel Discussion and Question/Answer Session

4:45-5:00 Awards Ceremony:  Acker Science Center Hawk Auditorium

Presentation of Awards:

      Dr. Maureen McKenna, Associate Professor of Physical

      Dr. Jill Kriesky, Director of the Appalachian Institute

Closing Remarks:

      Dr. Letha Zook, Executive Vice President
5:00-6:00 Dinner:  Benedum Dining Room
6:30-9:00 Haig Presentations - Acker Science Center Hawk Auditorium

Session Moderator: Dr. Helen Faso, Associate Academic Dean