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History of Women's Studies
The first recognized course in Women’s Studies, Women in Literature, was taught in Spring 1991. The Academic Policy Committee approved the course in Fall 1991 and approved the second course, Women in History, in Spring 1992. The Women’s Studies Minor was proposed and accepted in 1992 by the faculty at Wheeling Jesuit University. Students minoring in Women’s Studies take 16 additional hours of courses (including the two mentioned above) that are cross-listed with Women’s Studies (WST prefix).


November 1992 Wellness presentation of “Things Your Mother Never Told You: Women Faculty Tell All”

December 1992 Brown Bag Lunch

February 1993 Brown Bag Lunch

November 1995 Co-sponsored The Clothesline Project: A Visual Display Bearing Witness to Violence Against Women. In cooperation with the YWCA Family Violence Prevention Program, Wheeling

December 1995 Mary Joyce Black Kemper Lecture Series Inaugural Address “Luceat Lux Vestra: Take Your Mind Where Your Body Wants to Go” by speaker Mary Joyce Black Kemper

February 1996 Two new courses approved: “Women and the Law” and “Women in Criminal Justice”

March 1996 Reception recognizing Patti Kota, YWCA Family Violence Prevention Program Director

March 1996 Ethlie Ann Vare’s presentation, “Mothers of Intervention: From the bra to the bomb, forgotten women and their unforgettable ideas”

March 1996 Denise Giardina talks as part of Women’s History Month.

April 1996 Wellness presentation of “The Powerful “He”…the Invisible “She”

April 1996 Panel on Gender and Language

July 1996 NAWCHE Presentation “Making (Subversive) Connections: Building Support in an Unsupportive Environment”

September 1997 Discussion on the Jesuit Letter on Women

October 1997 Several members of the Women’s Studies Advisory Committee conducted a panel discussion on “Womenspeak: The value of women’s communication styles” as part of the Family Service, Upper Ohio Valley, Honoring and claiming the wisdom of women in downtown Wheeling.

November 1997 Women’s Studies co-sponsored a social concern wellness presentation by JoEllen Asbury, Bethany College, on domestic violence in African American families on campus.

January 1998 Women’s Studies co-sponsored a presentation by Dr. Trudier Harris on how issues of peace and justice are handled by African-American women writers as part of the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration on campus.

February 1998 Irene Burgess speaks on “Gender Wars in Shakespeare” before a Shakespearean performance.

February 1998 Co-sponsored with Jewelweed the talk by Denise Giardina, West Virginia author of “Storming Heaven”, “Unquiet Earth”, “Saints and Villians”, and “Good King Harry.”

February 1998 Faculty survey conducted by Joan Zook spawns several faculty discussion groups on “Problems in addressing gender issues in the classroom”. Panel members included Kate Voorhees Whitehead, Joan Zook, and Debra Hull in addition to Bob Rush, Jon Lief, Ben Stout, and others.

March 1998 Women’s Studies Advisory Committee’s discussion of “Gender Issues in the Classroom.”

March 1998 The annual Mary Joyce Black Kemper Lecture series (Women’s Studies annual speaker) was Patty Weitzel O’Neill on “The Legacy of Women in the Academy: Moving Forward or Standing Still?”

May 1998 First Annual Women’s Studies Thesis Award

June 1998 NAWCHE Presentation “Incorporating gender issues into all courses: A workshop for faculty.”

October 1998 Women’s Studies sponsored a panel discussion on sexual harassment for sexual wellness credit. The panel discussion was “Sexuality and Power: The Presidency and the problem.”

November 1998 Donna Simpson talks on “Women and Books: As companion to the illuminated manuscripts”

November 1998 Presentation of “Balancing Careers and Personal Life” by Ned Rugeley, Kris Willumsen, and Dave Hammond

March 1999 Cynthia Mueller spoke on women’s health issues as part of the Mary Joyce Black Kemper lecture series.

March 2000 John McLaughlin presented on women and the Bible in concert with the availability of Ken Burns’ documentary on Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.

