Admissions Meet the Admissions Team

Image of Missy ThorntonMissy Thornton

Specialist, Admissions Support
Phone: 304-243-2359

Years at WJU: 3 months

Education: BSHSM (2015) & MPA (2017) from University of Phoenix

Favorite Aspect of WJU: The people, it is like a big family

Favorite Spot on Campus: The patio on the 2nd floor of NTTC, it is so peaceful!

Favorite Local Spot: Heritage Port

Advice for Prospective Students: Embrace college life; study hard but don't forget to enjoy yourself. Try new things and make some memories.

Get to Know Me!

Hometown: McMechen, WV

Family: My husband, Eric, and 2 daughters, Hannah & Via (Olivia)

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Empathetic, Fun-loving, Comforting

Favorite Academic Subjects: Speech, History, English

Hobbies: Coaching, reading, watching sports

Most Prized Possession: Other than my children, my prized possession is my Degree. I worked very hard for it.

Favorite Seasonal Activities:
Spring: Softball
Summer: Softball
Fall: Softball and Basketball
Winter: Basektball Favorite

Quote: "Why fit in when you were born to stand out" - Dr. Seuss

Favorite Book: The Left Behind Series, The Shack & The Da Vinci Code

Favorite Movie: The Shack, Zootopia, The Color Purple