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BA/BS to BSN Accelerated Program

The BSN Accelerated Program is designed for students who have a four-year college degree. After completing the prerequisite courses, students enter this full-time nursing program in June and graduate in December, 18 months later.

Prerequisite courses include:

Anatomy and Physiology I and II (6 credits)
Chemistry (3 credits)
General Psychology (3 credits)
Developmental Psychology (3 credits)
Microbiology/Epidemiology (2 credits)
Statistics (3 credits)


Year 1


NUR 227, Clinical Nutrition (1 credit)
NUR 230D, Basic Care (3 credits)
NUR 230C, Basic Care (2 credits)
NUR 203, Health Assessment (1 credit)


NUR 309C, Introduction to Nursing Care (6 credits)
NUR 309D, Introduction to Nursing Care (4 credits)
NUR 329, Pharmacology (2 credits)
NUR 335, Systems Concepts (1 credit)
NUR 327, Elements of Research in Nursing (2 credits)
PHI 305, Ethics for Healthcare (3 credits)


NUR 323, Introduction to Pathophysiology (2 credits)
NUR 326, Psychopathology (2 credits)
NUR 319C, Acute Care Nursing I (3 credits)
NUR 319D, Acute Care Nursing (4 credits)
NUR 320C, Acute Care Nursing II (3 credits)
NUR 320D, Acute Care Nursing (3 credits)

Year 2


NUR 421, Pathophysiology (2 credits)
NUR 430, Basic EKG (1 credit)
NUR 480, Senior Seminar I (1 credit)
NUR 405C, Multisystems Nursing Care I (5 credits)
NUR 405D, Multisystems Nursing Care (3 credits)
NUR 406C, Multisystems Nursing Care II (3 credits)
NUR 406D, Multisystems Nursing Care (3 credits)


NUR 426, Nursing Trends and Issues (2 credits)
NUR 481, Senior Seminar II (1 credit)
NUR 424, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (1 credit)
NUR 412, Critical Thinking (1 credit)
NUR 422C, Complex Nursing Care I (5 credits)
NUR 422D, Complex Nursing Care (3 credits)
NUR 423C, Complex Nursing Care II (3 credits)
NUR 423D, Complex Nursing Care (2 credits)

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