June 2000 Several members of the WS committee presented at the National Association of Women in Catholic Higher Education (NAWCHE) conference. The presentation was “Uncovering subtle justice issues: Promoting change at each stage of academic life.”

September 2000 Publication by two committee members in the Women in Higher Education newsletter based on the presentation at NAWCHE conference in June.

October 2000 Mentoring tea with the Women’s Studies Advisory Committee, female administrators, and select graduate and undergraduate female students.

February 2001 Collaborated with the WJU Athletic Department to sponsor “Girls and Women is Sports” day.

March 2001 Decorated Donahue’s first floor display case to celebrate Women’s History/Awareness month.

March 2001 Mona Cadena from Amnesty International spoke on “Freedom from violence: Every woman’s human right.” Her presentation was in collaboration with the International Studies division and Title 6 grant form the Department of Education.

March 2001 Women’s Studies Advisory Committee hosted a breakfast for Father Lundy’s mother, sisters, and nieces as part of Father Lundy’s inauguration.

March 2001 Jim Goodwin, Psychology Department, presented on the first women in experimental psychology.

March 2001 Presented the month long clothing drive of clothes and other items donated by member of the WJU community to the YWCA Clothing Boutique.

April 2001 Sponsored a tea for female faculty and students who are part of the WJU Society for Women. Eileen Carpino, Librarian, was honored at the tea.

November 2001 Co-hosted a retreat for the WJU Society for Women in Pennsylvania

March 2002 Decorated the 2nd floor of Donahue to celebrate Women’s History/Awareness month

March 2002 Wellness program, Debunking the Cinderella Myth with some student members from the play, Cinderella performed the previous weekend

March 2002 Hosted JoAnn Recker from Xavier University, The courage of women: Radical nuns

May 2002 Co-hosted a wine and cheese party for the WJU Society for Women members who graduated in Spring 2002.

July 2002 Several members of the WS committee presented at the National Association of Women in Catholic Higher Education (NAWCHE) conference. The presentation title was, "Women as feminists in Jesuit higher education: A call for understanding and acceptance"

Courses taught as part of the Women’s Studies Minor

Fall 1992 History of Women, HIS 261; Intimate Human Relations, PSY 235

Spring 1993 Women in Literature, ENG 310; Christian Marriage, RST 207; Intimate Human Relations, PSY 235

Fall 1993 Women in History, HIS 220

Spring 1994 Intimate Human Relations, PSY 235; Christian Marriage, RST 207

Fall 1994 Gender and Politics, POS 355

Spring 1995 Women in History, HIS 220; Gender and Politics, POS 355; Christian Marriage, RST 207; Women’s Treatment Programs, CRJ 472

Fall 1995Women in Literature, ENG 312, Intimate Human Relations, PSY 235

Spring 1996 Christian Marriage, RST 207

Fall 1996 Women in History, HIS 220; Christian Marriage, RST 207; Feminist Theology, RST 401

Spring 1997 Intimate Human Relations, PSY 235

Fall 1997 Christian Marriage, RST 207

Spring 1998 Women in Literature, ENG 312; Intimate Human Relations, PSY 235; Gender & Language, PSY 261

Fall 1998 Women in History, HIS 220

Spring 1999 Gender and Language, PSY 425

Fall 1999 No courses in Women’s Studies were taught

Spring 2000 Gender and Language, PSY 425; Intimate Human Relations, PSY 235

Fall 2000 Women in History, HIS 220; Critical Issues in an Urban Setting, SSC 361

Spring 2001 Psychology of Gender, PSY 261; Women in Literature, ENG 312; Intimate Human Relations, PSY 235

Fall 2001 The Dynamics of Privilege & Oppression, PSY 261

Spring 2002Topics in Gender, PSY 425; Women, Religion, and the American Experience

Fall 2002 Introduction to Women’s Studies, WST 161; HIS 220 Women in History

Spring 2003Women in Literature, ENG 312; Human Sexuality in a Diverse World, PSY 235; Topics in Gender, PSY 425

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